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10 Hot Tips on How to Be Sexually Attractive Anywhere You Go

10 Hot Tips on How to Be Sexually Attractive Anywhere You Go

Have you ever felt sexually attracted to someone you did not even know? Have you ever had that kind of uncontrollable desire to grab that person even if your skin has never touched? Sexual attraction can happen to anyone, anywhere and anytime. There are no exact words to explain it, because it just happens.

There is no exact guideline on how to be sexually attractive, but there are things you can do to increase your chance of being sexually appealing to someone. Whether you are a man wondering how to be sexually attractive to a woman or a woman wanting to know how to be sexually attractive to your man, this article is for you.

Here are some helpful tips on how to be sexually attractive anywhere you go:

1. You Can’t Plan or Force Sexual Attraction

passionate kissYou’re both sitting at the bar; your eyes meet and the next thing you know, your hands are all over each other’s body in a restroom cubicle while you are engaged in a hot, passionate kiss. So what is all this? What makes you feel that way towards a stranger? Yes, it is sexual attraction, and it just happened.

Sexual attraction often arises from a person’s attractive physical looks, impressive dancing ability, being able to converse intellectually or because of a person’s natural smell. Sexual attractiveness depends on what factors sexually arouses the other person. It is either you have it, or you don’t.

2. All You Have to Do is Look Your Best

Sexual arousal stems from what the five senses can reach and too often it is what a person sees that is sexually stimulating. So always try to look your best because you cannot be sexually attractive to someone if you can’t even take care of yourself physically.

You do not have to have model looks. What you need is to practice good hygiene and wear clothes that flatter your figure or body structure, clothes that make you feel confident and clothes that make you sexually attractive to the opposite sex.

According to both men and women, they dress for themselves and not to impress the opposite sex. That’s great, but it won’t hurt to bend a bit and dress to be desirable to the opposite sex. Sometimes, we need to do things to please each other.

redAre you a woman wondering how to be sexier for your boyfriend? Most men find body-hugging clothing, red or black dresses and heels sexy. If you are a wife who is asking yourself, “how to be sexually attractive to my husband,” it’s helpful to know that married men confessed that they would be pleased if their wives wore lacy lingerie and gave up their stodgy underwear sometimes.

For the men, women will judge your status and lifestyle based on what you wear, so invest in your clothes. Women prefer casual, yet elegant clothing. For more tips on what clothes impress a woman, check this. And, if you don’t want to disappoint her with your package underneath that smart outfit, give your bedroom performance a boost with ExtenZe. Great bedroom skills can keep a woman sexually attracted to you because she knows what you’re capable of.

3. It’s Simple: Smell Nice

It is not rocket science that nobody wants to be near a person who stinks much more be in the same bed with him or her. Though your pleasant smell won’t likely make the other person horny it is one of the ways of making sure he or she will come closer to take a whiff. The first step to sexual attraction is, of course, letting the other person know you exist, so you need to get their attention.

ShowerAre you unsure how to always smell nice? Shower every day, wear clean clothes and dab a bit of fragrance.  According to surveys, scents that men find sexy are vanilla, sandalwood and musk. If you have been married for years and pondering on how to be sexually attractive to your husband, put on a little effort to smell nice for him when he comes home exhausted.

As for the women, they find citrus and the smell of baby powder sexy, though most women would prefer a man’s natural smell as long as you are not reeking of bad body odor.

Did you know that there is a thing called pheromones that can actually help you find a sexual mate? Pheromones are scentless substances released by your body through sweat. Another person, biologically compatible with your genes, will pick it up through the nose, and he or she will become irresistibly attracted to you.

It sure does exist in animals because pheromones help them to find a compatible mate, but scientists aren’t sure if it works strongly in humans as it does in animals.

4. Men Should Brood, Women Should Smile

According to a study from the University of Columbia, women find men sexually attractive who have that brooding expressions on their face. The majority of the women preferred men with darkly serious expression rather than men who smiles a lot. This might explain why a lot of women are attracted to men with bad boy vibes.

