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How to Increase Erection Size in 6 Simply Smart Steps


Do you want to learn how to increase erection size naturally and safely? If you are one of those men who is always on the lookout for natural treatments to remain healthy both sexually and physically, you will be pleased to know that there are effective natural ways that can help to drastically increase your erection size and strength.

Penis extenders, pulleys and surgery are invasive and risky ways to increase penis size. You should avoid them as much as possible.

6 Nature’s Way: How To Increase Erection Size And Strength

You can use natural methods to improve erection size. Here are some tried and tested natural ways to increase your penis size and erection:

eat healthyEat Healthy: Your diet has a powerful effect on your sexual health.
The truth is that erection size is mostly governed by the amount of blood that flows towards the penis.

Thus, if your penis is not receiving adequate amounts of blood, your erection size and strength will definitely suffer. Poor lifestyle choices also compromise your body’s ability to work optimally in mental, physical and sexual areas of life.

For instance, smoking and drinking alcohol can adversely affect your sexual health. Unfortunately, most men are addicted to both these habits, which over time constrict the blood vessels and reduce the amount of oxygen and blood that reaches the two chambers of the penis.

The combination of a poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle habits leads to a significant decrease in penis size, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and poor sexual performance in bed.

dark chocolateDid you know that there are many foods science has proven to increase your erection size? Oily fish, fruits rich in antioxidants, omega-6 rich foods, dark chocolates and berries can increase the blood flow to your penis.

In short, foods that are composed mostly of water and nutrients will have a positive effect on your body’s ability to maximize muscle growth and expansion of the spongy tissue of the penis.

These foods work by increasing the amount and pressure of blood flowing towards the penis in order to make it bigger and erect. When you include healthy foods to get back your lost sexual stamina and strength, make sure to avoid highly processed foods, refined starches and sugar. These junk foods can minimize your chances of retaining your sexual and physical health.

  • Penis Enlargement Exercises
    Photo by ShinyFan / CC BY-SA 2.5

    Penis Enlargement Exercises: The real key for how to increase erection size and strength is penis enlargement exercises.

  • Men all over the globe are applying this simple, yet effective technique to increase both girth and length of the penis.
  • Regular penis enlargement exercises help to add a few inches in a couple of months. Read on to learn about some effective exercises on how to increase erection size of your penis.
  • Jelqing: This is the most ancient penis enlargement exercise that shows effective results in just a couple of weeks of regular use.
    It involves using your hands in a milking motion to exercise your penis size.
    This movement of the hands increases the amount of blood flow to the penis and fills the two chambers of the penis that run through the shaft. This in turn increases the penis size and makes it thicker and firmer.
  • Penis Stretching: Penis stretching exercises are a beneficial means of how to increase erection size and strength safely.It requires using your hands to stretch your penis without hurting it. Regular stretching of penis expands the cells, which gradually grow and increase the penis length.Your penis is composed of two chambers that are made up of spongy tissues.These tissues accept blood and expand to achieve an erection. When the spongy tissues are stretched, they lengthen and increase the penis size over time.
  • PC muscleKegel Exercises: Kegels are a great way to maintain your erections and help you remain sexually active in bed. They are meant to strengthen the PC or that maintain erections.
  • After you strengthen the PC muscle, you will be able to attain multiple orgasms. Furthermore, you will have control over your ejaculations, so that you can please your partner for a longer time.

Penis enlargement exercises are an easy, simple and affordable technique to enhance your sexual life. You may need to be persistent and dedicated to see noticeable results with penis exercises. Obviously, they are not a magical and quick remedy, but definitely a safe and natural way to increase erection size and strength.

  • Natural Penis Enlargement Supplements: As you may already know, to attain hard and firm erections it is important to have an optimal circulation of the blood.
    Although there are numerous synthetic supplements available on the market to get a harder male erection, they can cause many side effects.
    Natural supplements, on the other hand, are safe and free of any side effects.
Saw Palmetto
Photo by Sallicio / CC BY-SA 3.0

These supplements are herbal and formulated with natural ingredients and essential nutrients and minerals, which are vital for sexual health in men.

People have known for centuries that herbs such as ginkgo, ginseng and saw palmetto work as libido enhancers.

These supplements help to increase blood circulation to the penis by releasing nitric oxide.

Nitric oxide plays an essential part by relaxing the muscles surrounding the penis, thereby increasing the amount of blood flow towards it. Apart from increasing the flow of blood, these supplements help to expand the erectile tissues, which results in an increased erection size. Furthermore, natural supplements also work to increase your sexual libido and semen production to help you attain intense orgasms.

You can find numerous supplements with the label ‘natural’ on them, but not all of them are clinically certified and endorsed.

There are only a few, including Extenze natural supplements, that are clinically approved and recommended by doctors to be effective and safe to use over the long term.

Lastly, Be Patient

Have patience and set a goal you want to achieve. Give yourself ample time before you expect to see significant improvements in the size and strength of your penis erection. Your hard work, willingness to reach your goal and regular application of natural treatments on how to increase erection size and strength will definitely pay off.

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