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9 Ways Your Small Boat Can Whip Up the Motion in the Ocean

9 Ways Your Small Boat Can Whip Up the Motion in the Ocean

Men and sex – seems like these two concepts always go together. And for most men, having a bigger size down there means having bragging rights. After all, a bigger penis means better in bed, right? Or is it?

menWhat if you are not well-endowed down there? What if you are among those men who constantly shave their pubes to make their size look bigger and longer?

What if you are among those who secretly wear bulge-enhancing underwear to make you look bigger every time you wear those skinny jeans, but worry about when you have to take it off, since she might find out your biggest secret?

Don’t worry. You can stop cursing God for not blessing you with a bigger manhood. The truth is you don’t have to be ten inches long – in flaccid state, that is – just to give your girl the best sex of her life. In fact, here are some things you can do in bed that will make her scream for more, and she wouldn’t even notice you’re “handicapped” down there.

1. It Takes A Stroke – And Then More.

Dear guys, regardless of your size, sex is not just about moving your hips back and forth. If you really want to up your game, especially when you are not gifted down there, then you better learn the art of sensual stroke.

moneyAnd no, it’s not just brushing your hands up and down her body. If it means taking Kundalini strengthening classes or whatever classes that enhances your stroke, then so be it.

Or if money is an issue, then just pay attention to her responses every time you caress her body.

You don’t expect her to have a porn star reaction when you hump her, do you? Unless you did your part, of course. And once you’ve mastered “the stroke,” add some of your killer moves such as gently touching her clitoris or kissing her neck, or even sucking her toes. Once you did this, she won’t even make your size an issue.

2. Spot The G-spot.

There are two sides of the coin when it comes to a woman’s G-spot. Some scientists claim that G-spot does not exist, while there are others who say it’s hidden somewhere – you just have to learn how to find it. If you’re the type of guy who believes in such crap – that G-spot does not exist – then that’s too bad for you. Better stop reading this, since most of the advice for your small guy will focus on your girl’s g-spot.

On the other hand, if you believe that such thing exists, then go on. The truth is the clit does exist and if you’re not big enough down there, finding this spot is definitely worth the shot. So, come on, be patient and take your time to locate it. You might even make her squirt once you hit it, so congratulations in advance.

3. Go In Circles.

womenNo, this does not mean you should turn around until you’re dizzy enough to fall down. Women are not very fond of thrusting in and out, back and forth.

That will bore her out. And if you have a smaller size, this move does not emphasize your guy since it’s not “long enough” to hit the right spots.

So, instead of hammering straight inside her, why don’t you try going in circular moves instead? Once you’ve placed your penis inside her, try to go as deep as possible then grind your hips in a spiral way, just like a screw. This move allows you to hit the hidden parts of her clit, which accounts to 90 percent of her sensation. Hitting the clit is only a tip of the iceberg.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and “screw” her.

4. Do Something Shallow.

Not the kind of “let’s go to bed, I want to hump you” type of shallow.  Doing something shallow is more of shallow thrusting. Now you ask why. First, you’re not blessed enough down there, so going for deep thrusting may not work for you.

beerSecond, did you know that the outer third of the vagina is the most receptive part of her canal? Hence, anything beyond that, she just feels pressure, and she wouldn’t want that. Therefore, shallow thrusting can tickle her and give her pleasure in the most exquisite ways.

Also, this move can provide you with extra sensation since shallow thrusting is also focused on the sensitive portions of your manhood – the hood and the corona, not the beer please.

But if you really insist on deep thrusting, then just combine both. Start from nine shallow thrusts then one hard thrust, then eight shallow, two hard, then you get the picture.

5. Vary The Missionary.

If you are not well-endowed down there, then missionary might not be the best position for you. Plus, it can be boring for her and tiring for you since you’re the one doing the moves, which can’t make you last longer in bed. To put a twist in your sexual life, try the CAT position the next time you do it with her.

cock ringCAT, or Coital Alignment Technique is a variation of the missionary style. Instead of wrapping her legs around you, she squeezes her legs together after you enter her, making your knees on either side of her thighs.

For enough traction, you can either hook your feet under her or push off the headboard, so you can ride high and give her clit some exercise.

If you really want to take it the next level, you can even use a vibrating cock ring for more pleasure and clitoral orgasm.

6. Never Underestimate The Power Of Foreplay.

For most of your kind, foreplay is just a preparation to sex. Once you got her wet enough, then it’s time to get some action. Apparently, that doesn’t work that way. And believe it or not, women prefer lesbians over you, because they are able to give them the best oral sex in their entire life.

You’re already working at a disadvantage here because of the lack of size. If that’s the case, foreplay should be your best friend.  Take some time and take it easy. Don’t worry about too much touching, kissing and licking – she’s going to love it anyway.

Photo by Aimee Plesa / CC BY 2.0

Let your fingers do their magic, caressing her, giving her a sensual massage, touching her down there, the works.

If you can include some kinky games, then better. The point is, take plenty of time for foreplay – and lots of it.

Don’t just limit yourself with touching her boobs and removing her underwear once she’s wet enough. If you’re able to rock her world during foreplay alone, she’ll surely love you and beg for more, regardless of your size down there.

7. Give Your Pubes A Good Cut.

It may seem to be that important, but how you groom the area down there can still make a difference in making your guy look bigger and longer. Aside from that, nothing will make a woman fall on her knees than knowing that a guy has a great personal hygiene, right?

Hence, take some time to trim your pubes and shaving your balls. It’s neat, clean and definitely hygienic. This can also work for you, especially when you are a bit insecure with your size. And the best part? She wouldn’t even notice you’re not big enough down there.

8. Master The Right Sex Positions.

Kama SutraIf you really want to rock her world in bed, then better grab a copy of the Kama Sutra now. Aside from foreplay and trimming your hair down there, experimenting with different positions and knowing which will allow deep penetration and clit stimulation will surely drive her crazy in bed.

Don’t just limit yourself with shallow thrusting and doggy style with her legs closed. There are just so many positions invented for you and your small boat, which you can take advantage of. Go ahead, order that sex bible you’ve been itching to order and try those kinky positions with your girl.

9. Be Confident.

None of this will be possible if you are not confident enough to believe that you can still make her come. So what if you have a size of a ten year old? Don’t be insecure about it, because most women won’t care anyway, as long as you follow these tips, of course. Confidence is sexy and you can still satisfy a woman through foreplay, oral sex and manual stimulation. In fact, you can even make her orgasm even before you put it in.

Here’s the truth: only seven percent of sexually satisfied women say that penis size matters, while the remaining 93 percent say they can be satisfied in other ways. In other words, passion defeats size and how you do in bed and the ability to make her scream matters more than just the size down there.

ExtenzeIn this case, Extenze can be of great help. Sure, you’re not big enough, but your girl will hate you more if you can’t even last for ten minutes.

So before you do it, make sure to pop in some Extenze and you’re good to go. This all-natural male enhancement pill can give you bigger and harder erections, increased endurance in bed, and faster sexual responses that will surely meet her needs.

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