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Penis Extender: 4 Steps for Optimal Penis Enhancement

Penis Extender 4 Steps for Optimal Penis Enhancement

A natural way for penis enhancement without the need for painful surgery is making use of penis extender. If you want to avoid the harmful side effects of pills, you may also want to try a penis stretcher. When it comes to enhancement of manhood, many studies have proven penile expanders effective.

menMen are fascinated when it comes to different kinds of penile extenders. Penis enlargement using different methods is one of the most discussed topics whenever men form a circle.

Some of the concerns that may arise about penile extenders are effectiveness and side effects. Many men also wonder how to use them and how they work.

The effectiveness of the penis extender may vary depending on how you use it and what type it is. Even so, this is a proven way to enhance the appearance, size and shape of your manhood. In case that you may want to know more about penis stretchers, read on.

How Penis Extenders Work

A penis extender is a traction device. It applies pressure or force to the penis in order for its tissues to adapt, gain muscles and look bigger in time. This device enables you to stretch the penis for a desired time.

A round ring attaches to the base of the shaft. The penis then goes through this round ring, while you extend the two rods. The head of the cock stretches away from the base. Tilting the screw will maintain the pull. This screw connects to the base of the ring surrounding the shaft. It will serve as a lock, so that the pulled body of the penis will not retract back.

This method of continuous traction contributes to boosting the penis size. Penile extender results often shows increase in size and length. These devices cannot also serve as penile girth extenders, as they also improve the girth.

Types Of Penis Extenders

When it comes to design, penis extenders used to fall into two basic types. One is the noose and the other one the strap.

Since the some incorporate the use of a cradle, the types have now expanded into four. The names of these types suggest both the appearance and how they work:

  • Removable Cradle Strap Design
  • Strap Design Only
  • Removable Cradle Noose Harness
  • Noose Harness Only

How To Use A Penis Extender

For better penile extender results, it is important to check on your frenulum. The frenulum or frenulum preputii penis, is an elastic strap of tissue located under the penis that goes from the foreskin to the vernal mucosa, which helps to contract the prepuce over the glans.

This part can be sensitive for some men. It is advisable to wear gauze or a piece cloth to protect this part before using a penis extender.

4 simple steps on how to use penis extender:

  • handFasten the strap to the cradle of the extender. This ensures that the strap will remain in place.
  • One of the most preferred methods is to leave the strap unattached from the side where your frequently used hand is. For example, if your dominant hand is on the right, you must leave the right strap unattached.
  • With your other hand, take your penis and pull the glans to the cradle of the penis extender.
    While keeping the glans on hold, fasten the strap up and over the penis and feel where it is the most comfortable. Depending on how you feel, and the comfort of your frenulum, you may want to leave an extra slack of skin to be above the grip point.
  • Secure the strap tightly after putting it through the opening on the corresponding side of the cradle. Do the same with the other side.
  • Be sure that there is enough tension on the penis. This will guarantee that the glans won’t slip out of the strap.
  • Lastly, tighten the strap two to three more times. Be careful and try not to shock your penis with a sudden pull. This step could be uncomfortable from the start. You must endure it until the penis adjusts with the force. If it hurts too much, loosen the tension.

Once you did the above steps, all you need to do is to wait. You can do whatever you want while sitting or lying down. Watch TV, do your computer work, make some calls or any activity which does not require too much movement of the whole body.

How Effective Are Cock Extenders?

The one question lurking in the minds of some men is, “Do penis extenders really work?” According to many studies, a penis extender is an effective device to improve the size, girth and appearance of a man’s cock.

weightliftingWith the use of traction, it makes the penis adapt to the force and eventually grow a new muscle tissue, just like weightlifting.

It works the same as some bodybuilding activities, wherein the steady application of force or pressure can naturally trigger the tissues to come up with a coping mechanism.

Side Effects Of A Penis Girth Extender

The use of a penis extender causes pain, irritation and some bruising, especially if you don’t use it properly. Out of all test subjects, only one of them quit, because he couldn’t handle the pain being produced by the traction. This device will surely work if you use it properly and given that your penis is already in a healthy condition.

  • Pain – This side effect can happen by the nature of penis or the way you use the penis extender. It is painful to use the device at the start, but it is not normal to experience it afterwards. Since every penis is different, the level of pain may range from almost harmless to excruciating.
  • Skin Irritation – The irritation may occur depending on the skin’s reaction to the material used to manufacture the penis extender.
  • penis enlargement device
    Photo by Arkansas Health Care Access Foundation / CC BY-SA 4.0

    This particular side effect also emphasizes the importance of following the manual.

  • With improper usage of the penis enlargement device, even the best brands may cause irritation.
  • Blood Vessel Damage – Defective devices or cheap devices that make use of unreliable materials can cause blood vessel damage. It occurs if you constrict the blood flow to the penis for a long time. This side effect can be awful to see. You may want to avoid buying a cheap penile stretcher if you don’t want this to happen.
  • Peyronie’s Disease – Commonly known as bent penis, Peyronie’s disease is one of the most serious side effects that could potentially happen. If the tension of a penis extender is too severe, it may forcefully bend the penis, leading to a traumatic damage. Rupture produced by a sudden or hard pull requires the immediate attention of a specialist.
  • Blood vessels
    Photo by Kelvinsong / CC BY-SA 3.0

    Weak Erections Or Impotence – The sudden pull may cause damage to your blood vessels and tissue in your penis.

  • This is a long-term effect of further misuse or inappropriateness of the device that can lead to difficulties with erections.
  • Tissue Loss – This is the rarest side effect with the usage of a penis extender.
    There may be cases where in the tissues will be depleted instead of increasing after a long-term use.
  • This happens due to misuse of the device.
    A very sensitive penis is also not appropriate to use of devices that can potentially damage its tissues instead of growing it.

Avoiding Side Effects Of A Penis Extender

There are many ways to avoid the side effects of penis extender. It is important for every man to keep these safety measures in mind before considering buying or using the device:

  • Consult a doctorKnow Your Penis. If you believe that your penis can’t resist pain or is sensitive to different kinds of applied force.
  • Doubt that you can get through the pain brought by the penis extender. Consult a doctor to learn more about your manhood.
  • Follow The Manufacturer’s Instructions. Most of the side effects happen due to misuse. Remember that even the best brands of penis extender can damage your male sex organ if you failed to follow the manual
  • Feel Your Penis. If you sensed that it can’t take anymore of the pain, give it a rest or stop. Penis traction devices may not be compatible with other kinds of penis. With that, you can look for other alternatives for penis enlargement.
  • Use Only Trusted Brands. Cheap devices may potentially cause more side effects than the most reliable ones. If your penis is very important to you, go for the quality ones. The use of penis extender is a good way to enhance the appearance and size of your penis. With proper usage and enough knowledge about the product, you can make sure of a safe and effective enlargement process.

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