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The No-Bull Science on How Women Fall in Love – Just for Men

It’s only normal that you don’t get women, at least not right away. Just like you guys, women can also be hard to understand, especially when it comes to how women fall in love.

Romance has always been quite a mystery, as far as both sexes are concerned. Admit it, it’s not always easy to tell what she’s thinking. More importantly, it is even harder to tell from a distance if she is interested enough in you to get to know you better or pursue a relationship with you. Keep reading this article, so you’ll have a better understanding of women and how they fall in love.

Stages of How Women Fall in Love: What You Should Watch Out For

Typically, it takes some time for a woman to deeply fall in love with a man she has been seeing. When it comes to developing a serious relationship with a man, women don’t like to rush into things. They take their time to make sure that everything feels just right and that they are not simply rushing themselves into being committed to a single man for the rest of her life.

What you should understand is how women fall in love is usually in stages. Here are a number of the stages that show how a woman falls in love with a man and the signs that you should watch out for:

her eye1. She wants to see you almost all the time. Because of this, she might just scheme ways, so that she can bump into you in a seemingly random fashion. You know you have caught her eye if you are suddenly seeing her around more often than you used to.

How women fall in love for men begins with wanting to see you more and more. If she knows you tend to frequent a certain cafe for lunch, she will probably eat in the same spot just to catch a glimpse of you, too.

In the office, you might notice that she goes in the office break room around the same time you are also taking your break. She may or may not talk you, but there’s a good chance she’ll give you a brief smile before she heads back to her desk.

If you go to the same gym, you’ll probably notice that she is now working out around the same hours as you. No, she doesn’t watch you like a hawk from one corner of the room. Instead, she casually looks your way before going about what she’s doing. She just like to see you because it makes her feel good.

2. She tries stalk you a bit online. Any woman who is starting to develop an interest for a certain man will try to find out what she can during the early stages of attraction. After all, she wants to know a little bit more about you without asking your friends or anyone else. She wants to be as discreet as possible so she’ll check on you herself.

There’s a good chance she will go ahead and browse whatever you’ve got going on your social media. Chances are, she wants to get a better picture of your current social circle. She wants to see photos of you with your friends and even your family.

TwitterAt the same time, she’ll also take the opportunity to get a better idea of what you do for a living. Depending on how often you update your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages too, she would like to find out what you enjoy doing to also see if there are things you two like in common.

Using everything she’s learned from you, she will make a decision as to whether she still likes the idea of meeting you, getting to know you and going out with you or if she would rather keep her distance. In a way, this is part of how women test men they are starting to get quite interested in.

3. She can’t get you out of her head. Even more, she starts thinking about the image she is projecting towards you to see if she’s doing a good job at winning you over. As expected, she also becomes quite self-conscious every time she’s around you.

If you managed to pass her social media test, she will definitely allow herself to think about you more and more. It’s almost like you are client she wants to win over. She’ll be quite conscious around, enough to feel the need to look extra nice and extra impressive. Her objective is to win you over and to hold your attention for her and her alone.

At this stage, you will almost never see her just wearing sweats. If say, she works out in the same place you do, she’ll only use her best workout gear around you. After all, she wants to make sure she accentuates her body in all the right places.

4. She tries to impress you. If the of you work in the same office, you will notice her stepping up to get recognized by her peers, especially you. In the gym, she’ll turn the intensity all the way up in her work out and show off her skills and stamina when she knows you’re watching.

make your move5. She starts to grow anxious while he waits for you to ask her out. After all the effort that she’s put into getting your attention the past few days or weeks, she’s just waiting for you to make your move, so go ahead. Do it soon or she might lose interest.

6. After you have started going out, she starts grinning like crazy every time you send her a text message or call her up. This is the part when she starts to fall for you a bit more, so much so that messages or calls from you just lights her up. She loves the feeling too.

7. She feels the desire to bring up your name in just about every conversation she’s got with family and friends. She’ll get teased about it, but she doesn’t mind. She’ll still mention you name a number of times when she’s having a talk with her pals or even her relatives.

