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Extenze Pills for Sale: What You Really Need to Know

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Is your once steaming-hot sexual chemistry getting rather dull these days? You may think that you are doing everything just right to get cozy with your partner, but did you know that there are certain habits that are destroying your sex life? While it is not very difficult to fix them, identifying the culprit is what’s really important here.

Sex used to be pretty simple and straightforward, but the advancement of technology and exposure to a variety of explicit materials has made things much more complicated. To make things a bit more clear, we’ve compiled the top seven things that could be ruining your sex life. So, sit down and figure out which one of you is doing things that are coming between you and the sex life you both so deserve.

1.  Masturbation Misery.

partnerIt’s not uncommon for people to please themselves by masturbating. Guys, as well as gals are involved in masturbation to satisfy their sexual urges that arise during odd times.

Sex therapists are of the opinion that although harmless when done responsibly, it can definitely cause chaos in a relationship, especially if your partner is whacking themselves more than getting sexually close with you.

Experts believe that, in some cases, it is not the frequency of masturbation that damages the relationship, but rather the object the partner is masturbating to. This drastically disturbs the mental peace of the other partner.

Many times, when guys masturbate, they resort to dirty magazines and porn for visual stimulation. Eventually, their arousal point is set to the level that becomes horrifyingly difficult to attain with their real partner.

They try to find the ultimate satisfaction when masturbating while watching highly erotic porn clips. So, in the end it is the reel porn that wins over the real partner.Sex therapist advise men who like masturbating to avoid watching porn and rather look at dirty magazines. This will definitely help maintain their sexual expectations and they will be able to enjoy real sexual satisfaction with their lover.

2.  Erotica Is Never Enough.

men’s sexual livesWe have already discussed the dire effects that porn have on the sexual expectations of men in the masturbation section, above. Let’s explore the subject of pornography in more detail.

Recent findings on the link between excessive exposure to porn movies and men’s sexual lives have revealed that porn is making men lose their sexual urges.

It is also raising the bar by enhancing their expectations of enjoying sexually eccentric behavior in bed. Many guys have admitted losing the charm of viewing a passionate kiss on the screen. They are no longer aroused seeing a deep smooch that earlier used to make their heart race and body shiver.

Watching high-grade porn on the Internet has muted their feelings towards simple sexual acts. They end up yearning for more and more explicit and sexier material to satisfy their desires. This is a double-edged sword, because they find it harder and harder to get sexual satisfaction.
Indulging in porn is also a real time-waster. To satisfy their high sexual expectations, some guys will spend too much time looking for that special sexual clip to get them off. This is a fact: the Internet can be dangerous at times.

With so much variety available, many men can’t stop watching one erotic clip after another.  And, as they are combing the Internet, they are constantly masturbating. Well, when they eventually find their desired porn; their sexual excitement has already gone off.

Porn watchingPorn watching can be even scarier than this. Guys are no longer aroused by seeing their spouses, girlfriends, or sexual partners in bed, though they still consider them very attractive.

Yes, this is bad relationship-destroying news. But, there is good news too. Experts suggest that this action is reversible by cutting back on porn, which can definitely bring back those loving feelings towards your partner.

So, guys if you feel inadequate and unfulfilled, don’t blame your partner, blame porn. It is much more addictive than alcohol or marijuana. Although it looks like an instant, harmless fix for your sexual needs, porn can ruin your relationships – forever.

3.Say No To Booze, Hello To Sex.

 If you enjoy having sex after drinking alcohol, there is something that you may not like. Alcohol and erectile dysfunction are closely related. Experts have revealed that most fellows are affected with erectile dysfunction because of overindulgence in drinking.

alcoholWhile alcohol is a great medium to get over your inhibitions, its excessive consumption can disrupt the complex process of sexual stimulation in men. When your central nervous system is suppressed, the blood vessels are unable to supply the adequate amounts of blood towards the penis.

What else should you know? Over abuse of alcohol over time can cause nerve damage to the penis. This damage is often irreversible. It can make you impotent for the rest of your life.

If that’s not enough to make you push that glass away, what is?And, alcohol consumption reduces the level of testosterone and increases female hormone estradiol, which eventually steals your sexual drive. What more do you need to hear, man?

So, if you are determined to not let alcohol become a major hurdle in your sexual life, then it is best to reduce your alcohol intake. You can begin by planning romantic nights that don’t involve alcohol, but if it is quite too much for you, keep the amount you consume within a safer range. Your penis will thank you for that.

4.   Don’t Pass Me That Joint, My Friend.

People who call marijuana a sex-buster state that they experience amplified sexual desire, enjoyment of erotic touch, and a heightened feel to get closer to their partner. But, does marijuana really heightens sex life and improve sexual pleasure? Here’s the real answer.

Supporters of marijuana sell the idea that pot is an aphrodisiac. But, science has proven the total opposite. Men who are addicted to pot can experience infertility and impotence in the long run.

