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Penis Growth: 4 Psychological Reasons Men Fixate on Size

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A question that many men may ponder upon is, “Is it possible to have penis growth?” In the last decade or so, several men all throughout the world are stuck thinking that the average male penis is not large enough for their liking.

For many years, medical professionals and books have firmly believed that the average size of the penis is typically around 6.5 inches. In addition, the common mentality that men who have the average penis size should be satisfied with their package size, since it is average.

frustrationHowever, it seems that when it comes to the frame of mind with the “average penis size,” it is completely different in comparison to having the average height, weight or feet size.

It actually proves to show that men who have a size said to be average considers that quality to be a major flaw.

No man wants to be considered average when it comes to the discussion about his penis. Now this is where the frustrations come in. In addition, many men will go through drastic means just to find ways to have a bigger penis.

Why Do Men Worry About Their Penis Length?

American menIf you are a woman or a man, you might still wonder why so many men fret over their penis size. It is not as if people have built-in x-ray vision to see through a man’s pants, right?

So the question remains, why do men worry so much about how big their penis really is? The truth is, many American men are desperately engrossed with their penis size and it all boils down to psychological factors.

Here are the top 4 psychological reasons explain why men are concerned about how big their penis is:

  • embarrassmentIt Is Embarrassing To Have A Small Penis. There is actually a medical condition wherein men are born with a small penis it is called “micro penis.”
  • However, for the 80 percent of men that think that their penis is smaller than average, showing it off to others could cause embarrassment. No man would want to have that feeling of shame.
  • There Is A Lot Of Hype About Having A Longer Penis. With the influences of the pornographic industry, men and even women start to compare how their body looks with those that they see in pornographic movies and magazines.
    Men seeing other men pleasure a woman will certainly trigger a bit of jealousy, which makes them wish that they had a larger penis.
  • Sex Is To Be Better With Men Who Have Longer And Wider Penises. There are several people that believe that sex is more pleasurable when the penis is bigger than average.
    Then again, the pornographic industry has influenced the many minds in believing that penetrative intercourse is the real type of sex.
    Women who have sex with men who are bigger in size seem to feel more pleasure during the entire sexual encounter.
  • larger penisA Man’s Penis Defines How Manly They Really Are. There are also some beliefs that the penis size determines how manly a man is. They believe that they bigger the package, the bigger of a man he really is.
  • This is where a man’s insecurity comes into play. Seeing another male who has a slightly larger penis could really play with a man’s psychological thoughts.

Are Their Products That Help In Penis Growth?

In our day and age, with the constant demand of men finding methods to increase their penis size, the pharmaceutical industry has taken advantage of this problem. There are loads of creams, oils, lotions, supplements, exercises, devices, surgeries and other techniques that claim to help in growing the penis longer.

With the various products and methods available for you, have you ever just wondered which approach is really effective and safe to use? If you have, you probably already know that you should not trust everything that you read. Companies will say just about anything to sell what they have and that means that some companies will led you on to believe facts that are not true at all.

How Do You Choose A Method For Penis Growth?

There are few tips that you should keep in mind when selecting methods for enlarging the penis. First off, do your research. If you have already explored your options, then you have a good idea of how many products and techniques available for you to choose.

Photo by Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade / CC BY 2.0

Be aware of the products that claim to be 100 percent effective or doctor recommended, because most of the time, they really are not what they say. Like mentioned above, businesses will say anything that they feel like will sound good to people even if they are not telling 100 percent of the truth.

After you gather a list of methods that seem safe and effective for you, consult your health care professional for options. This could be an embarrassing step, but if you are in desperate need to find out what you could do to increase your penis size, then you should really consider this step.

Doctors know more about what your body is going through because they have studied it for many years. Bring this issue up with your doctor so that you can get a rundown of the safe and effective methods that you could try out to obtain a bigger penis.

What Is The Bottom Line With Penis Growth?

With the many products and methods out in the market today to enhance your penis size, you really have to pay attention when it comes to selecting the right type of technique for you.  There have been many successful stories with men saying that their penis length increased a couple inches with this certain method, but there have also been failed attempts which left damages to a man’s reproductive system.

Talk to your health care professional about your options, so that you can get to the bottom line about if your penis is really smaller than average. You might be the only person thinking about how small your penis is when in reality, it is more than average.

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