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8 Ways to Make Your Shy Sex Partner Go Crazy


Do you find yourself asking the following questions: Why does she take so much time to get turned on? How can I make her feel more relaxed? How can I make her feel more confident in bed? Most guys who want to have more hot and passionate moments with their lovely ladies are often looking for answers to such questions.

sharing sexual jiffiesGenerally, sex is something that doesn’t always come naturally to women. Some women are inherently shy when it comes to sharing sexual jiffies with their partner.

They try to inhibit their feelings and play the sophisticated gals in bed when their guys want to explore their wildest sides.

Some bad boys are experts in bringing out the sexual and adventurous side of any woman with ease. But guys who are in a long-term relationship with a shy woman, or those dating a very classy woman who always halts a wild sexual movement with their partner probably wonder how can I get her to let loose?

Well, don’t feel guilty if you are unable to bring out the rough and sexy side in her. There’s no need to turn yourself into a vicious and perverse guy who is only seeking wildness from his girl in bed. But, you should know, there are some effectively passionate ways that can stimulate an intense sexual reaction within your woman.

1. Set Music For A Sexy Mood.

Before you become intimate with her sexually, get her into a pleasant and cheerful mood. You should do this well before you enter the bedroom, since shy girls tend to take a long time to get into a sexual mood.

relaxing musicYou can also plan a night out with your friends and their partners at a spot where you can freely get into the mood by dancing to relaxing music while enjoying your drinks.

Dancing is a great way to feel light, sexy, free and happy. The beats of some sensual music will let your girl shed her guard and excite her to get daring with you.

While you reach home with your partner, ensure to keep that party ambience going with her by playing music or talking dirty, and you will be surprised to see her new sexual attitude in bed.

 2. Sizzle Up Some Hot Sex.

 What, your partner is not a party animal? Well, relax, because most reserved women hate losing themselves amidst the loud music, lots of people and liquor. If you are stuck with such a girl, you can try other, more comfortable means of seduction. What about preparing a sumptuous meal for her? Most women really get hot while watching their man cooking.

glass of winePrepare and serve her a meal of her choice and also offer her a glass of wine. As the evening advances, you will find your girl getting more relaxed and cozy with you.

It’s at this point that your woman will desire to get sexually intimate with you. Hold her gently and plant kisses on her cheek and neck. You will see her melting in your arms. Now, it’s time to carry her in bed and enjoy some intimate, loving moments with her.

So, you can’t cook? Most guys who can’t cook must be waiting for an alternative to this tip. If you are afraid of getting an opposite reaction from your girl after eating your horrible meal, you can take her out for dinner at her favorite eating place. Plan a beautiful dinner date with her.

Gift her some perfume, a sexy outfit or piece of jewelry that she can wear when she accompanies you to dinner. Girls tend to feel sexier and beautiful when they wear something nice. There is no need to force her to wear something she is not comfortable with. Just a sexy, lacy dress or gold necklace will do. She will feel sexy, and you will feel satisfied, for sure.

 3.  Touch Her There With Tattoos

tattoosWhat about playing some games that will allow you to touch her body in a sensuous way?

To lighten things up and make her comfortable, get a few body paints, artistic crayons or rub on tattoos that you can use on her body.

Offer to make or place a tattoo on her navel, back or neck. Just like birds preen before mating, this is a primal act that will drive her wild. If you see things going in the right direction, you can also ask her for a tattoo, too.

The benefit of this game is that she will shed some clothes and you will get to touch her body on your favorite parts of her. It is a beautiful activity that allows her to drop her shyness and get cozy in bed.

 4. From Shower To Sex – Yesssss.

If you think sketching a tattoo is not something you are good at, try joining her in the shower. Gently knock on the bathroom door while she is taking her clothes off and offer to lather her body.

showerAt first, she may be a bit hesitant to grant your wish. Once you get a yes,walk in slowly and begin to lather her lovely curves. While you are moving your hands on her curves, she will definitely feel your sensuous touch.

The relaxing warm water and steam provides the perfect setting for hot sex. Once the shower is over, massage her body with her favorite lotion.

You can see her relax and moaning while you are touching every nook and corner of her body by moving your hands into sensual caress. Believe me; you will see her asking for more after so much pampering.

 5.Watch, Play And Get Laid.

One of the most common and easiest ways to pull out her sexuality is by watching porn together or reading a stimulating erotic story. If she is not inclined towards watching much porn, prepare to watch only one or two intense ones.

Ensure they are not too lengthy. If watching porn is a big “no” for her, nothing comes handier than flipping through the pages of a sexy magazine. Also, you can find stimulating fiction all over the Internet.

Playing sexual gamesPlaying sexual games is another effective way to help your shy girl get started before getting intimate in bed. You can buy games of this kind from novelty and adult stores, either locally, or on the Internet.

Such games are created solely for adults to add some zeal to their love making sessions. These games will also provide you both with novel ideas to make things hotter in bedroom. It’s your move.

 6.Dim The Lights For Her.

Some women don’t like the idea of being exposed in the light while making love with their partners. We believe girls prefer dim lights because they are self-conscious of their body flaws, such as a big tummy, stretch marksor small breasts.

woman is embarrassed
Photo by Michael / CC BY 2.0

If you think your woman is embarrassed by her appearance, don’t force her to have sex in the light. If dimming the lights and going under the covers makes her more comfortable, accept it.

Your main purpose is to make her relax and calm in your company. Once she will reach her desired level of relaxation, she will no longer need the cover and dim lights.

 7.Make Her Feel Like Your One And Only Sex Goddess.

 You may not know, but a woman who is confident with her looks is also great in bed. So, praise your woman with sincerity. Maybe a lack of self-confidence is stopping her from enjoying passionate moments with you. Do let her know again and again that you find her sexy and gorgeous. Give her reasons why your find her irresistible and stunning.

You can say anything to make her beautiful, but dare not compare her against any woman, let alone her best friend. If you know about her insecurities, avoid picking that topic. Don’t talk about how hot you find that Hollywood actress – or her boss.

lipsDon’t do this, or else you will find yourself spending many lonely nights on the sofa.If she is not happy with her buttocks, you should not point her imperfections by advising that she should start going to the gym.

Just tell her that you love everything about her, and point out her best features, whether they are her eyes, lips or hips.

It is normal for any girl to want hear good things from her lover about her appearance. This will undoubtedly boost her confidence and she will feel better about letting loose in bed with you. When she is least bothered about her body, chances are she will be able to focus and reach orgasm easily and get you turned on, as well.

 8.  Take Her The Way She Wants It.

 Women tend to get aroused sexually when they are mentally and physically relaxed. In simple words, if you are not at ease about your body and are insecure about your ability to make love to your woman, then she will feel the same way, too. Your sluggish body language will consequently make her lethargic and squash her own sexual longings.

She may even be ashamed of her own sexual yearnings and will just wait for sexual intimacy to be over with. If you are confident in bed and know how to create a sizzling hot chemistry with your girl, she will respond accordingly. She will be more comfortable and this will help her reveal her own sexual side.

partnerThe suppressed sexual fantasies she has in her mind will suddenly get aroused. Talk to her and find out what she likes – and what she doesn’t. You will both reap the rewards.

Usually all women want to have a satisfying sexual life with their partner. But, if her shyness is becoming an obstacle in your sex life, apply these ways to set free her introversion and to pull her sexual side up. More often, lack of sexual desires originate from inhibited fear and self-consciousness.

Make your woman believe that she is sexually beautiful and your dream girl. Explore her more and share your sexual fantasies as well, and your sexual life will definitely take off.

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