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10 Tantalizing Ways to Turn Her on With Just a Text

10 Tantalizing Ways to Turn Her on With Just a Text

In this day and age, we have to utilize technology wisely. While sending a dirty picture is quite risqué, a sexy text is always just as good, if not better. Since we have our phones on us at all times, it is a great idea to say the right thing to your special lady, especially if you are looking to score.

Thanks to modern technology, you can turn your woman on with just the push of a few buttons. Here are our ten tantalizing ways to turn her on with just a text:

1. A Little Flattery Never Hurt Anyone

If you are looking to put your lady in the mood well before she comes home, then send her a text saying how great she looks. This is where attention to detail comes in, fellas: did you watch her leave this morning? Do you know what she is wearing? If you can’t see her, then are you sure what she looks like at this moment?

wearing heelsConsidering a scenario where you know her ensemble, you could play up an article of clothing she is wearing; for example, you could tell her how amazing her ass looks in those yoga pants.

Or perhaps you know she is wearing heels, so tell her how tantalizing her toned legs look in those heels.

Helping make your woman feel sexy will in turn want her to be sexy for you – see how this works? If you are looking to make her hot, then you first have to make her feel hot.

2. Get Cutesy, Pumpkin

Nothing shows that you have stooped to ultimate partnership more than giving your significant other a pet name. Whether she is your long-time girlfriend or one-night stand, we are sure you can come up with something creative.

Be sure to stay away from the cheesy names – instead, opt for something that is special for only the two of you. Perhaps if she is just your hook-up every now and then you could have a sexy, raunchy name for her as she probably doesn’t want something serious if she hasn’t settled down with you just yet.

3. Make Sure She Feels It

womanIt may sound corny, but the more descriptive you are then, naturally, the sexier you sound for your lady. Not sold? We guarantee that you vividly describing how great your woman tastes will set her wild.

Not only will she be shocked that you are being descriptive, but she will now have the thought of oral sex on her mind. Do you know what happens once your girl has the thought of oral sex on her mind?

Just visualize a cat ready to pounce. Only that cat will be her, and she will be pouncing on you and your junk. Besides, what girl would be turned on by the old, stale blasé texting lingo? No sexy-time for you.

4. Spontaneity is Key

Nothing compares to the sound of that text alert on your phone. We have all felt it – immediately your mind races as you wonder who it is that just texted you. Where do you think her mind will race after she realizes it’s you?

coffeeYou want to make sure that regardless of your message, you never fall into a habit or routine.

Your sexy texts will gradually decline in power if you habitually text her saying how great she looks at 10 a.m. every morning when she knows you are on coffee break.

Instead, genuinely text her when you are thinking of her. And, if you aren’t thinking about her, then maybe you should fake it if you are looking to get her hot and horny.

5. Ask Questions to Gauge Her Mood

When looking to text your girl something that is sure to get her hot and ready for action, you can always revert to the age old question: “What are you wearing?” This text is a great idea for a few different reasons. First and foremost, you can tell right away if she is in the mood.

Chances are, if the response you get is, “Khakis and a blouse” that she is just not that into you at the current moment. So, not only do you have a great read on her mojo, but you have not wasted any time.

textIf, however, her response is a little more sexy and creative, then you now have an open door to more sexy texts. You can always add one of the texts we have already discussed.

For example, remember the tip about complimenting her body? What better way to respond to what she is wearing than with a compliment?

“Oh, you are wearing a slutty short dress? I bet your ass looks amazing; I can’t wait to smack it later.” We are assuring that this text will give you the green light into a sexy conversation that is sure to lead to something great later on in the day.

And, if she responds with something less than steamy, do not become discouraged. You can always rev up her engines with some of the other texts.

6. Build Up Her Anticipation

Photo by Alton / CC BY 3.0

One of the great things about sexting is that it has the potential to build anticipation between you and your significant other.

We have all been there – sitting chewing our nails, tapping our toes, anxiously wondering how the recipient of your most recent sex will respond.

Think about what runs through your mind while it races in anticipation – now think about how you can accomplish so much if her mind wanders in the right place. We are not saying to play hard to get, but it is a great idea to not rush your responses.

If you are nervous that you won’t remember or that you won’t wait long enough, you can always set a timer for five minutes or so. Or, if you are in the middle of something at work, simply don’t respond until you are done with a particular task. We bet your boss will appreciate this productivity too.

7. Embody Thankfulness and Gratuity

girlfriendWhether she is your booty call or long-time girlfriend, you should always be thankful for whatever your significant other is providing for you.

Did you have amazing sex last night? Did she give you the best blowjob you have ever had? Okay, even if it wasn’t the best, perhaps a white lie wouldn’t hurt in this case.

Sexting her anything to let her know that you are glad the interaction took place will leave her longing for more; however, be more creative than, “Thanks so much for the fantastic sex last night.” Ladies are going to want you to be more creative than that – remember the descriptive lesson earlier?

Perhaps you could tell her something like, “I can’t wait to see you again. I love waking up to your sexy body in my bed.” Or, “Your smell is still lingering in my bed – I can’t wait for you to be back in it.” These coy lines are sure to liven her up a little and get her wanting you, all through a simple, yet sexy, text.

8. Always Be Playful

Believe it or not, everyone is going to be a little self-conscious when sexting – it’s natural. After all, sexting can be quite fun, but also very risky for a few different reasons. What if you say something that embarrasses you? Or even worse, what if she shows your sexts to all of her friends?

embarrassedOne of the best ways to ensure that neither of these awful mishaps occurs is to always remain playful. Just like you have these two things on your mind, so does she – we promise. Just like you, she doesn’t want to be embarrassed or exposed, either.

So, anytime she says something that might be a little ridiculous, just simply reply with a smiley. The smiley will be a cute, coy way of responding instead of putting her failed attempt at a sext on blast.

9. Pictures Are Worth More Than a Thousand Words

Whoever is said to have claimed the adage, “A picture is worth a thousand words” clearly never sent a dirty text. Most of us are not exactly turned on by words, but a visual puts it all into perspective. It is completely up to you what you take a picture of, and remember that this picture can always be showed to someone else; so, stay safe.

Try to take a picture that doesn’t include your face, unless you are comfortable with the recipient of this dirty pic. Perhaps you could combine the playfulness with the picture and take a picture of a body part she wasn’t exactly expecting – that’s right, think outside of the box.

10. Pour Some Emotion Into It

special partnerWhile you can sext with anyone, the most effective sexting is that which occurs between you and a special partner.

Sure, you can send some raunchy texts to your one night stand, but chances are that unless you are emotionally involved, then the sexts may not have the effect that you would hope. Sexting is going to be nerve-wracking, so you are less likely to be completely open with someone you do not know very well.

Texting sexual messages can only have the sexually gratifying effect you desire if you are completely open and take risks, so keep this in mind the next time you want to get your lady hot and horny through a text. Is your relationship ready for it?

So, naturally once you practice some of these sext messages, your lady is going to arrive to your house ready to go. If you are concerned that the measurement of your penis is going to affect things once you get your girl in your arms, then why not look into a natural male enhancement product? offers natural yet effective means for you to achieve an even bigger, harder, and more satisfying erection.

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