On the opposite, based on the study titled, Happy Guys Finish Last: The Impact of Emotion Expressions on Sexual Attraction, men said they preferred women who smile more because it shows happiness and being confident with one’s self.

5. Practice Your Meaningful Gaze

eye contactOne of the things you can connect to another person that may lead to sexual tension is making an eye to eye contact. The eyes are the windows to the soul and an eye to eye contact allows the other person to look into yours. It is conveying your feelings without even saying a word. Making an eye contact is also an effective way of flirting.

How do you make a meaningful eye contact? Gaze into the other person’s eyes with a soft yet searing look in your eyes. Let the contact stay for a few seconds before looking away or you can let her look away first. Do not stare as though you are following her every move looking like you are preying on her. You’ll come off as scary.

6. Drama Queens and Mr. Nice Guys Aren’t Attractive

Don’t get this advice wrong. It is important to be nice around women, with nice as being respectful and a gentleman.

The Mr. Nice Guy that women don’t find attractive is the type of guy who is shy, someone who does not assert what he wants, someone who does things only to please others and someone who is too polite. This kind of Mr. Nice Guy won’t elicit sexual attraction from a woman because he comes off as weak and submissive. A woman may admire you for being nice, but she won’t find you sexually attractive.

melodramaticWhen it comes to women, men don’t find overreacting or melodramatic women sexually attractive. You are a drama queen if you are constantly whining about petty things, if you think your time is more precious than anyone else’s, every story ends with you and if you think the world is doing everything just to pull you down.

Men have a natural protective instinct towards a damsel in distress, but they hate too much drama. How to be sexually attractive to your boyfriend? Let go of the drama.

7. Confidence Equates Social Status

A woman will find a confident man attractive because it tells a lot about the man’s social status. Being confident shows how you feel about yourself. Being confident shows leadership and having knowledge. It shows that you don’t live your life based on how others want you to live. It shows that you are in control, because you know how to be in control, and you have the ability to be in control.

Moreover, men who are confident tend to be secure and can handle relationships well without being needy or clingy to their partners. In comparison, men with low self-confidence tend to be insecure and will come across as needy, dependent and will do things to please others. These traits are unattractive for both men and women.

ConfidenceThere is a lack of confidence, and then there is overconfidence, which many people find attractive, too. Overconfidence is evident through arrogance. For example, when in a date you talk too much about yourself, your achievements and the things you own. Treating other people like they are less of a person than you also shows overconfidence, which is a big turn off.

If you want to boost your confidence, you have to know that you won’t gain confidence through a set of rules. You have to change your state of mind. For more tips on boosting your self-confidence, read this.

8. Masculinity Rouses a Woman’s Sexual Instinct

Romance novels are like porn for women. Have you ever noticed the men in these books? They are cowboys, sailors, firefighters, ranch owners and powerful businessmen. Women are thrilled by men with risky jobs or masculine roles. On the contrary, a shy self-doubting man would hardly catch a woman’s attention much more arouse her sexually.

Being masculine and strong is sexually attractive to a woman because these traits are essential to her survival. Based on a human’s primal instincts, a person’s sexual attraction can rouse if he or she can detect that the other person is beneficial to his or her life in general.

For example, a woman will find a man who is strong and masculine sexually attractive because the woman is aware the man can take on his manly responsibilities, such as providing and protecting the family. On the other hand, a man may find a beautiful woman sexually attractive because he takes pride in having a beautiful woman beside him and he knows she will give him fine-looking offspring.

the familyThis theory sexual attraction is evident in animals and humans are animals, but what makes you different from them is your superior intelligence. In nature, female animals breed with the alpha male in the pack because their instinct tells them that the alpha male is strong and able to protect them from harm.

9. Be Dominant

Movies and television shows may demonstrate that women love to have the upper hand when it comes to relationships, but when it comes to sex, they want to be made to feel like a “woman.” When in the bedroom, most women like to be ravaged, and it takes an alpha male to do just that.

