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9 Innocent Ways Men Devilishly Turn Women On Without Even Knowing     

9 Innocent Ways Men Devilishly Turn Women On Without Even Knowing

Every man dreams of becoming a suave, charming gentleman who can ease a woman out of her panties with barely any effort. Like a snake charmer on a street market, men have the ability to make this a reality. In fact, some men might be better at it than they think.

There are small, subtle gestures that you can perform to make her want you in no time. Here, we have compiled these devilishly innocent and easy ways to turn her on.

1. Dress To Impress

Dress To ImpressWomen are immediately attracted to a man who looks like he is a man in power. This could mean a suit, and it could also mean a uniform. Women are attracted to men who look good.

Hence, pay attention to the clothes that you are wearing. Chances are that you will feel sexier, too, which will come up in a later section.

Our Advice

You should be relaxed. Don’t necessarily go out and buy a three-piece suit thinking that it will attract women. Instead, find a sophisticated outfit that makes you both comfortable and confident. Invest in some staple wardrobe pieces that can help you achieve this debonair look. Some examples of staple pieces include a nice pair of relaxed jeans, a nice button down shirt, and nice casual dress shoes.

Pair these all together the next time you are out on the town. And, you will certainly impress others in your appearance. Another benefit of dressing nicely is that it will help you gain confidence, which is another huge turn on.

2. Don’t Confuse Cockiness With Confidence

girlBy all means, cockiness and confidence are entirely different. No girl will be turned on by your cockiness. Since this can be associated with you being a jerk. Cockiness is an over confidence.

Whereas confidence is a subtle yet firm opinion that you are comfortable with yourself. Cockiness is quite upfront and blunt. And, a genuine confidence is transparent and quiet. Let’s talk about some subtle ways to show that you are confident.

Our Advice

The best way to portray a strong sense of self-confidence is through your body language. Even if you are not confident, you can fake it by positioning yourself correctly. Always walk and sit with proper posture. Keeping your shoulders and head up will help you to appear taller, and this sets off the vibe that you are not awkward or shy.

Be careful about what you are doing with your hands. Fidgeting or sitting with your hands in your lap exudes nervousness and low self-confidence. Sit with your hands on the table, or keep one hand on your drink if you need to do something to keep yourself from fidgeting.

Be careful not to be one of those people who sip their drink too quickly to avoid awkwardness, though. If you call into that category than you end up drunk and fumbling for more reasons than one. Women are automatically attracted to confidence. Even if you are not feeling the most confident in yourself, you can find ways to fake it and they willnotice your charm.

3. Hot Pursuit

women love to be chasedAll women love to be chased.Therefore, become the pursuer. Show her that you are interested in her and that you appreciate her.

Woo her with romance and nice gestures to show her that you are interested, and she will be pretty easy to turn on.

Be careful not to over do it, though. Women love to be chased, but they do not appreciate being overwhelmed or bombarded. Also, do not fall for any woman who is simply addicted to men chasing her. There is a genuine courting period, and then there is expecting too much. So, be conscious of your efforts.

Our Advice

flowersStart off by some nice, simple gestures to show her that you care. Send flowers to her work.Shoot her a sweet text message for no reason to let her know you are thinking about her.

Or, plan an outing before you even bring it up to her to show her that you took the initiative. All of these confident gestures can in turn lead to another way to turn her on.

4. Make Her Proud

All men and women want to be proud in what they do.And, this is no different for the people with whom they associate. If you find that you are dating someone, then you want to be proud to say you are with that person. There fore, one dependable way to turn her on is to assure that you are someone worthy of being with. Perhaps you excel at work, or maybe you are the best dart player around. Either way, you stand apart from the other guys, and that is what she is looking for.

Our Advice

Find something that you are good at. Figure out your strengths, and cater to them. Remember not to be cocky, but be confident in your abilities. You might not need to remind her of them. They might stand out on their own.

5. Have Some Control

friendsSimilarly to how women love a man with confidence, women love a man who knows where his life is going. Having a plan for your life, and being in control of your future is incredibly attractive to women.

Some examples of how to establish and display the control you have over your life include having a balanced life and a settled job.

A balanced life means having friends, a rewarding job, family, and a hobby or two. If you can balance all of these things, then a woman will feel as though you have a handle on your life and will certainly be able to fit her into it.

Our Advice

Try to have a well-balanced life before even attempting to attract women. If you fake it, then they can assuredly catch on. First thing’s first. Work hard, so that everything is going well at work. Having a job is priority number one, and then do your best to succeed.

Enjoy hanging out with your friends and family, and then revel in some hobbies. Once you enjoy your life, then this energy will be apparent to those around you, such as the women you want to attract.

6. Be The Best Of Both Worlds

sweet and caringIt might seem like a daunting task, but women want a little bit of a balancing act when it comes to your personality. They want the sweet and caring side of you to take care of them.

Channel your inner softy, even if you tend to be a bit more of the macho guy. The best way to achieve this is to comfort her. Something as simple as a hug in front of other people can send her the message that you are there with open arms for her.

The catch is that she also wants you to be the alpha male. You should create an ambience, so that she feels safe with you, and be the assertive leader-type that she is after. Think about it this way. If you want the best woman, then you have to be the best guy, right? Right. So, go out there and get ‘em.

Our Advice

Similarly to the last section, don’t fake it. If you are not naturally aggressive or authoritative, then you can find some other ways to assert yourself and appear as the alpha male. For example, small gestures like putting your arm around her waist and walking on the side closest to the road assert both your dominance and your caring nature.

This gesture also leads us to our next case and point. Be a chivalrous gentlemen. Don’t believe us?

7. Chivalry Is Not Dead

dinnerChivalry leads to the panties dropping. Women might have the mentality that they can open their own doors or pay for their own dinner.

But, the fact of the matter is, those little gestures don’t go unnoticed. A woman will be both grateful and turned on by a man who is willing to revert to the old-school ways of chivalry.

Our Advice

Some good old chivalrous deeds include opening her car door, helping her put her coat on, and moving her chair before she sits down. The thing about these chivalrous actions is this: If you are caring and attentive to her needs outside of the bedroom, then imagine what you are like behind closed doors. Catch our drift?

8. Be A Stand Up Guy

make her happyIt’s easy to become a pushover for a woman to whom you are attracted to. After all, you want to make her happy, and you want to cater to her needs. However, a woman is also attracted to a guy who stands up for himself.

Our Advice

This goes back to the whole balancing act. Don’t be a cocky jerk, but don’t be a pushover either. Stand up and assert yourself if you feel like she is being too demanding or needy.Nonetheless, do so in a gentlemanly manner. Sometimes, simply saying no does the trick.

9. Be A Beast In The Sheets

Last but not least, the best turn on for a woman is to be amazing in bed. If you leave her with a lasting impression, then she will come back for more. Studying up on how to improve your performance is key. Never assume that you are awesome, as there is always room for improvement.

Our Advice

Women want to see that you are attracted to them. What is the one way to show a woman that you are attracted to her? A boner. It’s true. The last thing she wants to see when she unzips your pants is a limp penis.So,keep yourself in shape, so that you are rock hard and ready.

Visit a reliable website, such as to find out about the effective penis enlargement supplements there. After all, your penis should always be primed and ready to go. Now, that you have these nine ways to turn a woman on easily, you will soon be the talk of the town.

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