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23 Amazing Tips on How to Have Long Lasting Sex with Your Woman

No matter how good a man is in bed, long lasting sex is always his first priority. It’s not a secret that it takes women longer to achieve orgasm than it does men. That’s why men make it their goal to extend the sexual intercourse.

While you might last longer in bed now than you did when you were younger, the perfection knows no limits. You can get more pleasure from sex after you do your research and learn all the tips to last longer in bed. Here are 23 amazing tips to help you have better, longer lasting sex with your lady.

1. First, Forget About the Porn

PornPorn is one of the worst enemies you will face on your way to achieving a long lasting sexual pleasure. Porn is addictive. It might seem like a fun way to spend time when your partner is not available. In reality, by watching too much porn, you are ruining your sex life. Men who watch porn on a regular basis, have problems getting aroused with the same partner.

With time, some men fail to climax while having sex with their partners unless they imagine their favorite porn clip. The mundane sex life becomes bland and unpleasing. If being married to adult videos is not what you are looking for, quit watching them and your sex will soon become more exciting.

2. Use the Stop-Start Technique

Men have been trying to last longer in bed for ages and some of them came up with useful penis exercises that can become life-savers if done on a regular basis. One of them is the stop-start technique.

Stop-Start TechniqueStart masturbating with a dry hand. While doing it, try quench all the sexy images that come to your head. Instead, focus on your sensation. When you feel as if you are getting close to the point of no return, stop. Wait for the arousal to subside and start again. Repeat this technique for 15 minutes.

Don’t be discouraged if you can’t do this from the first try. No many men can. However, once the technique is mastered, you won’t need to wait almost any time between the sessions. This means you’ll be able to last 15 minutes in bed. Go on to trying the same technique with lubrication.

3. Masturbate Before Sex

One of the simple ways to learn how to last longer in bed without exercises is masturbation. To last longer in bed, you need to masturbate about an hour or two before the intercourse. The period can be shorter or longer depending on your recovery time. Try doing this at home first to check out how much time you need to get aroused again.

If you have a regular partner, you can even ask her to do the masturbation for you. It’s a fun and erotic way to get this out of the way. This technique also works great for men who are going out on the first date. They can enjoy the interaction without having to deal with the distraction their body can cause.

4. Do Those Kegel Exercises

exercisesIf you thought that Kegel exercises are something that only women do, you were wrong. The Kegel exercises are a great way to learn how to last longer in bed naturally. Kegel exercises for men involve flexing muscles that will help you control your ejaculation.

To understand where these muscles are, just imagine as if you need to stop peeing midstream. Now that you’ve located the muscle, start flexing it. The exercises will only be effective if you do them on a regular basis. Squeeze the muscle and hold it for 4 seconds, then release it for 2 seconds and hold again. Repeat this up to 10 times a day.

5. Buy Special Condoms

The regular condoms reduce the sensation for men during sex. There are also special desensitizing condoms that do the job even better. The less sensitive your penis is, the more chance you have to last longer in bed. Look for condoms labeled “extra strong” or “extra safe.”

These little helpers are thicker than regular condoms, that’s why the sensation is reduced. There are also condoms that have a numbing lubricant. They act as a local anesthetic and numb your penis. These condoms can make you last three times longer than regular ones. However, the pleasure you get from sex is reduced as well.

6. Why It’s Time to Check Out a Penis Spray

sprayA last longer in bed spray works the same way the numbing lubricant in condoms does. It contains lidocaine that’s often used in medicine as an anesthetic. The spray manufacturers claim that their product doesn’t numb the penis, it just desensitizes it.

The only FDA-approved penis spray available on the market right now is Promescent. There are many reviews available online. You can check them out before trying out the new product. It doesn’t work for everyone but many men are satisfied with the result.

7. Don’t Skip the Foreplay, Even if You’re Tired

Many men who suffer from premature ejaculation are afraid of foreplay. Meanwhile, it could be your savior. Use foreplay as a way to get your partner as excited as possible but try to avoid stimulating your own erogenous zones.

Oral and manual stimulations are a perfect way to get your girl revved up and ready to climax any minute. This will take the pressure off you since you won’t need to last too long for her to reach and orgasm. If your partner is insisting on caressing you, tell her that touching her body is arousing enough for you.

8. Learn How to Last in Bed Naturally with Slow Sex

sensual and romanticWhen you are aroused and ready to get pumping, your first instinct is to go fast and reach climax as soon as possible. That’s exactly the reason you must have slow sex. If you are not sure you can control yourself, go for the positions where a woman is in control. Ask your partner for slow and careful thrusts.

