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Top 10 Techniques to End Premature Ejaculation Forever

Top 10 Techniques to End Premature Ejaculation Forever

Premature ejaculation is a difficult dysfunction for sufferers to endure. Not only does it affect a couple’s sex life by reducing the quality and length of encounters, it also leaves partner’s feeling unfulfilled, as well.

coupleMeanwhile, the men who suffer with this problem can experience huge losses in self-esteem and confidence. They often blame themselves for the problem, struggling with guilt and anxiety as a result.

Both partners can therefore end up feeling unhappy and exasperated by this problem. Moreover, couples can even grow apart because of this.

Thanks to the internet, it’s easy to find a lot of help to deal with the problem. However, much of what you can read online is conflicting information, or even misinformation. Every person is different and reacts differently to various treatments.What will work perfectly for one man might be useless for another.

That’s why we will show you the top 10 techniques to deal with premature ejaculation in the hopes that at least one of them will work for you. Before we talk about treatments though, it’s important to consider the causes of this issue. Existing health conditions can contribute to the problem. Similarly, the abuse of drugs or alcohol can also be a factor.

Primarily though, premature ejaculation is a psychological problem. Many cases of premature ejaculation begin in the mind. You may be struggling with performance anxiety, self-doubt and excessive stimulation. Moreover, you may have anxiety because of the cultural or religious reasons, or something else entirely.

10 Great Ways To Cure Premature Ejaculation

buying drugsWhatever the reason behind your problem, you will hopefully find a solution below. Men can be tempted into buying drugs designed to treat premature ejaculation.

However, these can often involve troubling side effects, not to mention being expensive. Here, we will give you some natural and safe techniques to try that won’t put your body at risk.

1. Desensitizing Solutions To Help You Last Longer

A great way to help men last longer is with the use of a desensitizing solution.

creamYou find these in various forms, from creams to sprays.  By applying some solution to the head of the penis before sex, the nerve endings in this sensitive area are desensitized.

This means that you won’t get too excited too quickly and it should take longer for you to reach an orgasm.

A downside of this solution is that it will affect your partner, too. Both of you will experience reduced sensitivity, which might make sex less pleasurable. But, it will last longer.

Other potential problems caused by the use of desensitizing solutions are irritation in the groin and numbness. These side effects can affect your partner, too. We recommend you read on and test out some of the more natural methods to combat premature ejaculation before trying this one. But, it will work as a last resort.

2. Different Positions Can Help With Sensitivity

For a more natural solution, you can try some different sexual positions. Did you know that certain positions can contribute to premature ejaculation? Well, it’s true. In fact, the most commonly used sexual position, which is missionary, is actually terrible for men as it forces them to tense their muscles which lead to earlier ejaculation.

man relaxingPositions that involve the man relaxing are the best for longer-lasting sexual encounters. Try lying on your back with the woman on top.

Doggy style is also ideal as you will not see the front of your partner during this position, reducing the level of visual stimulation. At the same time, you will be experimenting in bed and trying new things together which can bring you and your partner closer.

While having sex in new positions, you should try and control your breathing. If you hold your breath, you will tense up, and are more likely to suffer premature ejaculation.

Take slow, deep breaths and hold them in for a couple of seconds before exhaling. This will keep your body as relaxed as possible and calm your excitement levels. Doing this will also allow you to focus on your breathing, taking your mind away from the act itself and helping to calm you further.

3. Give Your Penis A Squeeze

partnerThis is a simple technique, and it works too. It’s great as you can use it right in the middle of any sexual session. Once you feel like you are approaching an orgasm, simply stop thrusting and ask your partner to squeeze around the base of your penis.

This process will actually help to diminish your arousal levels and calm your sexual organs. Then, after a short pause, you will be able to restart the sexual activity and work your way back towards an orgasm.

You can also remove your penis entirely and squeeze it yourself, but it’s more effective when your partner does it.

It’s also worth mentioning here that another simple trick to ease the pressure on your penis is to visit the bathroom before having sex. Many men forget to urinate before sexual encounters and this buildup of pressure can contribute to early ejaculations. Remember to pee, and you will see the benefits immediately.

4. Try Out Some Condoms With Benzocaine

CondomsYou have probably seen the condoms that claim to help you last longer in bed. Well, the way they do this is through the use of a mild anesthetic called benzocaine. This essentially numbs the tip of your penis, just like a desensitizing cream.

The reduced levels of sensitivity in the head of the penis allow you to last longer while having sex. You and your partner might not enjoy using condoms. But, this is still a potential short-term solution that has proven to be effective in many cases. The best part is, it won’t affect your partner like gels do.

5. The Cool Draw Technique Can Keep You Going

Sexual organs
Photo by Shazz / CC BY-SA 3.0

The technique known as “Cool Draw,” is one of the top natural methods men use to delay ejaculations. The process essentially consists of using the muscles around your sexual organs to raise and lower your testicles.

This technique works to reduce pressure and excitement in the sexual organs and help men to last longer in bed.

Before testing this out in the middle of a sexual session, practice by yourself in a calm and private environment when your penis is flaccid. To begin, hold your testicles in the palm of your hand and rub them gently. As they begin to tingle, take a deep breath and simultaneously pull upwards using the muscles around the testicles and anus.

As you do so, use your mind to visualize the sexual energy from your testicles being drawn out towards your anus. Then exhale slowly and relax. Repeat this breathing exercise a few times. While breathing, you should focus on the transfer of your sexual energy from your testicles across you perineum and towards the anus. You should eventually feel a tingling sensation moving across this path.

press your tongueOnce this happens, continue to breathe slowly and focus on that energy. Move it away from your perineum via the anus all the way up your spine. You should be able to feel that tingling sensation moving through your body towards your head.

