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Create a Homemade Penis Extender in 10 Simple Steps


Penis extenders can be an expensive purchase for some people. However, there is another option that men can do to have their own penis enlargement tool without spending too much. You can save money by making your own homemade penis extender. This may sound a bit difficult, but if you make and use it properly, the effects could pay off big time.

medical expertsThere is some doubt as to how penis extenders work, but many studies prove how effective they are for many men. In fact, medical experts are now recommending penis extender devices in at least 29 countries.

When it comes to a homemade penis extender, side effects may take place depending on how you construct it. Everything may come with a price, but this one is much less expensive than buying a penis extender in the marketplace.

Make sure to work with complete materials and remind yourself that there are still some safety concerns you should know about first. If you believe that you have good hands when it comes to creating things like this, then this task can be good for you.

Getting Started: Things That You Need

You may need to spend a few bucks to complete everything you need. Just make sure that you prepare everything for a smooth and continuous process. Here are the things that you need in order to create a homemade penis stretcher:

  • A long theraband, which is a long strip of rubber for strengthening various parts of your body. Many physical therapists use them.
  • A belt
  • Piece of cloth for wrapping the theraband
  • A thin, long thread
  • Adhesive tape

10 Steps For Making A Homemade Penis Enlarger

Follow these steps to make your homemade penis extender:

  1. Remove your clothesRemove your clothes and make sure that you are not wearing anything.
  2. Wrap the belt around your waist.
  3. For men with foreskin, grab the head without pulling the foreskin back. If you are circumcised, carefully grab your penis beneath its head.
  4. Wrap the theraband around the penis twice. Use the thin cloth or thread to keep it in place.
  5. Place the cloth on the underside of your manhood and make a fold while wrapping the theraband.
  6. Make use of an adhesive tape to make the fold and the wrap more secure.
  7. Grab the thread or cloth and pull it towards the direction of your feet.
  8. UnderwearPull it gently again between your butt cheeks and pull it up to the height of the belt.
  9. Make a knot, which will help you to easily open and unwrap it later.
  10. Wear your underwear to conceal the penis extender.

There are more ways to create a homemade penis extender, but those may require the help of mechanical devices and huge machines. If you are not comfortable to use this homemade penis extender that you just made, consider buying the most reliable extender in the market.

Disadvantages Of Homemade Penis Extenders

A typical penis extender manufactured by heavy equipment in a factory has many advantages. This only means that a homemade penis extender may possess more risk to the penile health. It is important for you to be aware of these disadvantages before you make and use a homemade penis extender:

  • Homemade Penis Extenders Aren’t As Durable As Store Bought Ones. Since it didn’t undergo a keen quality check, it is most likely that the homemade penis extender may have more flaws. One of it is the possibility that it will malfunction or fail while being used.
  • Homemade Penis Extenders May Not Fit Properly. It is also possible for you to have troubles on fitting that penis extender that you just made. Since you only have insufficient tools, limited time and less experience, you may not be able to come up with the size that is just right for you.
  • homemade penis extenderThe Threat Of More Cuts And Bruises Is Possible. Damage to the penis may also occur when you use a homemade penis extender or it fails.
  • Since it didn’t go through a strict quality check, your personally made penis extender may be likely to cause more mishaps.
  • Excruciating Pain And Discomfort. If you use it wrong, the homemade penis extender may cause an excruciating pain. It is normal to feel a sensation of discomfort while trying to use any kind of penis extender, but having it after it has been taken off is a different case. For matters such as this, it is important for the user to see a doctor for immediate medical attention.
  • Blood vessels
    Photo by Kelvinsong / CC BY-SA 3.0

    Nerve, Tissue And Blood Vessel Damage. You could damage the nerves, tissues and blood vessels that reach the penis if the homemade extender is not used properly or suddenly becomes defective.

  • These mishaps could lead to erectile dysfunction, lesser sexual drive and numbness of the penis.
  • Inflammation And Irritation. You could experience soreness and itchiness if the you don’t use the device properly or it doesn’t fit right. Apart from this, redness may also occur, making it scary as the penis may not look like its usual self after the process. To prevent this, a user must take the right steps in creating the homemade penis extender. The use of the best materials may also play a factor.
  • tissue of your penis Deformed And Bent Penis. Due to sudden force you apply while putting on the homemade penis extender, your penis may become deformed or bent.
  • Depending on the impact, the tissue of your penis may be traumatized, which could result in a bent penis. There are times when a patient may find it hard to have an erection or sexual drive after recovering from such an incident.

Homemade penis extenders could be as wonderful as your typical penis extender that you can find in the marketplace. These can be much less costly than buying a manufacturer’s device, which may be effective after a few months of use. But, since untrained people create them, homemade extenders could cause problems, especially if you aren’t careful. If you want to be safe, not sorry, consider purchasing one instead.

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