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8 Hot Commercials for Completely Unsexy Stuff

Hot Commercial

In order to give the sales chart an erection, why not incorporate sex to your marketing campaigns? Sounds like a good idea? It really does as the below brands made use of sex in their ads and they became a whole lot more famous.

 1. Carl’s Jr.

Carl’s Jr.
Photo by BrokenSphere / CC BY-SA 3.0

Paris Hilton did a great job of taking a bite on this huge meat treat. But before you realize that the commercial is about a burger, you may get the impression that Paris is endorsing a brand new car, a car wash service or a car insurance company.

Apart from the controversial reality show star, Carl’s Jr. has used other hot and expensive chicks.

Such as “Top Chef” host, Padma Lakshmi, sex scandal star Kim Kardashian, swim wear model Nina Agdal and “The Hills” star, Audrina Patridge to promote their fattening burgers.

 2. Linder Coffins

Poland’s leading manufacturer of coffins has changed the way people look and talk about caskets. With their erotic commercial about the last bed that you will ever sleep in, you will definitely forget about the creeps and feel a dose of excitement instead.

Photo by Vmenkov / CC BY-SA 3.0

The short commercial will make you beg for more slide shows of coffins, but only with an almost naked, busty, sexy and pouting female model lying in the casket or standing beside it.

Apart from the TV commercial, Linder is also famous for distributing the most erotic and nose-bleeding Polish calendars. They made use of topless female models posing on the caskets.

If you ever wondered about why they are doing this for a completely unsexy stuff, their answer is somehow convincing.

According to Linder Coffins, when people die, they come back to nature and their ads express the perfect harmony between their coffins and natural wood, green fields, deep blue sea, red flowers and beauty of the female body.

 3. Go Daddy

Go Daddy is a famous web hosting company and they are popular for their baffling Super Bowl ads. Some of those included a female cop and a busty chick almost getting undressed while testifying in front of the U.S. Congress.

Another disturbing commercial they aired has a “Smart Meets Sexy” theme wherein a superhot model messily makes out with the geek.

This may provoke the worst nightmares to many, but it gives a spark of hope for forever alone homies. With that, is Go Daddy encouraging many people to host porn on their servers?

4. Parrots Fertilizer

Photo by Sten / CC BY-SA 3.0

This commercial from a Thai company may be wise, but may not be safe for work at the same time. Despite the NSFW borderline, comparing the arousal with land’s fertility can be very effective.

The video begins with a peasant who was busy working in his fields. When he looked around, he saw women dancing for him. They continued to dance until one of the farm crops had an erection.

The dancers disappeared and turned into a sack of land enhancer in a snap. But since fertilizers are literal poop, does it emphasize that the land has some sort of coprophilia?

 5. Sheba Cat Food

Eva Longoria
Photo by Web Summit / CC BY 2.0

The smokin’ hot Eva Longoria was paid to dance with her pussy. In this “Follow Your Passion” TV commercial, the Desperate Housewives actress sexed up the unsexy cans of cat food.

She seductively danced and stripped upon arriving home. She continued to dance in the tune of a very enticing music before feeding her cat.

She then spoke the words, “My passion. My cat. My choice.” The video ended with Eva chugging milk from the bottle. Hot stuff.

 6. Beats Pill Speakers

The commercial of Beats Pill Speakers may give you an idea that this phallic speaker can be used as a vibrator. That is what you get from comparing your iPod speakers to the male wiener. With tons of girls holding a penis-shaped speaker that looked like a sex toy, the whole video is really sexy. The only downside of this pill is that it could lead some girls to incorrect usage of the product.

7. Perrier

PerrierSparkling water can be very sexy. It depends on whose bosom you are going to splash it on. This commercial of Perrier started off with a pair of dice being rolled.

When both showed the name of the brand, the sexy Dita von Teese started to strip showing off her lingerie.

She then grabbed the bottle of water and poured it over her heaving bosom. This will make you thirsty for more.

8. Liquid-Plumr

Say R-rrrrr to the sexy boys of Liquid-Plumr. They are here to completely fire up the day of a bored housewife. Imagine opening the door for a handsome young stud who will say, “I’m here to flush your pipes.” I bet that is enough to burst someone’s ovaries.

If you enjoyed one of their hot commercials about the sexual fantasies of a MILF, rejoice as this is not a one-off. There are lots of sexual ads out there about completely boring and unsexy stuff. However, it is all thanks to sex that those seemingly common, boring products are being noticed by hot and horny viewers.

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