SmokingStudies have shown that pot smoking reduces the levels of male hormone, testosterone, by up to fifty percent.

Because testosterone is one of the major hormones for increasing sex drive in men, they experience loss of libido by misusing this wacky weed.

Moreover, many studies have found a connection between marijuana consumption and testicular cancer in men. And, how one can forget to mention that marijuana is bad for your breath. Well, in our opinion, marijuana is certainly not sexy.

5. Too Much Around Your Middle, Man.

 Abdominal fat is not just an obstacle for looking slim and active; it is also linked to numerous other health issues such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and low libido. That’s right, feeling fat is not only harmful for your health, but also destructive for your sex life.

Fat can severely damage your blood vessels and clogged arteries, which can reduce blood flow to your heart and to other organs, such as genitals. Without the proper circulation of blood towards the genitals, men may experience difficulties in attaining full erection needed for fulfilling sexual intercourse.

The hormone that keeps sexual urges intact in men is a male hormone called testosterone. With aging, the levels of testosterone fall, and so does sexual libido in men. But, it is not just growing old that decreases the amount of testosterone; excessive fat deposit is also the culprit.

It is a vicious cycle: Abdominal fat works to decrease the secretion of testosterone and in turn, this lower amount of testosterone levels produce even more abdominal fat. The key is to reverse the cycle by losing abdominal fat, which increases testosterone and gets you back on sexual track.

Abdominal fat
Photo by Paravis / CC BY-SA 3.0

Abdominal fat deposit decreases the male hormone, testosterone, as well as increases the female hormone, estradiol, in men. This increased amount of female hormones makes men feel less masculine, which, in turn drastically reduces their sexual drive.

Experts advise men with excessive abdominal fat to modify their eating and drinking patterns. In simpler words, cut back on sugar consumption, as well as refined carbohydrates and processed foods. Include a rainbow of vegetables and fruits, along with protein will help to keep your weight in check.

Drink plenty of water, reduceyour consumption of liquor and exercise daily, are a few other important tips to follow for attaining a flatter belly and enhanced sexual life. And guess what – your overall health and life expectancy will improve, too. It’s a win-win.

 6. Text Dirty To Me.

It’s pretty easy to send an elicit text message, or “sext,” these days. With the introduction of smart phones, you can text a long message within a few seconds that could have taken ages to type a few years back. On top of that, most smartphones have voice texting now, which brings “dirty talk,” to a whole new level. Sexting is one of the major means of communication of sexting these days. But, the appalling revelation is that regular sexting can destroy your actual sex life. Wondering how? The answer will surprise you.

 SextingFirst, it is easy to boast of your sexual stamina while texting. But, in reality,busy men are unable to deliver what they have sexted when they get into bed.

It might seem pretty sexy to send hot and steaming messages to your woman to tell her how you can rock her world tonight, but after a hectic day, you could end up planting a kiss on her cheek and then going to sleep.

This would have been absolutely fine if you had not promised sexier things earlier. Now, your lady is lying in bed wondering what she did to turn you off. This will create “the great divide” in any relationship, so if you say you’re going to make her night, you’d better follow through.

Sexting is great for a couple who is in a long-distance relationship, but if you see your partner daily it can ruin your connection as a couple. Sexting can, in fact, create a fabricated sense of intimacy and takes away that personal touch of making someone feel erotic. Anyone can type sex, whether they mean those words or not, but actions always speak louder than words.

It’s not that sexting can’t add a fun element to your sex life, and it can be extremely sexy to send a few erotic and naughty lines to your lover ever every now and then. However, indulging in deep sexting and then being unable to create the same sizzle in bed can undoubtedly ruin your sex life – and your relationship, too.

 7. Playing With Your Penis – Not.

The worst thing that you can do to ruin your sexual life is using penis stretching devices and other risky means to increase your penis size. Although the use of penis weights dates back to ancient civilized tribes that had very long penises, it’s not a safer alternative. When used appropriately and for a long duration, penis weights and stretching devices can cause permanent damage to your penis.

 natural male enhancement pills.If you are self-conscious of your penis size and feel that your smaller size is ruining your sexual life, there are much safer alternatives such as penis exercises and natural male enhancement pills.

Male enhancement pills from are composed of natural ingredients that are used as aphrodisiacs for thousands of years and can boost your sexual stamina.

Stop panicking if your sexual life is suffering because of any of these issues. It’s normal for couples to experience the various ups and downs in their sex lives. Once you have identified that you are guilty of committing a few of these sexual sins, you have enough time to repent. By recognizing your faults, you can be more prepared and proactive to tackle them.

However, if any of these concerns is seriously affecting your relationship in a negative manner and you can’t seem to find the answer on your own, consider professional help. Experts can work with you closely to improve your bedroom hurdles, as well as the health of your relationship.

Now, that you are more informed on how you are ruining your sex life, it is best to take responsible and appropriate actions. Get ready to ignite that fire once again in your bedroom. You are only human, after all, but now that you have some insight, it’s time to get your groove back.

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