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8 Scintillating Sex Sites Besides Your Boring Old Bedroom

8 Sexy Things Women Want You to Do in Bed

Taking your bedroom activities to another level by trying new sex tips and innovative postures is always a nice change. But, if you are daring enough to try new positions, why not discover new places for sizzling sex, too?

It’s not an exaggeration, but having sex in the confines of your bedroom each time gets to be a really boring and dull after a while. If you have not thought about it earlier, let’s tell you that new locations can be great for enjoying intense sex.

coupleExperts believe that a change in scenery is good for couples, since newness helps to secrete hormones, which in turn gives you and your partner stronger and longer orgasms. So, it’s time to get out of bed and find some new and novel locations.

Don’t worry; we are not challenging you to get bare naked in public places, or in your office, which could expose of you in the possibility of indecent behavior charges.

The fact is, you could spend your private sexual moments just about anywhere. It all depends on you. But, we expect you to be sensible. After all, most couples don’t want to risk public humiliation, just to add some wild adventure into their sex lives.

The sizzling places mentioned in this article are perfectly safe for both of you; where you can freely spend the most sensuous moments of your life. We ensure that the next time you get home, she won’t be thinking of what to cook, but the time when you will carry her to that exclusive lovemaking nest of yours. Here are seven of our hot sizzling locations, other than the bedroom, to have sex:

1. Get Wet When You Are Wet

This location is a just a few steps away from a bedroom, but effective enough to ignite a spark to your sex life. Having sex in a bathroom is a perfect and safe place to fondle in private. You may let your woman stand up on a shower bench, or do the act in a tub to experience creative and newness in sex.

showerYou may play with the soapy lather and tease each other. Indulge in ample amounts of foreplay before the act.

Also, don’t forget to keep two towels handy to keep yourself warm after sex. And, if you are creative enough, bring one huge towel that you can wrap yourselves in.

Having sex under the shower with your body covered in soap is also a safe and great idea to enjoy sensuous moments. If you have large mirrors in the bathroom, you may soak in the erotic view and get wetter. Well, here is one tip to play safe: install some anti-slip stickers on the bathroom floor to avoid slipping accidents.

If you have a pool at home, you can make your sex session more peppery. Even though sex in the pool is highly erotic, your senses should be in control because any form of sex under the water can be risky. We suggest having sex on the pool stairs or at the pool edges when you both are wet and dripping.

2. Make Your Penis a Living Vibrator

Now, this is definitely something out of the box. Having sex on the washing machine is something unique and exclusive that you must have not tried or even thought of. Let your lady sit on the washer. Move her butt to the edge of the lid of washing machine, and you should stand up.

When you are ready, start the spin cycle and let your man enter her vagina. We bet the vibratory mode of your washing machine will definitely put her into wild sexual mode. Vibration from a washing machine tremendously increases sex a lot. The sight of your woman shaking with pleasure on a washing machine will definitely make you go crazy, too.

3. The Garage Is Not Just for Cars

GarageThe garage is yet another different location to indulge in dirty business. Think about it: You both are at a friend’s party enjoying yourselves and find that you have an urge to release.

Just make a simple excuse and sneak into the garage for more fun. Everyone else will be busy in the party and will never realize that both of you have been away for twenty minutes or so. If you hear somebody coming, you can easily hide behind the car.

Garages are usually cool, so you and your woman can raise the heat by getting busy. Since there are not many comfortable positions to sit down or lie down in a garage, you can opt for standing postures to get wet. Or, if you both really want to lie down; you may prefer having sex in the backseat of your car. If your garage door is closed, you may leave the car door open and enjoy your hot moments.

4. What About the Staircase?

stairsHaving sex on the stairs is interesting and fun. Stairs are the best way to have sex, since the man can easily rub the G spot of the woman during intercourse. It always provides deeper penetration.

Make your woman sit on the stair and then spread her legs. You can allow her to lean back on the stair to get support.