8. She feels the need to tell you just about everything. She has this newfound intimacy with you and she finds it comforting so she would most likely share with you just about everything about her life. If you feel comfortable, reciprocate by opening up a bit more.

9. She can feel the spark. This is the part when she is starting to seriously fall for you. She isn’t sure if she loves you yet, but she knows that she does not want for your relationship to come to a stop. She loves that you are in her life, it makes her feel incredible.

10. She decides to introduce you to her family. Around this time, she is also ready to become intimate with you and possibly, have sex for the first time. She may also already tell you that she loves you.

her familyAs the months past, she becomes assured in your relationship enough to finally introduce you to her family, especially her parents. This is how you know she is already serious about you.

Around this time, you will finally hear her say that she loves you. She would also have a desire to become more intimate in your relationship and she’ll let you know that she’s ready to turn the heat up with you in bed.

11. When some of her initial worries have faded a bit, she would gradually reveal her true self to you. At this point, she’s also producing more of two particular hormones, oxytocin and vasopressin.

Both hormones encourage the formation of stronger social bonds in a relationship. Oxytocin is also what helps induce trust in a person, while vasopressin brings out a bit more aggression in men, which you woman might just appreciate in bed.

12. She enters a sort of power struggle stage and they begin to focus on how different the two of you are from each other along with your flaws. An argument may also break out anytime.

At this stage in your relationship, not everything is pleasant as arguments now begin to plague your relationship. What’s important to remember is talk issues through with each other. You both have to choose to make up or break up.

13. The moment the two of you get past the power struggle stage, your relationship becomes stable as you two have finally worked out a compromise with each other. There is now more acceptance between the two of you and you both have less of a desire to change each other. Around this time, your relationship has truly evolved.

in a relationship14. At this point, she is ready to take your relationship together further. She now feels more satisfied about being in a relationship with you. She sees this as something that will last a long time.

15. She is ready for commitment. If you ask her, she would most likely say yes to moving in with or becoming engaged to you. It’s also time to think about where the two of you want to be in the future.

How to Romance Your Woman Perfectly

You feeling you are having the best time of your life. You are finally in a relationship with a woman that you are completely in love with. You are not sure exactly about how men fall in love, but you sure became smitten by her anyway. You are also just glad that she feels the same way and it all worked out.

At this stage in your relationship, it’s only normal for you to start wondering about how to make love last. Here are a number of ideas you can easily try out with your dream woman:

1. Cook her a nice meal. There is nothing more romantic to a woman than a meal that was prepared by her lover. It doesn’t have be to be something as fancy as plate she can get from a Michelin star restaurant. The key here is to make something that you are confident about cooking so that you can make it easily and impress her.

For a simple yet fabulous dinner, you can easily whip up even on a busy night, you can get a couple of nice steak cuts, season them with some salt and pepper and thrown on the grill. As a side dish, you can just bake some potatoes or even prepare a simple green salad with her favorite dressing. Serve this with an excellent glass of wine and she will be thrilled.

ice creamAs for dessert, forget about baking if you have never attempted it before. If the two of you simply want to stay in, you just keep some good quality ice cream in your freezer. When you’re ready, pull it out, scoop some up for her in a bowl and top with melted chocolate and fresh berries.

On the other hand, if she’s in the mood to go out for dessert, your best bet is to take her to her favorite cafe or pastry shop and let her indulge in whatever she wants. After all, there is nothing sexier than the sight of a beautiful woman enjoying her food with absolute delight.

2. Take a trip together. Especially when you have been a relationship in a long time, it’s only natural for the two of you to want to go away together. What she would appreciate even more though is if you plan the trip for the of you on your own and simply surprise her when everything is set.

For a woman, nothing can make her more excited than finding out that you have already made a reservation at her favorite bed and breakfast and that the two of you will be staying there together for the weekend. Another idea is to spend a few days by the beach or by the slopes.

The whole idea is to keep things spontaneous while also keeping in mind the things she likes to do and the places she enjoys going to. When deciding where to take her, remember to go for what she likes as opposed to something that only you would most likely appreciate.

