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How to Attract Women Without Even Trying

How to Attract Women Without Even Trying

Have you ever wondered why some men tend to attract women easily, even without much effort? Yet, using your best efforts, all you get are annoyed and disgusted facial expressions. You could be doing it all wrong. Although it’s true that attracting some women is not easy, but it is not that difficult, if you know what to do. Learn how to attract women naturally.

Here are some of the top “how to attract women” tips:

1. What Attracts Women to Men

First of all, there is no exact recipe in attracting a woman. It all depends on the type of woman she is and your intentions.

cool guyIf you want a fling or a one-night stand, you could pretend to be someone you are not, after all, it is unlikely you will be seeing her again anyway. You could use scripted lines, or you could pretend to be the cool guy who’s game for anything but just be sure she is on the same page as you. Nothing wrong with a casual encounter, just as long as you both know that is just it.

On the other hand, if you want to attract a possible partner in life, you need to understand that attraction is more than just physical. It is more of an emotional process. No more Mr. Cool Sexy Guy. To attract the right woman, you need to be the real you. Women can smell fake from miles away, especially if you are not that good at faking it.

There are lots of advice when it comes to attracting a woman. Some say you have to act aloof and to pretend like you are not paying any attention to her. Others say you have to shower her with praises and buy her gifts. This may work, but you may be attracting the wrong woman or end up in an unhealthy relationship.

But, if you are being yourself you are likely to attract a genuine person you can easily connect with and someone you can confidently express yourself to.

2. Be a Man of Your Own

There are a lot of things that could attract a woman to you, such as material things, achievements, looks, outlook in life, status, personality, and behavior.

You may have a stable job, a nice car and a house but how come you can’t attract women apart from those who are attracted with what you have? Aren’t women attracted to a man’s status? Yes, they are. But a man’s status not only refers to his money and the things he owns. It is his perception of himself that manifests on his behavior towards other people particularly women. Money and material things can attract women but the kind of attraction that won’t last for long.

nice carA man who perceives himself according to how others see him is likely to behave negatively, which then makes him unattractive. A man who perceives himself as he is, who is confident of who he is and what he can do is more likely to behave positively, which makes him attractive to women.

What is this negative behavior that turns women off? Neediness. Men who are not self-confident or who think of themselves poorly tend to be needy or clingy, compared to those who are confident. Needy men are those who non-stop text or call their girlfriends to check on them.

A needy man pretends to be someone else to attract women. He may see women as inferior or of less intelligence. He is usually afraid to reveal his flaws for fear of criticism. He may also do things to please others, and not because he wants to.

You could have more money or be more intelligent, but if you are, this needy attraction between you and a woman can only go so far. After all, attraction is not just appearing attractive. It is being attractive. Just imagine if it is a woman with a clingy behavior, would you be attracted to her for the long haul?

Be a man of your own. Do things that make you happy. Be confident.

3. Attract Women by Being Bold and Daring

Now that you know how to be attractive to women, the next thing you need to know is how to fuel that attraction. How to awaken their desire for you, if there is any.

One thing that turns women on is boldness. Have you ever noticed how women get so thrilled with an act of bravery? A firefighter risking his life to save a person inside a burning house. A lifeguard fighting his way into the waves to save a drowning man. A cop exchanging fire with a criminal. Women find men with risky jobs exciting.

diving on cliffsHave you watched the Tarzan movie or TV show as a kid? Ever wondered what attracted Jane, an educated English woman, to an uncivilized loincloth-wearing Tarzan? Because flinging from tree to tree, diving on cliffs and braving the jungle makes him sexy.

Since you are not a firefighter, a cop, a lifeguard and definitely not Tarzan, how would you be bold and brave in the eyes of women?

You can start by being bold and daring by showing her you like her. Do you just pop up in front of her and tell you like her? It depends. If she is the outgoing type, she may not mind it, but if she is more of the quiet type, then perhaps you can start a light conversation.

Some may say showing you like a woman openly will only get a negative response, but it actually works most of the time. How could a woman be excited about a man who does not even have the guts to ask her out or, worse, a man who simply stares or stalks her from a distance?

Be brave enough to express how you feel and to face rejection. If she smiles at your compliments, that is a good sign. If she says “no” then keep your distance. If she lets your skin comes into contact with your skin, do not be afraid to kiss her and don’t apologize when you do.

4. Improve Yourself for You

When you like someone, you’d do anything to get her. These include getting rid of your bad habits, striving to be better and changing into a man that she will like. As mentioned before, doing things to please other people or to look better to other people is a negative behavior.

Pretending to be someone you are not is an act of being needy, which is unattractive.
Pretending to be the cool guy and throwing scripted pick-up lines may land you one-night stands but it won’t work for something more serious. Sure, women may not reject you if you pretend to be clever or rich but are really enjoying your experience with all the façade?

being genuineWhat you need to do first is understand yourself. Look into your behavior, understand why you behave in a certain way, and then change this behavior because you want to be a better person, not for anyone else, but for you. Accepting yourself and caring for yourself first brings positive changes, such as being genuine and having a positive outlook in life, which will make you attractive.