A man who shows a quality of being an alpha male is more likely to rouse a woman’s sexual interest. One of the characteristics of an alpha male is being dominant. He is one who knows what he wants and will do something to get what he wants. He also takes control and does not let other people make decisions for him. An alpha male is someone who is not easily intimidated.

Before you mistake being dominant from domineering, a dominant man is not someone who is controlling, but someone who takes control of his own life.

10. Master the Art of Flirting

Strangers flirt, friends flirt, and people in relationships flirt with each other because flirting brings excitement. Flirting with the opposite sex is necessary to build sexual chemistry and to maintain sexual attraction.

FlirtingYou can flirt in many ways, through words, body language and gestures. Flirting is quite tricky because you have to be clear about your intentions with the use of subtlety.

When it comes to flirting verbally, you should be aware of your environment. When at the workplace, flirting should be fun and playful. You can do this by giving compliments about the other person’s looks, such as “your hair color complements your beautiful eyes.”

If you are in a casual environment like a bar or club, then you can be a bit suggestive, but you should not sound too aggressive. You have to make sure that your flirting ways are appropriate to the environment and if the person is open to your flirtatious ways.

When it comes to body language and gestures, the most important thing you should remember is to never touch the other person during the first meeting, especially if you are total strangers. Touching is a big no-no because it is offensive and will kill the attraction right away.  A little experiment can help you determine if your touch won’t offend her.

Try making small movements, such as reaching for something then let your skin come into contact with her skin like you are doing it unintentionally. If she does not move away, it could be a sign she won’t mind.

Your body language should show that you are confident so stand tall or sit straight. It’s okay to lean forward but does not slouch. Next, your body should show that you are open and relaxed. Keep your hands away from your chest. Don’t forget to make that meaningful eye contact.

Next, if you are sitting or standing close to each other, make her crave for your attention by turning your body sideways from her. Doing this will make it look like you are pulling your attention away and in return, she’ll do something to regain your interest.

make her laughYou should also be able to hold interesting conversations and to make her laugh. If you bring in boring topics the conversation is likely to end shortly, and you won’t be able to flirt. Ask open-ended questions, avoid talking about sensitive topics and don’t talk too much about your exes. Ask her questions and let her ask questions. Don’t forget to be a bit suggestive or humorous with your answers and revelations.

Flirting should be fun and light. It should be a push and pull. Push and then pull away and keep repeating the pattern, because it is what makes flirting mysterious and exciting.

You can’t force sexual attraction to take place, and there are no exact guidelines to make you sexually attractive because sexual attractiveness depends on what the other person sees in you that makes you sexually attractive.

If you are searching for the answer to your question on how to be a sexually attractive man or if you are a woman looking for ways on how to be sexually attractive to men, these 10 quick ways irrespective of your sexuality can help you increase your chance of being sexually attractive.

How to Be Sexually Attractive: Understanding the Art of Sexual Attraction

Sexual attraction is mainly the force that makes you want to perform a sexual activity or be sexually intimate with a person. Sexual attraction is different from physical attraction and romantic attraction.

Physical attractionPhysical attraction is finding another person’s physical features desirable, but not necessarily sexually attractive. Though, physical attraction is usually one of the prerequisites of sexual attraction.

Romantic attraction, on the other hand, is the emotional response that makes you want to build a romantic relationship with another person. You may want to cuddle, hug or go out on dates. A romantic relationship is not sexual in nature, but the two persons involved may still develop a sexual attraction to each other.

Sexual attraction happens voluntarily and naturally. It is psychological, and not just about sexual desire. Have you ever experienced clicking with a person right away? It is what you call chemistry, and sexual attraction involves a lot of chemistry. It is a complex communication between two people that takes place subconsciously through intangible and tangible influences.

Many people would keep asking how to be sexually attractive. First, you need to understand more about sexual attraction. You can read more about it in this article to understand about the complexities of sexual attraction.

How to be sexually attractive is not an easy question to answer, but these 10 tips can help you become the sexually attractive person you want to be.

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