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10 Sexy Drinking Games That Will Help You Get Lucky


Parties are fun for all, but if you’re looking to heat things up then you’ve got to get resourceful. It’s important to note that while drinking can be fun and help us all loosen up and rid ourselves of any inhibitions, there is a fine line between fun-loving tipsy and an overabundance of alcohol.

Please note that excessive alcohol use can lead to alcohol poisoning and dire consequences, so while we highly encourage you to give these sexy drinking games a go, we also want you to be careful in the process. Besides, if you’re too drunk, then you won’t remember your sexy encounter – and what’s the fun in that?Here is a list of ten sexy drinking games that is sure to help you get lucky.

 1. Group Sex: Never Have I Ever

game involves a group
Photo by Nambassa Trust and Peter Terry / CC BY 2.5

This drinking game involves a group of people, approximately 5 to 10 adults, sitting in a circle.

One person starts by saying something they have never done, for example, “Never have I ever dated a guy with tattoos”.

Anyone who has ever done this deed must have a drink. Then, the next person in the circle continues with something they have never done. Gameplay can continue for as long as your group can stand it, and the things you have never done can range from school girl prudish, all the way to xxx things you’d like to know about the other players, such as whether or not they’ve had a three-way or enjoyed some same sex antics.

Not only will you learn quite a bit about your party animal pals, but the naughtiest of the bunch will be drinking the most – now, we wonder who reaps the sexy benefits of that, hmmmm?

2. Swinging Sex: Spin The Bottle

Spin The Bottle
Photo by Kevin Qiu / CC BY 2.0

Ah, the age-old classic game of spin the bottle. In case you never played this game in the basement of your best friend’s house around freshmen year of high school.

Then here’s how you play: simply get a bottle and have a large group of people, approximately six or more, sit in a circle alternating by sex.

The first player starts by spinning the bottle, and they must kiss the person whom the bottle is pointing towards. There are various rules that you can create before the start of the game-for example, if players do not want to kiss other players of the same sex, then it can be the person to the right of them. Or, if you want the action to be a little naughtier than just kissing, then go for it.

3. A Pinch Of Sizzling Spices: At The Movies

We all know those movies that have the most horrible clichés, right? The stereotypical blonde girl dies first in the horror film, valley-girl can’t like, stop saying “like,” like every second.

porn flickSo, why not capitalize on these predictable moments in a movie and make a fun drinking game out of it?You can cater this game to your liking however you please, but the basic instructions are as follows:

pick a show to watch, any television show, movie or even a porn flick, and decide a term, phrase, or action that you feel will be seen quite a bit in the movie.

Then, whenever that term, phrase, or action is noticed in the film, everyone must take a sip.An example of this could be watching a movie like The Bachelor and then requiring everyone to take a shot whenever anyone cries.

Or, for a sexier version of this drinking game, you could watch a porn flick and whenever you see male genitalia, you could take a shot. Remember that you can completely arrange this game to your liking, so have some spicy, sexy fun with it.

4.Tantalizing And Titillating: Truth Or Dare

 group of people
Photo by Richard foster / CC BY-SA 2.0

One player starts by choosing another player and asking them whether they would like to tell a bit of truth or have a chance at a dare.

If the second player chooses to tell a bit of truth, then the first player asks them a question that they must answer honestly.

If, however, the second player chooses a chance at a dare, the first player can have the second player perform any task they wish.

See how this could get a little risqué? Of course, if you’re looking for a sexy drinking game, this one can be upped a notch by having sexy truth and dares, like “I dare you to kiss him there,” or “ I dare you to try a threesome? Although any player can choose to pass on the dare, truly there are no holds barred in this sexy drinking game.

Do note that you have to set limits to how far a dare can go. You don’t want to do anything friendship-ending, life-threatening or even illegal. If someone really doesn’t want to do a dare, everyone in the game can choose a different dare of their own. The player can then pick from one of the new dares. Players need to pick carefully when deciding to go to an alternate dares, though, because it could be far worse.

 5.Truth Or Dare Without The Truth Part

Truth or Dare
Photo by Kimvermeulen / CC BY-SA 3.0

Okay, we’ll be the ones to say it – no one likes whenever anyone chooses the “truth” option anyway, right? No fun.