Slow sex is more sensual and romantic and most girls love it. It will help you last much longer without any special techniques. To make the slow sex even better, you can try the lubricants. There are some designed to help you last longer and make the experience more pleasurable for her, such as ExtenZe or K-Y Jelly.

9. Fight Your Insecurities and Make Friends with Fun

If you feel as if you are not muscular enough, your belly is too large or your penis is too short, you can’t relax in the bedroom. The lack of confidence causes you to feel uncomfortable during the sexual intercourse and makes you subconsciously want it to end faster. Meanwhile, you are hoping to last as long as possible.

If you are fighting with your subconscious and getting unfortunate results, learn how to love yourself and your body. Women don’t pay as much attention to male bodies as you might think. They are interested in other personal qualities, such as kindness, attentiveness, and confidence. If you’ve got all these qualities, your penis, muscle and belly size doesn’t matter.

10. Communication is Key: Talk to Your Partner

Talk to Your PartnerMany men are so afraid of their premature ejaculation problems that they even try to avoid sex altogether. If you are in a relationship, the easiest thing you can do to help you last long in bed is talk to your partner. Let’s face it. Eventually, you’ll end up in bed and if premature ejaculation is a problem, your girl will find out about it anyway.

Why not tell her beforehand? Women are usually understanding. You will not turn her away by making a confession but will get a strong ally who will help you deal with the problem. For some guys talking is enough. Once the word is out, they relax completely and the problem goes away on its own.

11. Try to Drink Less Alcohol

This advice is older than life itself. There is nothing good about alcohol except for the short feeling of euphoria some people get after the first few drinks. Meanwhile, the side effects are unfortunate. Men who drink alcohol on a regular basis experience libido problem. The reason is the decrease in testosterone. Alcohol is this hormone’s worst enemy.

While drinking a glass of red wine might be beneficial for your health, going further can ruin your body. If you want to last longer in bed without pills, you need to control yourself when it comes to alcohol.

By the way, giving a drink to your partner is not a good idea either. Many women have problems climaxing after drinking alcohol. Your inability to last long coupled with her orgasm problems will lead to a complete failure in bed.

12. Flex Your Brain

BrainWhile some women believe that during sex men think with their penises, it’s not true. Your brain is involved in the process too. And your mind is a powerful tool you can use to help you last in bed longer. Premature ejaculation is often not a physical but mental problem. It comes as a result of anxiety. What you need to do is let your brain relax.

When you are having sex, focus on just one thing such as her lips, her breathing, or even her breasts. Wouldn’t that make you climax faster? Surprisingly enough, it will do just the opposite., You will concentrate your attention and your brain will relax.

13. Achieve Long Lasting Sex by Taking Breaks

Taking a sudden break during sex might seem like something impossible but it’s a sure way to last longer. You need to warn your partner by saying something smooth like “You are so hot that I can’t go on like this too long”. Then make an effort and pull out. Continue to stimulate your partner orally and manually until the intense feelings subside.

It’s important to be honest with your partner. She will be understanding about it if you make sure to keep her satisfied. Even if she climaxes before you are ready to continue, it’s a wonderful opportunity for you to help her get multiple orgasms.

14. Edging – One of The Best Tips to Last Longer in Bed

MasturbateIf you are wondering how to last longer in bed for men without pills, edging is a perfect exercise that can help boost your endurance. Edging is like the stop-start technique. However, the main trick here is that you can’t allow yourself to climax in the end.

  • Masturbate until you feel you are about to climax.
  • Stop before climaxing and wait until you are completely calm.
  • Start masturbating again.
  • Repeat this several times.
  • Then put your pants on and go about your business.

If you practice edging once a day, in about two weeks you will be able to reap the benefits. Be ready for failure in the beginning. Missing the point of no return is easy. Practice will make perfect.

15. Try the Squeeze and Release Technique

The squeeze technique is a simple way to postpone the ejaculation. The hardest part about it is to get it right the first time. Once you get a hard erection, put your thumb on the frenulum. The first and the second fingers should be placed on the opposite side. Squeeze the penis with your fingers hard and hold it for 15 seconds. The erection will immediately subside.

Repeat the process three of four times. Practice this on a regular basis and you will learn how to control your ejaculation better. Make a fun game out of it and involve your partner. It can become a great part of your foreplay.

16. Choose the Right Positions and Be Creative

Right PositionsYou can’t last long in bed if you are straining your muscles. That’s why you should only choose the positions where you can relax as much as possible. For example, a missionary position is a bad choice since you need to balance on your hands in order not to push down on your partner. Meanwhile, a girl on top position is perfect since you are lying down on your back and relaxing.