You need to make internal investments first to be desirable to women. A fake person and a man with low self-esteem will only face constant rejection, attract women of the likes or end up in an unhealthy relationship and you do not want that.

5. Learn How to Approach Women

After making positive changes within yourself, it is now time to invest in outward appearances. Get rid of the sloppy jeans and worn out shoes. You do not have to wear over expensive clothes, but strive to look presentable, at least. This does not require too much effort because these are things you should already be doing every day.

First, check your personal hygiene by asking yourself the following:

  • Do you shower daily?
  • Do you brush your teeth twice or three times a day?
  • Do you get rid of your excess facial hair?
  • Do you wear clean clothes?

You must do these things if you want to attract a woman. Body odor is repulsive to everyone, not just women. You do not have to have a rigorous regimen. You just need to look neat and clean.

Next, wear clothes that make you look good. Get rid of your large or oversized shirts, extremely low-waist and faded jeans and worn out shoes. Choose to wear clothes that are more recent in style. They do not have to be branded or super expensive.

physical appearanceWhat is important is you do not look like you have traveled in time from 10 years ago or like you have worked in the field all day.

Why do you need to invest in your physical appearance? Simply because it can make you more confident to approach women and say a simple “Hi.”

When it comes to confidence, if you spend a lot of time worrying about your bedroom performance, do not despair. You can improve your erections and make them last by adopting a healthy lifestyle. To get you by while you are working on your fitness levels, ask your doctor about trying ExtenZe male enhancement pills, too.

6. Find Out How to Talk to Women

In many instances, men attempt to attract women by talking about their achievements at work, adrenaline-pumping hobbies and knowledge on almost everything. You may not be aware that you are talking too much, and bragging is a major turn off for women. A man who over brags comes off as too full of themselves, and a person who is full of himself is annoying. No matter how good-looking you are, she will walk away.

When engaging in a conversation about personal information, avoid oversharing. Be a good listener. Be attentive to what she is saying, ask her questions and let her ask questions about you.

One more thing, topics you should avoid during your first meeting are ex-girlfriends, religion, politics and sex.

7. How to Attract Women with Body Language

look into her eyesWhen in a conversation, avoid staring at her ample assets. You’ll get to see it soon if you’re lucky. Look into her eyes to show that you are paying attention. When you are with a woman, avoid browsing through your phone or scanning other women in the area. You’ll come off as disinterested, disrespectful and insincere.

8. Avoid Premature Sexual Innuendos

Avoid making sexual comments or touching her on your first meeting or until you have developed a connection with her. If you want to attract a woman you have to make her trust you and premature sexual advances will immediately blow your chance. The truth is, even if it’s going to be a one-night stand, women like to feel special.

How to flirt properly? Make her feel comfortable with your presence first.

9. Be Smart and Stay Sober

When at a friend’s party or a bar, men tend to drink too much to look cool, which they think is attractive to women. This is not what adults do. This is what kids do.

Strong liquor breath, slurred speeches, and clumsy or wild behavior are major turnoffs. You will have zero chance of attracting women. Drink and socialize but strive to stay sober.

10. Attract Women Without Even Talking to Them

Photo by Darinka Maja / CC BY

Another major turnoff for women is arrogance. Acting like your better than anyone else, and treating other people like they are less of a person than you, just to feel better about yourself is a romance buster. You may not be aware of this, but women pay attention to how you treat other people.

They know that how you treat other people reflects your manners and real values, so be polite and be kind with your words to the people around you. What attracts women are generosity and kindness.

11. Attract Women by Tapping Into Their Emotions

One common mistake men make when it comes to attracting women is thinking that they can just turn the attraction on with their scripted moves every time. Again, attraction is not a thought, it involves emotions that are complex and constantly changes. If you want a woman to be strongly attracted to you, make her feel what she wants to feel.

How do you know what a woman wants to feel? If you carefully paid attention to what she was saying, you will know.

So, this is how it goes. A woman with restrictive parents would want to experience freedom. If you can give it to her, she will feel attracted to you. A single mom, who is overworked and with no one to care for her, would want to feel cared for and appreciated. If you can give this experience to her, she will feel attracted to you. How to attract older women? Make her feel young again.

listen as she shares
Photo by Peter Drier / CC BY

This is why you need to listen as she shares about her personal life because it is where you will find your clue. To read more about this technique visit this website.

Just a reminder, be a real man and do not use a woman’s weak points to take advantage of her. Do not play with a woman’s feelings.

Many men ask the question, “how to attract women?” and these tips should be a helpful start. To sum it all up, just be yourself, love yourself and be sensitive. Do you want to find out how to attract women on Facebook? Check this page for more information and advice.

Are you trying too hard with hardly any success? Attract women naturally with these tips, and before you know it, you’ll be with the woman of your dreams. You don’t have to be a rock star or movie icon to find someone special, so start with yourself and watch things fall naturally into place for you.

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