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8 Sex Problems That Will Poison Your Love Life

Sex Problem

Sex is important in a relationship. It strengthens the bond between partners, deepens their trust, helps them enjoy the blissful rewards of being human, and it also leads to offspring. Crossing out sex from your life would mean trouble mentally, emotionally and physically.

There are some sex problems that could lead to the pure destruction of your love life. Here are the following conditions that you need to avoid or at least, be aware of to keep your love life humming:

1. Sexsomnia: More Than Sleeping Around

More commonly and medically known as sexsomnia, this activity can be related to sleep walking. The difference between the two is that, instead of walking to the kitchen to drink a glass of milk while asleep, you pull down your pants and have sex with whomever person is lying down beside you.

sleepOne of its advantages is that you can get more than seven hours of sleep, but still satisfy your partner with your unique ability.

On the other side, sexsomnia can be considered a problem as it has a very strong potential to ruin your love life, as well as your whole life. Apart from being completely unaware of the sex that you did while sleeping, you get not power to choose your sexual partner.

With this condition, you might end up having sex with your best buddy. Your homosexual best friend might forgive you because he liked it too, but what if you slept in a party beside someone that you do not know? The accusation will always be rape.

 2. Hypersexuality: Horniness To The Max

Others describe hypersexuality as being a nympho. With this condition, libido cranks up over 9,000 and stays there for life. Guys have fantasized dating a nympho, but what they did not know is that, having a nymphomaniac girlfriend signals a bigger problem.

horny young menThe advantage to horny young men would be, of course having a hardcore sex with a girl who they think has the hots for them.

Unfortunately, this is only compulsions working, as a nymphomaniac would want to have hardcore sex to random men whenever they feel like it.

If you have a nympho wife, you might end up rushing home from work after getting a call that she is itching to rape the young high school boy across the street.

 3.Erectile Dysfunction: Heartbreak City

Impotence wherein you don’t get an erection to have sex can definitely ruin your relationship. Since sex is one of the important tools to keep your relationship intact, erectile dysfunction would be one of the biggest hindrances, unless you have found ways to compensate while treating the condition.

heart diseaseFor you to have an erection, you need a continuous flow of blood in the penile area. If you have problems with that, it lodges a sign of heart disease and diabetes.

To overcome this condition, you must seek first for the underlying cause. Some of those are extremely high cholesterol, smoking, drugs, obesity, stress and psychosocial problems. You may undergo different kinds of treatment depending on the root cause.

 4. Peyronie’s Disease: Making a Painful Point

Peyronie’s disease is more than having a curved penis. If the condition is severe enough, it would prevent you from enjoying, or even engaging to sex because of the pain. The penis will look deformed and of course, you and your partner can’t have sex for as long as the condition exists. The pain may exist for two years or more, but the curvature remains. Surgery is the most effective way to deal with Peyronie’s disease.

 5. Premature Ejaculation: Slow Down, Pal

Premature ejaculation is under the wing of another sex problem, which is ejaculatory dysfunction. Due to intense excitement and loss of control, a man may reach orgasm within two to three minutes of sexual stimulation. This is common to men below the age of forty.

partnersThis condition results in unsatisfied female partners. Since it takes a longer time of stimulation for women to attain pleasure and orgasm, it would be frustrating to see their partner coming very soon.

If women can go for hours after consecutive orgasms, men can only have one and they need some time to rest before they can head on for another round of sexual intercourse.

Different treatments can be served to men who have this kind of sex problem. Antidepressants and topical anesthetics are some of options that men with premature ejaculation problems can go for with the help of their doctors.

 6. Monster Cock: Too Much of a Good Thing

Having an attention-seeker wiener is a huge problem. Not only is that it very hard to hide your big thing in the eyes of many, but it also a huge threat for acquiring erectile dysfunction in the future. This condition is called Priapism. No matter if you just reached orgasm, it won’t be enough to bring your soldier down.

invasive surgeryFor cases of having rock-hard and erected penis in a long time period, it is recommended by doctors for patients undergo an invasive surgery.

This would be very painful and that is why it is better not to wish for something that is too much of a good thing.

7. Loss of Libido: Lovemaking Blues

Lack of libido can be experienced by both men and women. However, women are more prone to suffer from this condition. Due to a variety of reasons, your sexual appetite may decline and your ability to reach orgasm would be near impossible.

This could ruin your whole sex life or relationship if you won’t give an appropriate kind of action. Aging, hormonal problems, the menopausal stage and psychosocial problems are some of the reasons for losing your sexual drive. Knowing what exactly causes the problem with your libido will help you figure out the right fix. Consult a doctor for help and advice regarding this matter.

8. Permanent Sexual Arousal Syndrome: Orgasms Anytime, Anyplace

Permanent sexual arousal syndrome may leave a positive first impression. It may be nice for forever alone people who have the sexual fantasies of having sex or orgasm while in a public or a crowded place.

But for people who have this condition to the extremity, it is safe to assume that they are pretty tired of it. This particular syndrome literally turns you on all the time. You don’t need stimulation as orgasm occurs whenever orgasm wanted to. You just saw your crush? Orgasm.

consult an expertHeard the school bells ring? Orgasm. The toilet smells awful? Oh no, the orgasm’s going to come.

Wherever you go, whether you want it or not, for as long as you have PSA, you have no escape from an unwelcomed orgasm. Someone who has PSA must consult an expert for appropriate treatment.

Now that you are aware of the potential home wreckers, it will be easier for you to come up with possible solutions. These sex problems should be taken and dealt with seriously, as leaving them rampant could lead to something that is even more dangerous and destructive to your life.

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