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Facing the Top 8 Mortifying Penis Problems Head On

Facing the Top 8 Mortifying Penis Problems Head On

Men equate their penises with masculinity and attractiveness. Thus, it’s no surprise that the slightest change or growth on his most precious tool is enough to send even the most confident man running and hiding with fear, anxiety and embarrassment.

doctor’s officeIf you are experiencing problems down there, yet you are too embarrassed to head straight out your doctor’s office, don’t be. Penis problems are common, but there are many treatment options for you to try.

Here are eight mortifying penile problems and tips on how to deal with them:

1. Penile Skin Dryness

Your penile skin can also get dry and rough. Hand jobs and masturbation without lubrication, and wearing tight undergarments can cause too much friction,which makes the skin dry. Harsh laundry detergents can also take away your tool’s healthy look.

If you are planning for a DIY pleasure, make sure you have a water-based lubricant ready. Staying hydrated and using a gentle moisturizer will also help you keep your penis smooth and supple.

2. Acne

Acne is a huge turn off aside from being painful. The good thing is, penis acne will go away by itself soon if you don’t pick or squeeze it.

The best thing you can do is to keep your penis and its surrounding area clean and dry.

3. Wrinkles

Wrinkling of the penis does not necessarily affect aging men. Even young men may suffer from the embarrassing wrinkly appearance. It’s normal for creases and lines to appear because the skin has to stretch every time you get sexually excited and then it has to shrink back to its normal size.

eating the right foodAdditionally, frequent masturbation over a long time and without the use of lubrication may cause the collagen tissue to break down. Thus, the skin will lose its elasticity.

To keep your skin youthful and wrinkle-free, apply moisturizers and stay hydrated. Eating the right foods can also help you keep your penile skin strong and healthy. Your diet should include protein from lean meats, healthy fats and natural sources of carbohydrates.

4. Lumps And Other Protrusions

The appearances of unusual lumps on or in the penis can be scary. Do not panic just yet. Hereare types of lumps and other protrusion that can appear on your penis that may be far from serious:

Lumps that won’t harm you include:

  • Pearly penile papulesPearly penile papules. These are tiny white spots that can appear just under the head of the penis. They appear in clumps and may cover a large area on that part. Pearly penile papules are completely normal, and there is no need to remove them.
  • Lymphocele. This is a hard, painless lump that may appear on the shaft of the penis below the head. Lymhpocele occurs when the lymph channels do not drain properly.
    It may look strange and scary to you, but lymphoceles are nothing serious, they won’t cause an infection and will disappear without the need for treatment.
  • Lichen nitidus. These are tiny, shiny and flesh-colored lumps that appear in clusters on the penis shaft. Doctors arenot sure yet as to what causes lichen nitidus. Though they say, it is harmless and not likely to cause any complications. The lumps may stay for a long time, but they will eventually disappear.
  • Sebaceous cysts. These are tiny yellowish lumps caused by a congested oil gland. Sebaceous cysts are harmless unless they get infected. Otherwise, there is no need for treatment. If the appearance bothers you, you can have it removed.

Lumps that may indicate something more serious include:

  • see your doctorWarts. These are tiny gray or flesh-colored lumps that can appear on the tip or shaft of the penis.
  • Warts can be really small and hard to see with your eyes, or they can appear in clusters and form like a cauliflower.
  • If you develop warts on your genitals, see your doctor right away. They may indicate human papillomavirus (HPV) or worse, cancer.
  • Molluscum. These are tiny reddish wart-like bumps that indicate a viral infection. Your immune system is able to fight off this type of infection, but still, you should have it checked. There is a small chance it could be a symptom of an STD.

5. Erectile Dysfunction

too many drinksHave you had too many drinks? That probably explains why your manhood won’t go up,because it is probably as intoxicated as you are.

But, if you never had a drink, yet your penis just won’t cooperate, you should look into your health.

Depression, anxiety and other psychological issues along with heart disease, hypertension and diabetes can make it difficult for you to get an erection. Worse, prescription meds for these conditions also have the same effects on your penis.

Whichever the cause is, talk to your partner about personal issues, talk to a therapist and check with your doctor about your meds and if taking ED meds is good for you. Taking
ED meds such as Viagra may have undesirable and sometimes serious side effects. If you want a safer choice, try ExtenZe, it comes as an oral supplement and a lubricant.

6. Hours Long Erections

ED medicationsIs this a problem section or what? If your penis literally won’t go down even without stimulation or arousal, then that’s a real problem. Blood can get trapped in your penis, a condition called low-flow priapism.

If this happens, consult with your doctor or go to the ER right away. Low-flow priapism could lead to long-term erectile dysfunction if left untreated. Sickle cell disease and some drugs including ED medications can also cause apersistent erection.

7. Rashes

Rashes could appear on your penis for many reasons. Jock itch, friction from wild nightlong sex, allergic reactions from strong detergents, infections like ayeast infection and syphilis can all cause rashes. We’re not stopping you from having wild sex, but make sure you practice safe sex especially with a new partner.

If you had unprotected sex and rashes start to appear after, check with your doctor to rule out STD and other infections. For friction burn and allergy, you can apply ointments to relieve the discomfort.

8. Ulcers

skin cancerUlcers or open sores may appear on the scrotum, the shaft or glans of the penis. Penile ulcers may be caused by infections, non-infectious conditions, and trauma.

Ulcers may occur due to sexually transmitted diseases, such as syphilis and genital herpes. Growing and persistent sores may also be an indication of carcinoma, a form of skin cancer.

Strange growths can appear on your penis that may be normal or a sign of something serious. Set an appointment with your doctor and do not self-medicate. They can do tests to find out exactly what is going on, and then provide treatment options to help you heal. It may seem embarrassing, but doctors deal with these things quite often, so don’t hesitate to seek medical help. It could even save your life.

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