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9 Ways to Be the Master of Your Masturbation Domain

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So, you feel the need to channel your sexual energy. The problem is you don’t have your girl with you, or perhaps you simply don’t have that special someone you can do it with, which means you need to go out and please someone just so you can get laid. But, do you really have to go through that hassle and the possibility of getting turned down, when you know very well you can jerk off on your own Don’t worry.

Contrary to religious beliefs, masturbation is not a mortal sin. It is merely your way of addressing your needs when the urge strikes, since you don’t really want yourself getting some sort of STD. Of course, nothing beats spending time with a real, live girl, but is she isn’t always around to address your needs.

It is important to be equipped with the right tools when you plan on going solo. The truth is, masturbation is more than just using your hand. You can try a lot of techniques to give you the ultimate experience.

 1. Don’t Forget The Other Hand.

watching pornSo, you learned that masturbating is about watching porn, gripping your thing firmly with your strong hand then moving your hand up and down at a fast speed until you jerk off.

That’s fine. In fact, every boy learns how to touch themselves through this, thanks to your equally inexperienced friends.

You should know better now that you’re older. And when it comes to masturbating, you should also know that your other hand can be your friends with benefits, too. You can use both hands on your shaft and do the up and down thing at a lightning speed, or you place your member between both palms pressed together.

Or you can use your stronger hand to play with the head of your penis while the other one moves up and down. The point is, work it out with your two hands. They are there for a reason.

2. Please Don’t Leave Those Balls Hanging.

No, your odd-looking balls are not there to just support your thing and become a storage facility. Believe it or not, your balls are an erogenous zone that when stimulated properly, can heighten your orgasm.

You may say that all guys are different and you don’t feel the slightest sensation down there. Not to burst your bubble here, but maybe, just maybe, you weren’t informed on how to do it properly.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Using your other handPull your balls slightly downward while you masturbate.
  • Caress, stroke or tickle them. You’ll surely feel a different sensation down there, so experiment.
  • Using your other hand – see, it really has lots of uses – hold your balls in a light, but firm grip while the other hand gets in motion.

3. Yes, You Have A G-spot Too.

Yes guys, you definitely read that right, unless you’ve consumed ten bottles of beer before reading this, so better read it again once you’re sober. For many, a male g-spot is like the long lost Atlantis, it might have been there, but evidence suggests otherwise.

The truth is, there are certain areas down there, including your anus, that responds well to self-stimulation. So, if you are one of those guys who are more open-minded, then read on. For those who aren’t, well sorry guys but you’re really missing out on a lot of pleasure.

If you really want to find your g-spot, try rubbing around the outside of your butthole. Make sure your nails are short and well lubricated to avoid pain. Then gently insert your finger, yes one finger will do, as far as possible and comfortable for you. Move it gently, in and out, and your G-spot is that little ball that is over an inch in diameter, just outside your prostrate. Once you found it, rub it softly and you’ll find it pleasurable.

4. Try Out Different Positions.

Who says you can only do different positions when having actual sex? Did you know that even when playing with yourself, you can also work out with certain positions to make masturbation more pleasurable for you?

sitting on a chairThe truth is simply sitting on a chair or lying down won’t bring you anywhere. If you really want to increase your satisfaction level, you better learn how to do it with yourself in different positions.

Try changing positions from time to time. You can try doing it while kneeling, standing, sitting or anything else you can think of to add variety. Then find out which position works best for you.

You can also try kneeling or standing, then thrusting into your hand. Just make sure to keep your hand still and use your body to move for more pleasure. In other words, be creative. If you can think of positions when doing it with a real girl, you can surely think of ways to add variety when doing it alone.

5. The Hand Screw Technique.

Looking for an unconventional masturbation technique? Then worry no more. If you’re up for adventure, then better try out the hand screw technique. First things first, make sure your comfortable hand is well lubricated. While standing up, twist your lubed up hand in such a way that your thumb is against your belly button.

Wrap your hand around your penis and move your pelvis to pump in and out of your hand, as if you’re doing it with a woman’s vagina but in reality, you’re not. Try it out and just play pretend. Make sure to lock your door or your little brother or even your mom might think you are crazy, humping with the air against you.

6. Never Say No To Sex Toys.

partnerYou might say that going inside a real vagina is the best feeling. True. However, this might be a problem, especially when you’re single and not so ready to mingle, or you have a partner who doesn’t want to have sex with you.

This leaves you with sex toys. If dildos and vibrators are for women, then a realistic vagina is for your kind. Aside from preparing yourself for the real deal, a realistic vagina will definitely bring masturbation to the next level.

But don’t just limit yourself with this. Run to the nearest sex store in your place and you’ll find tons of sex toys you can use when you play with yourself. Cock rings, the vibrating ones please, can add extra pleasure and allow you to test your control. Realistic anus or mouth sleeve are also available and if you’re up for a challenge, blow up dolls are still available. You just have to know where to find them.

7. Kegels Are Not Just For Women.

When you hear the word “Kegel,” the first thing that pops into your mind, assuming that you know this term, is for pregnant women.

exerciseKegel exercises are one of the simplest ways to bring back a woman’s uterus into its original shape. Did you know working out these muscles through Kegel exercises can do a lot for your area down there?

The truth is Kegels are your last line of defense to stop yourself from jerking off too quickly. And through masturbation, you’ll be able to work on this to strengthen the muscles that stop yourself from releasing your juices. And that’s not all. Kegels are proven to help you get stronger erections and orgasms because they help improve the blood flow down there for increased sexual pleasure.

8. Stock Up On Lots Of Lube.

Just like the actual sex itself, lube is very important even during your own playtime. If you have calloused hands or dry palms, then don’t expect a pleasurable experience, since you’ll end up hurting yourself during the motion. Just imagine the friction created when you move your hands up and down. Yikes.

Hence, having a lubricant within reach can help a lot and make it easier for you to stimulate yourself down there. You can even use it to explore your anus and hit that g-spot if you wish. And of course, it can also be a good addition to your self-pleasure techniques so go ahead, grab that lube you’ve been itching to buy.

9. Don’t Forget The Side Dish: Breathe And Relax.

Breathe And RelaxAbove all these tips, it is important to breathe slowly and deeply, relax and just enjoy the experience. It may not be that much these two techniques are definitely useful in order to give you a pleasurable orgasmic experience.

And these skills can be useful not just during your alone time but also during the actual sex. Again, no girl wants a one-minute man, so if you’re one of them, then better print this and bring it with you everywhere you go for reference.

Masturbation is a skill. It is a combination of different techniques and your willingness to experiment in order to get that pleasurable experience, even without actually going inside a woman’s vagina.

Once you’ve mastered this, don’t forget to take Extenze male enhancement supplements, too. They are a doctor-approved, natural formula that gives you bigger and harder erections and longer endurance in bed. Masturbation techniques and Extenze pills? Sounds like the perfect pairing.

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