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How to Look Handsome Every Day: 5 Grooming Shortcuts for Guys on the Go

How to Look Handsome Every Day: 5 Grooming Shortcuts for Guys on the Go

While some guys might say that they don’t care much for their looks, most of them know it’s not true. Every man regardless of his age or occupation wants to look his best. Some men are even ready to make serious sacrifices to improve their appearance.

Learning how to look handsome is not always easy. That’s why it’s a good idea to start early. Once taking care of yourself becomes a habit, you will stop noticing how you do it. It may not be easy at first, but the results will be impressive.

Men who take good care of themselves are usually more successful than those who think that brushing their teeth and shaving are the only things a guy needs to look his best. So, if you are one of those men whose only tools are a toothbrush and a razor, then you need some useful advice.

In the modern world we all have time constraints. Even school-aged boys are often pressed for time and need some quick grooming solutions. Let’s take a look at some shortcuts for guys of all ages who want to look their best with the least effort.

Quick Tips on How to Look Handsome in the Morning

handsomeMorning is the time when most of us don’t look our best. You hair is disheveled and your stubble has grown. Most mornings, your under-eye circles may be the most obvious, but your socks are usually impossible to find.

Usually, busy men have only a short time to make themselves look perfect, since they need to head to work or school. Here are some special tricks that you can use in the morning to help you look handsome in just a matter of minutes:

  1. Advance Planning: There are several things that can be done the night before in order to minimize the morning routine. The simplest one is choosing your clothing. If you find all your underwear, socks, shirts and pants in advance and hang them on a chair, you won’t have to deal with the annoying search in the morning. This is a simple way to save time.
    If your facial hair is not growing too rapidly, you can do your shaving in the evening. This will allow you to apply all the required cosmetics to make your skin softer. This is also a great advice for men prone to shaving rashes. If you shave your face in the evening, the rash will be gone by the time you wake up.
    Take a shower in the evening. Some people prefer taking a morning shower since it helps wake them up. However, a morning shower takes up too much of your time coupled with drying and styling your hair. If you don’t want hair styling problems in the morning, wash it in the evening and let it dry naturally before you go to bed.
  1. Avoid Long Stubble: It’s hard to learn how to look handsome and attractive with a two-day stubble. If you are not growing a beard, have a shave on a daily basis. If you leave your shaving for the morning, you’ll really appreciate your daily shaving habit because one-day stubble is much easier to get rid of than two or three day hair growth. And you won’t have to spend time cleaning a clogged razor.
  1. quick shower every morningDon’t Wash Your Hair on a Daily Basis: If you opt for taking a quick shower every morning, there is absolutely no reason to wash your hair. Hairstylists recommend washing your hair at least once every two days. Men with dry hair can do it even less often. Take a look in the mirror to find out if your hair is dirty or not. If it looks fine, you can wash it in the evening or the next morning.
  1. Buy the Right Grooming Products: There are many different grooming products that can help you save time in the morning. For example, you can get an all-in-one shampoo and conditioner combination. This will allow you to apply the product to your hair only once.
    Keep all the face and hair cosmetics within an easy reach of your hands. Looking for things in the morning when you are not fully awakened will really slow you down.
  1. Do a Mirror Check: This simple trick is often forgotten by the men who are always on the run. You spend all this time trying to look handsome, but you forget to check the results. Make sure to take a good look in the mirror before going out the door. You can find some unexpected things that you may need to fix.
    Don’t try to save time on this one. A good and long mirror check is compulsory for looking handsome all day long. Little things such as toothpaste on your chin or a wrinkled collar can ruin your looks.

Being Handsome Takes a Little Help: All About Grooming Products

Looking handsome is a tough job. That’s why people have come up with a wide variety of different grooming products to help men reach their goals. If this is the place your eyebrow starts twitching, don’t worry. While you might get lost in a cosmetics section of your supermarket, there are actually just a few compulsory bars, sprays and bottles you should purchase, including:

  • ToothpasteToothpaste: Expensive toothpaste is nothing else than the result of good advertising campaigns. Even the cheapest toothpaste will do its job if you visit your dentist on a regular basis.
  • Bar Soap: If you have dry skin, look for a bar soap with moisturizing qualities. If at this point you are asking yourself whether or not you have dry skin, you probably don’t. Men with dry skin know they have it since they face tautness and flaking.
  • Shower Gel: You can use soap to wash your body but shower gel is much easier to apply and will save you some time. Don’t buy the cheapest shower gels as they usually have foaming problems.
  • Body Lotion: If you want your skin to age slower, apply body lotion daily. You don’t have to go for the most expensive lotions. Just make sure it has Vitamin E and fits your skin type.
  • Shaving Cream: Choosing the right shaving cream is a tough task. Don’t make a mistake of thinking that they are all the same. Try several creams to find the one that fits your skin best.
  • Facial Scrub: Don’t get scared. Facial scrubs are imperative for men who are growing beards. They help your face shed dead skin cells and prevent that unpleasant itching that appears at initial stages of beard growth. Even if you are not growing a beard, a facial scrub should be used at least once a month to help your skin look and feel fresh.
  • Face Wash: Don’t ever wash your face with soap or shower gel. Learning how to look handsome without face care is impossible. The skin on your face is much more tender than on the rest of your body and requires special attention. The ingredients in the soap or body wash might be too harsh for the skin on your face and lead to dryness and premature aging.
  • AftershaveAftershave: Use an aftershave to sooth your skin after daily shaving. A well-chosen aftershave will allow you to avoid skin irritation and will leave it hydrated. An aftershave should also disinfect those little scratches you make with your razor blade.
  • Deodorant: A daily deodorant application is a must. Men’s oil glands are often overactive, which makes them sweat a lot. Spend as much time as you can on choosing the right deodorant. If you can allow yourself to forget to have a shave, forgetting to use a deodorant can lead to a disaster.
  • Fragrance: Don’t overlook the importance of fragrances. Their goal is not to disguise your natural odor. Fragrances are a tribute to fashion that men should consider making. If you forget to use a fragrance, no one will probably notice, but if you wear the right one, you will definitely make an impression.

Extra Help: Bringing Out the Heavy Artillery

Knowing how to look hot might be enough when you are young and healthy. With age, men need a bit more than just the right deodorant to stay on top of their game. That’s where the guns and cannons of beauty and health come in.

  • Body Enhancement: There are many different remedies that help your body stay young for as long as possible. One of the most common male problems because of aging is reduced erections. Such products as ExtenZe can help older men deal with erection problems, and at the same time young guys can use it to improve their sex lives. Before you try such a product, be sure to get the okay from your doctor, just to be safe.
  • Botox
    Photo by Oceanview MedSpa / CC BY-SA

    Skin Lifting: While some men might think that such products as Botox were created for women, others know otherwise. No one wants to see an aging macho in the mirror. That’s why men turn to skin lifting injections. They work just as well on men as they do on women.

  • Plastic Surgery: When hours at the gym don’t help, many men turn to liposuction and other plastic surgery to help them look better and younger. There is nothing shameful about getting a surgeon’s assistance for matters you can’t fix on your own.

Grooming Shortcuts for Young Men

Looking attractive is important at any age. When a teenage boy becomes aware of his sexuality, he usually starts caring for the way he looks. Taking care of the appearance on his own can seem hard at first, but it just needs to become a solid habit.

There are many different grooming products that are now designed for young boys. At the same time, most adult hair and skin cosmetics are costly and normally out of reach for children. Even so, there is still a lot a teenager can do to look handsome.

Looking Handsome in Middle School

There is nothing strange about a boy wanting to know how to look handsome in middle school since teenagers are already old enough to think about their appearance. Here are some things that you can consider to help you look great.

  • sweating
    Photo by Minghong / CC BY-SA

    Hygiene: Young boys don’t sweat much, so forgetting to take a shower might not be a problem; however, when you reach puberty, your oil glands shift into the superpower mode and you can start sweating profusely. This can happen even if you aren’t exercising. Sweating can be a result of an adrenaline rush that occurs when you are stressed.
    That’s why taking a shower every day is extremely important for you. You should pay special attention to the armpits and nether regions. You can use a body wash with a nice fragrance to smell good when you just come out of the shower. This smell will not stay on your skin for a long time, so you will need some extra help from other products.

  • Perfume and Deodorant: When you first get your hands on a good perfume, you might feel a desire to bathe in it. Overusing the perfume is a terrible idea. First of all, it will make people with sensitive noses try to avoid you. Second of all, you might get in trouble with your school teachers, who definitely won’t appreciate a bunch of students smelling like a fragrance factory.
    Deodorant is an absolute must. Even if you miss a shower, at least wash your armpits and use a deodorant. There is nothing worse than sitting next to a smelly person. Do your best not to become one.
  • Fresh Clothing: Since you are sweating more than you used to, you will need to pay close attention to changing your clothing every day. Forget about wearing the same shirt twice. Clothing does a great job absorbing all types of smells. Not only will it be smelling like sweat, it will also present your nose with a mix of perfume and deodorant.
  • Neat NailsNeat Nails: If your mom still clips your nails, the time has come to take over. Busy parents don’t always notice that the time has come to clean and cut your nails, so it’s up to you to maintain them. Long and dirty nails are one of the worst things you can sport in middle school. They don’t just look ugly; they lead to unpleasant consequences, such as infections.