To make her even happier, surprise her once you get to your destination with a pre-arranged spa treatment or even a romantic meal. You may also want to arrange to have a bottle of champagne already chilling in your room when you arrive if you two are celebrating something special like your anniversary.

visit3. Give her a surprise visit. If your woman is someone who has to work constantly because her job is demanding, it’s possible that you won’t be seeing her again until her schedule frees up a little or when the weekend comes. You can show her you’re not willing to wait that long to see her again though, by paying her a surprise visit.

Get a bouquet of her favorite flowers and get dressed up extra nice. Make your way to her office and perhaps, ask her to go to lunch with you. You can also pack a picnic basket and ask her to have a picnic with you at a nearby park.

If she’s quite busy at work though, another idea is for you to bring lunch to her instead. You can order some food from her favorite restaurant and eat it with her in her office. Another idea is to make a nice packed lunch for the two of you to enjoy together. It can be a simple pasta dish and salad plus a nice baked fruit with freshly whipped cream.

It doesn’t have to be too fancy. Whatever you prepare, she’ll appreciate it, knowing you worked hard to make it for her.

4. Keep having date nights. You may have been together for more than a year now. Just the same, this is no reason to turn off the romance and start acting like a typical old, married couple. To keep romance alive, a certain form of courtship is still necessary and nothing says romance like date nights.

camping togetherThe key to having great date nights is to keep them exciting. Sure, a candlelit dinner is always classy and fun, but you also have to spice things up a bit more. You can catch a late-night movie or watch the opera together before grabbing a meal.

You can also go camping together and even do some stargazing throughout the nice. Another great thing you can do is to recreate your first date once in a while. She will also appreciate the fact that you have not forgotten about this yet.

5. Let her know you’re thinking about her even when you’re not together. For a woman, it’s quite romantic of a man to let her know he’s thinking about her when he’s away from her. Luckily for you, technology today makes it a lot easier for you to do this.

In the middle of a work day, go ahead and send her a text message. It doesn’t have to be a long touching poem or a quote from a movie. It can just be a simply hi or you can just ask her to see how’s she’s doing. You can also send her an email or chat message on social media with a link to photo or video that is guaranteed to make her smile.

This way, she knows you care a lot about making sure her day goes well, and she will truly appreciate you for it. Something else you can do is to grab a copy of her favorite movie or tape her favorite show so that she can enjoy it with you when she’s no longer so busy at work.

6. Clean up for her. Generally, men are known to be a lot messier than women so your willingness to tidy up her place is something that would both surprise her and touch her especially when she has been too busy to clean up herself all week.

treating her like a queenIf you have been staying at her place or if you already share a place together, be the one to make the bed in the morning. At night when you two have dinner at home, volunteer to take care of the dishes so that she can already lie down or enjoy a nice bubble bath. She will appreciate the fact that you are treating her like a queen.

7. Give her a massage. Just like you, there’s a good chance her muscles will feel quite sore at the end of a stressful workday. Help her relieve her body a little by giving her an incredible back rub.

To help take the stress off her day, you can also give her a massage by mixing some calming essential oils into your massage oil such as tangerine, ylang ylang, lavender, spearmint, coriander, peppermint, bergamot and geranium.

On the other hand, if you know you could use a massage treatment too, you can also surprise her with a spa reservation for the two of you that you can enjoy together in a romantic couple’s treatment room. This way, you can both get de-stressed and pampered together.

8. Make things more exciting in bed. Turn the heat up in the bedroom by making sex more exciting. You can try new positions that are sure to touch her g-spot. You can also try a number of sex toys that you know she will enjoy.

On the other hand, you can also make sex more enjoyable for your woman by taking an all-natural male enhancement supplement, such as Extenze. This supplement has been formulated with a special blend of herbs that naturally increase the blood flow to your penis so that your erection will become stronger and last longer. Surely, you will have her moaning pleasure all night long.

flirtHow women fall in love may usually be complicated to figure out. Luckily, you need to master how women fall in love psychology in order to find out if a woman you have been interested in is also falling in love with you. Be more observant about how women flirt and perhaps, you’ll be able to approach her at just the right moment.

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