We want crazy, sexy dares and if that’s what you’re looking for, then why not simply put a bunch of dares in a hat?

This game allows anonymity to the dares, which may be preferable, and there is no unfairly singling out, as opposed to the aforementioned Truth or Dare game.

In order to play, everyone should write down one or two dares on a slip of paper. Feel free to make them as naughty as you’d like. Then, one by one everyone will have to select a dare to perform in front of the group. Let your imagination run wild with this one, but do give players the option to pass or choose an alternative dare within their comfort zone.

6. The Ultimate Sexy Drinking Game: Strip Poker

Strip PokerThis game will more than likely be preferable if you’re a group that enjoys card games.

If poker isn’t’ exactly your thing, then you can play any card, as long as there is something that you occasionally lose in the game, like how you lose chips in poker.

The “strip” aspect of this game comes in when you lose your chips, so, for example, I go all in on my “Four of a Kind,” thinking no one can beat me, but don’t you know if the guy across the table has a “Royal Flush,” so off go my clothes. You can also choose to remove just one article of clothing with each card, point or chip loss. Have fun being creative.

7. Hands Free Fun: Suck and Blow

Photo by Sergio Fabara Muñoz / CC BY-SA 2.0

Don’t worry; this one sounds much sexier than it actually is. Well, unless you’d like to take it there, but hey, that’s your business – moving on.

In order to play this game, the group should form a circle alternating by sex. One player starts with a card being held flat to their lips.

In order to keep the card flat to the lips, this player must suck in air. Now, this player must pass the card to the person on their right, and of course this is where the blowing comes in.

Player one will have to lightly blow on the card, while player two now sucks air in. If any pairing fails to keep the card between their mouths without using their hands, then they must take a sip or a shot.

8. Touchy Feely Flirtation: Blindfolded Body Parts

This game has the potential to get very sexy,very quickly. Any amount of people can play, so long as there are more than four people.

One person starts by being blindfolded and sitting in a chair. The players of the opposite sex now line up in front of the blindfolded player.

Each lined up player must present a body part to the blindfolded player, and if the blindfolded player guesses the person correctly based off of their body part, then they are spared a shot.

If they fail to guess the person simply by their anatomy, then they have to drink up. Some variations of this game includehaving the blindfolded player recognize their partner out of a slew of various same body parts, or having the players who are not lined up get to pick the body parts chosen. Of course, some body parts can be sexier than others so have fun with it.

9. Third Time’s The Charm: Flip, Sip, Or Strip

flipping the coinAll you need to play this game is a group of people and a coin. Well, and alcohol, of course. One player plays at a time by flipping the coin and calling heads or tails in the air. If the player calls correctly, then nothing happens and the coin is passed to another player.

If the player answers incorrectly the first time, then they must take a drink. If the player answers incorrectly a second time in a row, then they must lose an article of clothing.

If, luckily, someone guesses correctly three times in a row then they can take someone’s article of clothing. Here’s hoping you’re the lucky one.

10. Strip Quarters

The game “quarters” has been around for ages. Maybe because all you really need are a few quarters, some glasses, and people to play with.  The game works best with approximately five to eight people, and you must be sitting at a table to play. Everyone has a drink, and an extra drink is placed at the center of the table.

One by one, each player must bounce a quarter into the drink of the table. If they miraculously make the quarter into the drink, then they may designate a victim to drink the entire drink. If they do not make it, then someone else takes a turn.

Variations can include having to strip a piece of, or all of your clothing in addition to drinking, having multiple people go at once, or giving players the opportunity to bounce a quarter into someone’s personal drink. You can also make this much safer for all by having losers take a sip instead of a whole drink.

sexy drinking gamesSo, you are now the master of a variety of sexy drinking games that you can initiate the next time you are out with friends. Since you’re almost guaranteed to get lucky, what happens now?

If you want to ensure you are the life of the sexy afterparty, then we recommend you limit your alcohol and live a healthy lifestyle.

Get plenty of rest, exercise and healthy foods. You can also try a natural male enhancement product like those available at, which offers different male enhancement products that are sure to make you popular with the ladies at any party you go to.

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