It might take up to 10 minutes. But, eventually the tingling will reach your head. At this point, you can press your tongue to the roof your mouth and feel the energy slipping away down the front of your body. The whole technique is based around visualization and the use of the mind, as premature ejaculation is often a mental problem.

You can practice this technique several times until you begin to master it. Then, during sexual sessions, make use of it. This will help to draw the sexual energy away from your penis and testicles, freeing the pressure in these areas. Thus, allowing you to have sex for longer periods of time.

6. Rub Your Tongue Against The Roof Of Your Mouth

This one might sound bizarre to start with, but it does work. This is essentially an activity built around distraction. By stroking the top of your mouth with your tongue during sex, you will find yourself focused on this simple task. Thus, the excitement and pleasure of sex will be pushed to the back of your mind. You will still enjoy sex, but you will be distracting yourself enough to go longer before ejaculation.

7. Relax Before Sex By Soaking In The Bath

stress and tensionThis one is easy and enjoyable, and it really does work. As we have previously discussed, premature ejaculation dysfunction is often because of stress and tension.

The modern world has given many of us hectic lifestyles filled with worries and doubts. Our careers, families, social responsibilities and more can ravage our minds.

After a long day, there is nothing better to calm your nerves and ease your tension than a relaxing soak in a warm bathtub. Try adding some soothing oils, like lavender to your bath for additional calming effects.

As you relax and let your negative thoughts and stresses float away, you will find your mind becoming more at ease. This will allow you to get in the mood for sex and enjoy every moment of it. Anxiety or other problems that can make you ejaculate too quickly won’t distract you.

8. Tantric Techniques Make Sex Last Longer

The art of tantra has been used since ancient times in Asian countries. A widely-accepted definition of tantric sex is “weaving.” When it comes to sex, this definition implies the weaving of two partner’s souls and bodies together. The philosophy of tantra is built around appreciating the full gamete of human emotions and senses.

partner closer togetherIn sexual terms, the idea is to slow down and enjoy every moment of a sexual encounter. Tantric sex can bring you and your partner closer together. It also allows you to enjoy the best sex of your lives.

Fortunately for sufferers of premature ejaculation, tantra is also a wonderful solution to this problem as it involves learning to control one’s emotions and pleasure levels during sex.

To begin your tantric journey, first learn to control your breathing and focus on the effects each breath has on your body. Each time you inhale, visualize the oxygen being transported to your genitals and arousing them.

Once you have mastered this, you must focus on controlling their pubococcygeus muscles. These are also popular as the pelvic floor muscles. You can control and strengthen them via Kegel exercises. When a man controls these muscles entirely, he can tighten them during intercourse to delay ejaculation.

9. Vipassana Meditation Can Free Your Mind

We have discussed the effects of calming one’s mind and focusing on a distraction or a non-sexual thought during intercourse to reduce arousal levels. Well, weirdly enough, we can also recommend a completely different psychological technique that involves you focusing entirely on the sexual act itself.

By taking all of your senses into account and focusing 100 percent on the sexual experience, you can actually reduce your sexual tension levels and last longer. Visapanna meditation is the ideal way to use this technique.

ExerciseTo begin, find a private and calm environment that allows you to practice without being disturbed. Ideally, you should be completely naked for this exercise. Stand up, close your eyes, and focus on your breathing.

Breathe deeply to calm your body and start paying attention to your senses and each part of your body. Feel the tension and relaxation in every muscle and focus on all of the sensations flowing through you.

After a short while, open your eyes very slightly, just enough to see where you are going, as you begin to walk slowly around the room. As you do this, continue to focus on every sensation in every part of your body. Feel the pressure of your body as you take each step and the sensations in your legs and feet as they move. After a few moments of this, allow your eyes to open further and focus on your sense of sight. Begin to appreciate every detail of the objects around you. Don’t forget to pay attention to the sensations in your body as well.

Eventually, add your sense of hearing and listen to every single sound around you. You might discover ambient noises you had never even noticed before. At this point, you should be using your senses of touch, see and hear to their maximum capacities. Finally, you can add the sense of smell and notice the various odors around you. Continue like this and repeat the activity until you get comfortable with it. Then, during sex, make use of this technique to focus your mind on every sensation, smell, sight, and sound of your sexual experience.

10. Super Supplements To Boost Your Performance

doctorThese days, many sufferers of premature ejaculation are turning to supplements. Doctors and sex therapists are even prescribing them on a regular basis as they are capable of offering incredible results in terms of sexual performance enhancement.

Look for male enhancement supplements like those offered at, which are entirely natural and safe to use. They free your mind and body of any possible causes of premature ejaculation.

At the same time, they allow you to gain control over your body, giving you the power to delay your orgasms and last longer in bed.

They are also designed to provide you with easy-to-attain and long-lasting erections to boost your sexual performance. As a final benefit, they have no nasty side effects like some of the chemical-based treatments you can find in pharmacies.

There are lots of ways to combat premature ejaculation. These are just 10 of the most effective. If one doesn’t work for you, don’t fret and simply try another. You should be able to find something to solve your problems and help you enjoy longer and more pleasurable sex.

Ultimately, just keep calm and don’t stress out about it. Premature ejaculation affects a lot of men, and women don’t really care as much as you think. Many women can’t even have an orgasm from vaginal penetration. So, they will appreciate it if you take the time to pleasure them in other ways.

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