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Anejaculation: 2 Known Causes for an Unfamiliar Penis Problem

Anejaculation: 2 Known Causes for an Unfamiliar Penis Problem

Men suffer from a range of common penis problems, from the appearance of lumps and dry penile skin, to erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. However, one problem most people have never heard of is an ejaculation. Since men are obsessed with everything that makes them a man, any of these problems can create serious confidence issues. 

When a man suffers from anejaculation, this means he cannot ejaculate or release these men through the urethra,despite having an erection and with or without orgasm. Just like the other internal processes in the body, ejaculation is a complex process that can go wrong due to many reasons, and these reasons are either psychological or physical.Here are the most common causes for an ejaculation:

1. Psychological Problems

Your mood and feelings can greatly affect your interest in having sex and the things related to it.Psychological problems, such as the following can cause an ejaculation:

  • Too much stressToo much stress
  • Too much pressure to perform in bed
  • Anxiety
  • Relationship conflicts
  • Fear of getting a woman pregnant
  • Feelings of guilt due to religious education about sex

Unresolved relationship issues can lead to resentment,which can affect feelings when having sex. Likewise, having sex in stressful or awkward situations can prevent a man from focusing on the arousal and sensations. If you are unable to ejaculate because of these problems, but can ejaculate on other occasions, masturbation, for example, then you may be suffering from situational an ejaculation.

However, if you are unable to ejaculate during intercourse or masturbation, you may be suffering from total an ejaculation. Though, men with total an ejaculation will experience seminal release only during sleep.

2. Physical Conditions

Being physically ill can also get in the way of ejaculation. Many different systems take part in ejaculation. Thus, if one of the body organs involved is not functioning well, it can take down the whole process.

Men suffering from the following conditions may also suffer from an ejaculation:

  • DiabetesAtherosclerosis or any heart disease that can slow down the pumping of blood throughout the body
  • Damage to the pelvic nerves due to surgery in the abdomen, bladder or prostate
  • Diabetes
  • Inflammation of the prostate glands
  • Obstruction in the urinary tract
  • Nervous system disorders such as multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease
  • Spinal cord injuries

Medical conditions,such as Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and injuries to the spinal cord can affect the function of the nervous system,which plays a huge role in a man’s sexual function. Any damage to the nervous system may interfere with arousal, erections and ejaculation.

Suffering from an ejaculation can greatly affect relationships. It can cause frustrations on both partners, affect a man’s self-esteem and it can get in the way of having children.Fortunately, you can choose to undergo various treatments if it is greatly affecting your self-esteem and relationship.

Common An ejaculation Treatments

DoctorBefore undergoing treatment, your doctor has to perform a urine test to confirm if it is an ejaculation and to rule out another condition called retrograde ejaculation.

After the climax, you have to collect a sample of your urine right away. If the test result shows no traces of sperm, then you may be suffering from an ejaculation.

The kind of treatment best for you largely depends on the cause of your condition and your reason for undergoing such treatment. Though an ejaculation is uncommon, it is not a life-threatening disease. It may not require treatment, since you can still experience orgasm. The number one problem would be difficulty in conceiving.

1. Treatments For Men With Anejaculation Due To Psychological Problems

Men With AnejaculationIt may be impossible for men with total anejaculationto impregnate their partners through intercourse, but this does not mean you can never have children.

You can undergo a medical procedure that involves retrieving sperm in other ways than letting it through the urethra.The doctors can perform an artificial insemination,or planting the sperm inside your partner’s fallopian tube or uterus.

If psychological factors are getting in the way to ejaculate and conceive, undergoing counseling, psychological and sexual, may help, you deal with your issues effectively. If you can ejaculate through masturbation, but not with intercourse, you can masturbate in the doctor’s clinic, collect the sperm then use it for artificial insemination.

2. Treatments For Men With Anejaculation Due To Physical Illnesses And Injuries

drug treatmentsFirst, your doctor will have to determine the root cause of anejaculation to be able to come up with solutions. You may be advised to take medications and make healthy lifestyle changes.

Most drug treatments seem to have a low success rate in improving anejaculation due to physical conditions. If anejaculation is due to a blockage, your doctor can remove it through surgery.

Other options are penile vibratory stimulation and electroejaculation. Penile vibratory stimulation specifically helps men with spinal cord injuries regain their ability to ejaculate. The vibrator is placed at the tip of the penis to trigger an ejaculatory response. If you experience swelling or bleeding, you should stop the procedure right away.

Electroejaculation, also known as rectal probe electroejaculation, is your next option if penile vibratory stimulation does not work for you. It involves inserting an electric probe in your rectum and sending electric current in the area to stimulate and trigger ejaculatory response. You may need anesthesia for the procedure if you have a severe spinal cord injury. You may also experience pain or discomfort days after the procedure. You can take painkillers for comfort.

These procedures can also help collect sperm, and if the sperm is of good quality, they can be used for artificial insemination or in vitro fertilization. Both procedures may cause a sudden and high rise to your blood pressure, a condition called autonomic dysreflexia. Check with your doctor first for possible risks.

ExtenZeIf erectile dysfunction is your problem, you can take ED meds, such as ExtenZe. It comes in pills and as a gel lubricant.

The oral supplement has a natural formula free of narcotics while the personal lubricant goes well with latex and even safe for oral sex.

Anejaculation is not a penis problem you encounter every day, or even hear from friend confessions. By knowing the causes of this unheard penis problem, you’ll less likely to mistake it for an emergency situation.

Although unheard of, anejaculation is more common than you think, so don’t be embarrassed to discuss it with your doctor. They can figure out the exact source and provide an effective treatment plan for you.

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