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Frequently Asked Questions

What are VigRX Delay Wipes?

VigRX Delay Wipes are specially designed all natural wipes to help you last longer during sex. With our unique blend of all natural ingredients, a simple wipe will give you the stamina you need to have sex as long as you want – without any harsh drugs that are too numbing for you or for her!

Can You Explain How VigRX Delay Wipes Work?

Using 2 special herbal ingredients, the delay wipes desensitize your penis just enough to give you long lasting and incredibly pleasurable sex. They work together to help extend your pleasure and your sexual stamina in an all natural proprietary formula.

What are the Ingredients in VigRX Delay Wipes?

Each VigRX Delay Wipe contains a proprietary combination of natural herbal essences from a synergistic combination of plants. We’ve sourced them from around the globe to make the best possible potency from our wipes.

Ingredients include:

Zanthoxylum Oil which is an extract distilled from a tree that has been used for hundreds of years for its medicinal properties and its antifungal power. In extract form it has a numbing effect that’s just right to help increase your staying power.

We also use extract from the Peony plant. It’s been used over time to do everything from helping PMS to calming anxiety, and has the unique property of enhancing blood circulation which when coupled with the numbing power of Zanthoxylum Oil creates the perfect combination for extended sexual stamina.

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Why Wipes and not a Spray or Liquid?

These wipes are small, discreet, and EASY to carry around with you, so you can be ready when the moment strikes. Nobody wants to have to lug around a bulky bottle and ruin the mood – be ready anytime, anywhere.

How do I use VigRX Delay Wipes?

These discreet wipes fit in any wallet or pocket – just open a VigRX Delay Wipe packet, remove the wipe and wrap it around the penis, stroke the glans and the corona-sulcus area of the penis repeatedly (for up to 20 or 30 seconds) in a back and forth motion as the lotion contained in the wipe is absorbed into the skin of the penis (Squeeze the wipe while applying it to the penis as necessary to extract all of the contents from the wipe).

Are There Any Side Effects?

There are no reports of any side effects.

Who Should Try VigRX Delay Wipes?

Any man who wants to last longer in bed. Period. Wheter you suffer from the occasional bout of “over-excitement” and ejaculate too fast, or if you just want to bring her to heights of pleasure over hours of great sex, Delay Wipes are for you!

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“” or will appear on your credit card statement.

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