Looking Amazing in High School

The older you get, the more things you need to take care of when it comes to grooming. You will need to go over several additional tips in order to learn how to look handsome in high school.

  • Protect Your Teeth: Never underestimate the importance of having healthy teeth. Brushing them twice a day is not enough. You need to make sure to visit your dentist twice a year to check and clean your teeth. Having bad teeth is the worst thing you can come up with after sweaty armpits.
    Learn how to floss and use mouthwash. Having fresh breath is imperative to looking handsome. Try to brush your teeth after every meal. If it’s not possible, chew gum or use floss.
  • Remember Your Hair: If a simple short haircut that needs no brushing was enough in middle school, you might want to consider something more complicated in high school. If you are not a fan of military haircuts, you must make sure that your hair is always clean. Dirty and oily hair will immediately reduce all your other grooming efforts to zero.
    Choosing the right haircut is not an easy job. You will need to visit a hairstylist and discuss some options. Make sure to consider the time and effort your new haircut will require. Are you ready to style it every morning? If not, go for something simpler. However, the more complicated your hairstyle is, the more handsome you will look.
  • SmokingAvoid Bad Habits: High school is the place where you get into many bad habits. Try your best to avoid them. Smoking and drinking might seem cool and fashionable, but they negatively affect your appearance. There is nothing you can do with a bad smell in your mouth after cigarettes and alcohol.
    Bad habits might not affect the way you look right away, but they will ruin the way you feel. It’s hard looking handsome when you are coughing after a cigarette or can’t stay on your feet after a bottle of beer.
  • Choose the Right Clothes: It’s not enough to just have fresh clothing anymore. A boy in high school can start thinking about his own style. Old jeans and simple t-shirts might be comfortable to wear but they won’t make you any more handsome. Consider replacing t-shirts with short-sleeved shirts and old jeans with stylish pants. Find your own style and follow it.
    Spend some time browsing through fashion magazines and different styles in photos. Perhaps you will find what you like. Make sure not to wear clothes you have outgrown. Short pants and sleeves look ridiculous and make you appear younger than you really are.
  • Get Enough SleepGet Enough Sleep: Having sound sleep is important for your health. Actually, if you don’t get enough sleep, you can’t look your best when you are busy with school and other activities. Studying at night or having midnight chats with your girlfriend might seem a good idea once in a while. Just don’t make it a habit.
    Try to have at least eight hours of sleep every day. If you can’t manage that, get yourself some sleep on weekends. Let your body rest and it will reward you with a good appearance. Lack of sleep can lead to circles under your eyes, upset stomach, mood swings and other unfortunate consequences.

These tips won’t just teach you how to look handsome in school; they will help you form great habits to look amazing in the future. Well-groomed appearance does wonders for your self-esteem and helps you form friendships.

Dealing with Undesirable Accessories

Sometimes our health can try to hinder our efforts to look attractive; however, there are ways to deal with the undesirable accessories we sometimes have to wear. Here are some tips you can consider:

  • Corrective EyeglassesCorrective Eyeglasses: Do you have vision problems and wonder how to look handsome with glasses? There is nothing hard about that. The first and the most important thing is to choose the right frame. Don’t listen to what others tell you. Try different shapes until you find the perfect one.
    Make sure to clean your glasses on a regular basis. Dirty lenses make a terrible impression and hinder your vision. Carry special accessories for lens-cleaning with you. Try to get the thinnest lenses possible. Thick lenses create a nerdy appearance.
    If all else fails, opt for contact lenses. There is a wide variety of them to choose from.
  • Orthodontic Braces: Many young men have to deal with wearing braces for a long period of time. Looking handsome with braces is not easy but still possible. A couple of decades ago all you could do is try not to smile too much. Nowadays there are other ways out.
    Ask if you can wear ceramic braces instead of metal ones. Ceramic braces can be white or clear and will be practically invisible on your teeth; however, this option is more expensive than the standard metal braces.
    Consider wearing lingual braces. They look similar to regular braces with one important exception. The brackets are placed in the back of your teeth instead of the front. This way they are completely invisible.

attractiveThere are many smart tricks to help you look your best. When you hear someone say that being a man is easy because they don’t need to take care of themselves, don’t believe them. Knowing how to look handsome is an art that every guy has to master at some point of his life.

If you would like to feel sure of yourself in any situation and forget about being self-conscious, learn how to look attractive. Neat and stylish appearance will open many different doors for you in the modern society.

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