You can also consider the lotus position when the woman sits on your lap and reap great benefits from a reversed cowgirl position when a woman sits on your lap facing away from you. Browse through some new positions to make the sex longer and more enjoyable for both of you.

17. Learn How to Breathe Right to Last the Night

Breathing is often the key to controlling what the body does. Knowing how to breathe right can save you from a lot of embarrassing moments in bed. The smart breathing techniques can help you increase your stamina and control your erection.

Start with focusing just on your breathing. Concentrate on the way you inhale and exhale. The focusing itself will make you breathe slower and deeper. Take three deep breaths. Visualize the way the air fills your stomach, lungs, heart, and throat. Then exhale normally. Practice this several times and then use it whenever you feel you are about to climax.

18. Real Reasons to Consider Circumcision

increase your staminaWhile Jewish and Muslim boys get circumcised for religious reasons, there are plenty of men who go through this procedure in adulthood. Mostly, they do it for medical reasons. However, some choose to do it to help last longer in bed.

Circumcised men lose some penis sensitivity. It doesn’t interfere with their sexual life. Just the opposite, it makes them last longer in bed. By going through circumcision, you can kill two birds with one stone. Avoid foreskin infections and increase your stamina.

19. It’s Okay to Take a Second Chance

If for some reason none of the techniques worked, don’t stop. Even if you had an orgasm, continue thrusting while your penis is still erect. Once you lose the erection, pull out and continue to stimulate your partner manually and orally until she reaches orgasm. Then go for a second round.

You’ll always last longer the second time you have sex. Meanwhile, it can be a great opportunity for your partner to experience multiple orgasms. Different men have different recovery periods. Some might need 10 minutes to get back into the game while others require a few hours.

20. Make It Easy for Her: Use a Lubricant

While you might think that a wet and slippery vagina is a sure way to a premature ejaculation, it’s just the opposite. Instead of trying to last longer buying pills over the counter, spend your money on a lubricant. The more lubricated your woman is, the less pressure is applied to your penis and the longer you can last.

21. Try Yoga and Pilates for Flexibility

Yoga Yoga and Pilates are the exercises that increase your flexibility and physical stamina. They will teach you how to focus your attention on something important. Both yoga and Pilates are designed to help you learn how to control your breathing and decrease stress. They can help you deal with anxiety which is often the cause of premature ejaculation.

These exercises can increase libido in both men and women. Reduced libido can be the cause of your problems in the bedroom, especially, when coupled with stress, smoking, alcohol, and unhealthy diet. Regular exercising can help you regain your stamina and avoid premature ejaculation.

22. Watch What You Eat

While eating healthy is an obvious advice, you probably didn’t know that there are some foods that can increase your stamina. The next time you go to the store, put the following products on your “to buy” list:

  • They contain vitamin B and potassium that do wonders for stimulating your sex hormones.
  • Oysters contain zinc that acts as a natural testosterone level booster. When your body is producing enough testosterone, you can see the obvious benefits in bed.
  • Goji berries. Besides helping your metabolism, these Asian berries can increase the testosterone levels just as well as oysters can.
  • OystersPumpkin seeds. One study showed that the smell of pumpkin pie acts as a natural aphrodisiac for many men. Meanwhile, pumpkin seeds are also a source of zinc that stimulates testosterone production.
  • Avocados. The Aztecs called an avocado a “testicle tree”. It enhances sexual performance and improves cardiovascular health.

Meanwhile, try to avoid eating unhealthy. Improper diet might not have immediate effects on your libido but with time you’ll start experiencing erection problems that are much harder to fix than to prevent.

23. Find Out About Sex Therapy

When men have problems in the bedroom, the last thing they want to do is talk about it. However, talking can be the way to deal with the problem without resorting to medication. Exploring the psychological side of sex might turn out to be fun. You can find out things you never thought about before.

The therapist’s office is not much different from a doctor’s. If you have a problem that you can’t fix on your own, there is nothing strange about asking for help. You can even ask your partner to come with you if you need some extra support. Admitting to a problem and trying to find ways to deal with it is a manly thing to do as opposed to trying to avoid the obvious solutions.

So instead of looking for how to last longer in bed in Hindu, Chinese, or Russian, perhaps you need to start searching for more serious approach to solving a problem

Achieving long lasting sex can bring you and your partner the satisfaction you never thought possible. Knowing how to control your ejaculation is a skill any man can master if he is ready to spend his time on it. Your best bet is not to look for quick fixes but to approach the problem seriously. Only then you can get the best results in the bedroom.

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