If she wants to feel comfortable, let her use a pillow. However, it is important to be careful, since exerting too much pressure can cause hurt to you or your partner.

5. Let Your Canoe Get Shaking

The excitement of having sex in the middle of water is one that you should not miss. You both are on your own. There’s nobody for miles to be seen, which makes the entire ambience so hot. When trying to indulge in sex on a boat, you will just need an exciting partner, a lot of creativity, a blanket, and of course, a boat.

There are many different options for acquiring a boat. You could rent a small boat or even purchase your own at an affordable price. Since the boat is not very steady, you will find yourself cuddling very close to your partner.

Sex on a boat doubles the sexual enjoyment because it adds the motion of the ocean, too.

When having sex on a boat, close your eyes and feel the waves. Each wave will enhance your sensuous motion and make the experience more interesting.

When you desire to have sex on a boat, you should know how to do it safely. It is also important to note that sex on boat is not for people who are afraid of water and become easily nauseated. It’s good to attempt various locations while experimenting; however, ensure to take your safety into consideration.

You may not like the idea of having your life jackets on while making love, but safety must be your primary concern. Try bringing the boat a bit closer to the shallow part of the water, or, do foreplay in the boat, then move it indoors to close the deal.

6. Singing – And Moaning In The Rain

Have you ever thought of having sex during a rainstorm? If not, let us tell you that it is the most exciting and awesome form of outdoor sex. Rain can put you in the most romantic mood ever.

rainingMake your partner wet while it’s raining – Isn’t it hot? If you prefer, then you can go to your roof while it is raining.

This type of sex makes things a bit exciting as you are outside, probably where anyone can catch you. This experience will make you feel like teenagers trying to spend some exciting and sensuous moments.

Although having sex in the rain is sexy, there are things that you should do to be safe. Don’t try this during a thunderstorm. Go for rain sex when it’s warm, too. Also, your whole experiment may end up in disaster if you are on top of your woman, because raindrops may get in her eyes. So, indulge in sexual postures where you are both sitting. Also, women should use waterproof cosmetics if they don’t their makeup to get ruined.

7. Cooking Up Spicier Sex

Experiencing sensuous moments in the kitchen can make sex really spicy and hot as you have many ingredients in the kitchen that you can make use of while having sex.

honeyHoney, chocolate sauce and strawberries can make your sexual night more exciting. If you want to play with ice cubes, then you don’t have to think twice before grabbing them.

The best is that you can try any type of sexual position on the countertop or the kitchen floor.

You can either plan sex in the kitchen beforehand, or you can just surprise your woman by being naughty while she is busy cleaning up. Sneak into the kitchen slowly and hug her from behind. Kiss her neck and play with her hair.

Your gradually coming close to her and wrapping her in your arms will probably excite her instantly. You can continue holding her in your arms and place her on the kitchen counter and start playing with her breasts and lips. She will certainly love your caressing and stroking.

Applying your favorite sauces on each other and then licking each other will definitely make things hotter. However to enjoy the most of the situation, just forget about the mess you are creating in the kitchen. After the act is done, wash each other – you will definitely love it. We are sure your women will remember these moments every time she is alone in the kitchen.

8. Have Fun In Your Backyard

Another way to experience exciting moments with your partner is to spend sexual moments in your backyard. But, unless your home is in a very isolated location, chances are that your neighbors may also witness the fun.

So, if you really want to have sex in your backyard, pitch a tent and wait until your kids are asleep. Indulging in sex in the middle of night when the fresh air is blowing is no less than a wild adventure.

male enhancement supplements You can make love wherever you are comfortable and relaxed. It’s great to experience something unique every time you are spending special moments with your partner.

Guys may also consider using male enhancement supplements from to blow up their sex-capabilities and surprise their partner in amazement.

Although out of the box locations are certainly great to put both of you on fire, you should ensure that you are not hurt, caught or embarrassed. There are various incidents where couples had to face drastic results for being just a little too adventurous. So, be careful.

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