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5 Things Men Need to Know About Relationships But They Just Don’t Get  

5 Things Men Need to Know About Relationships But They Just Don't Get

Women are definitely one of the secret wonders of the world. Similarly to the magnificent, yet unexplainable structure of the Sphinx, it is practically impossible to understand them. However, if you are reading this article,it’s likely that you can’t live with them,but you can’t live without them.

Relationships can be wonderful. Truly, nothing compares to having someone share your life with you in a way that makes it much more enjoyable. Without your partner, you feel incomplete. Yet, men are always a little hesitant when it comes to relationships. There is always the fear of something going wrong.

A flurry of questions may invade your mind, such as: what if she turns out to be crazy? What if you aren’t on the same page? What if this relationship ends as chaotically as your last relationship did?

pen and paperWell, fear no more. We have cracked the code of the female brain. We are going to share with you some common things women wish their male counterparts understood about them.

So, sit back and keep your pen and paper handy to take some notes, because here is our list of five things men need to know about women.

1. It’s No Cliché, Communication Really Is The Key

Undeniably, you have heard it a million times before. Communication is everything in a relationship, yadda, yadda, yadda. While it is easy to shrug off this advice when it is unwanted or repetitive, you actually should be taking it quite seriously. Both partners in a relationship should understand the concept that communication can make or break it. Stereotypically, men are not exactly the ideal communicators, but women can be at fault for this problem, as well.

womanYou know how it is. It’s just that sometimes she just talks so much that you can’t possibly process all of it. Well, start to try. The second that a woman feels as though you are not listening to her is the exact second that your relationship fractures beyond repair.

Make an effort to listen to her, but also make an effort to voice your own opinions, too. You should never bottle your feelings inside. And, yes, it is okay to have feelings. If you are upset about something, then you have to communicate this to your partner.

Otherwise, you may never solve the issue. It will build up from aggravation to anger, and no one wants that. Even worse, your partner may never even know there was an issue to begin with, which fractures your respect and trust for each other.

Our Two Cents

Taking this a step further, one of the biggest mistakes men make is to let things fester. They might shrug something off and assume that it’s not a big deal. However, you have to communicate if something is bothering you sooner rather than later.

Allowing issues or conflicts to mull over will only lead to resentment, anger and a ruined relationship. The chances are that you can solve your issue if you simply bring it up to your partner tactfully.

Our Tip

Go in the conversation with a level head. If something is bothering you to the point that you are angry or outraged, then do something to release your anger first. Go for a run, hit the gym, or just go yell it out somewhere first. Releasing these strong emotions is inevitable if you wait until your conversation, and that is not fair for your partner.

stressful day at workPick a time that works best for you. Communicating is dependent on timing. Do not wait until the second your partner comes home.

The last thing they want after a stressful day at work is to come home to conflict. Try to wait until everyone is settled and comfortable to bring up your concern.

Remember that you have every right to feel the way you do. Regardless of your gender, communicating with your partner is imperative to creating a strong relationship. In addition to communication, some admiration and respect is also necessary.

2. Treat Her Like The Goddess She Really Is

Remember the way you felt about her when you first started dating? Think about all of the nice things you used to do for her. Now ask yourself if you still do them. The reality of it is that you probably don’t. Women want to feel like they are appreciated. Relationships don’t mean that certain actions and courtesies are obligatory. Instead, you and your partner should take care of each other for the sake of making each other happy. Therefore, make certain you are both expressing your gratitude and reciprocating the generosity.

Our Two Cents

understand your partner
Photo by Kelley Boone / CC BY-SA 2.0

No two women are alike. Therefore, what makes one woman feel appreciated might not work for another woman. Humans differ in their ideas of what love looks like, so try to fully understand your partner.

Perhaps something as simple as cleaning up after yourself or making sure to say thank you after your partner goes out of their way for you can do the trick.

Our Tip

If you think your display of appreciation is long overdue, then pull out all of the stops. Plan something nice for your partner. Perhaps it is a day at the spa, a night out with your or her girlfriends, or a day without the kids to take care of.

Figure out what you can do to make an entire day special for her, and she will definitely get the message that you are thankful to have her. If you want to have a successful relationship, then it is important to constantly show your appreciation. Our next thing to know about relationships just might keep this issue in check.

3. Keep Her On Her Toes

loversShe might say she doesn’t like surprises, but all partners long for a sense of wooing and surprise. Even if it is something you consider to be little, surprising your partner will help her feel as though she is both appreciated and wanted.

It is one thing to show her that you appreciate her, but remember that is something that friends do. You have to also show her that you love being in a relationship with her. You are more than friends. You are also lovers, so remind her of that with some fun and spontaneity.

Our Two Cents

Stick to her comfort zone. If your partner tends to be a little on the wild side, then skydiving or jet-setting off to Maui might work. However, for the run-of-the-mill everyday gal, something as simple as surprising her with flowers or a nice dinner out might just do the trick. It all comes down to knowing your partner, and catering your occasional surprises to her wants and desires.

Our Tip

occasional flowersRemember to switch it up. Indeed, the occasional flowers or chocolates are definitely nice, but if you keep surprising your partner with the same thing, then it will no longer be a surprise.

Not only that, but you also should be showing your partner that you are putting some thought into her gift. The surprise itself can help show appreciation. However, the thought behind it shows the affection and thoughtfulness that she wants to see.

Did we mention that these surprises and displays of affection could also be sexual? Actually, let’s have a whole section for this one, shall we?

4. Channel Your Inner Romantic

It is too easy to let the romance dwindle as a relationship progresses. We all know it happens. Sometimes we even shrug it off and figure that it’s fine that way. However, it’s not okay. But, it’s not okay.

Becoming complacent in a relationship without romance may certainly lead to destruction. At one point or another, your partner will feel as though you are not attracted to them, or that they are not worthy of your affection. Once this happens, expect a brief period before your relationship is done.

Our Two Cents

candlelit dinnerMake sure to keep the romance alive. Romance does not need to be the same for every couple.

Your friends might like a candlelit dinner at a nice steak house, and you may prefer a night out at a heavy metal concert with a little groping session in a mosh pit. You get the picture.

The only rule is to ensure that you are making an effort. Would you want your partner cheating on you? That is definitely a possibility if they feel neglected and unwanted.So, keep that in mind the next time you shrug off the romance.

Our Tip

You can never go wrong with a special night planned at home. Be considerate and think about what her favorite meal is. Cook, or order out, her favorite meal and plan a nice night in together. Don’t let her do anything, and make her feel special. Oh, and make sure your romantic night ends with some great sex. After all, happy relationships need awesome sex, and she wants you to know that, too.

5. The Sex Matters

No, it’s not the size that matters, but rather the quality of sex that you are having. Women want a healthy relationship, sex included. Unarguably, most men assume that women’s sex drives plunge faster than you can blink an eye, butthis actually is not the case. Men and women both tend to have the same sexual desires in their relationships. However, the difference is that women want a sex god. A woman wants to feel wanted, and this in turn will help her feel sexy. Thus, the romance aspect we just talked about.

Yet, there also needs to be a certain amount of sexual chemistry in every relationship, as well. Work on your physical fitness and start researching about ways to amp up your sex life. For starters, check out to purchase products that will awesomely make your boners fuller, harder and longer-lasting. Who’s the sex god now?

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