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13 Things Women Want in Bed That Most Men Ignore  

13 Things Women Want in Bed That Most Men Ignore  

Unfortunately for the ladies, men can be a little self-centered when it comes to sex. Guys have lots of fantasies and desires, sometimes forgetting that their female partners also have fantasies of their own. So men, here are13key things your lady will undoubtedly adore the next time the two of you are in the mood to make love:

1. Set The Mood For Sultry Sex Sessions

romantic nightSex begins way before the two of you take off your clothes and start thrusting. Setting the mood for a sexual session is the best way to make your woman want you.

You can do this by enjoying a romantic night together with soft music and massage oils. Or, the more intense approach can be an evening spent clubbing and dancing, or something else altogether.

It doesn’t matter how you do it. What matters is that you are passionate and attentive and do all you can to make your lady lust after you.Too often, men in particular head straight for the zipper and try to begin having sex before their partner is ready.

Tell her you love her2. Let Her Know How Much You Love Her

Ladies like to feel loved. They also like to feel special and attractive. This is pretty normal.But, some guys seem to forget these simple things and their partners are left unfulfilled as a result.

When having sex with your partner, compliment her body. Tell her you love her, boost her confidence with positive comments and never ever criticize her or focus on her flaws. If you massage her ego a little, you will see her confidence grow and your lovemaking will become even more intense.

3. Talk Dirty To Her The Right Way

Women respond well to a wide variety of sexual stimuli. It’s not all just about touching.Lots of ladies love to hear the right words to get them in the mood. Whispering naughty things in your girl’s ear will fire her up and make her want you even more.

You can even stimulate your partner into trying new things and being more adventurous by using the right words and inspiring her sexual imagination. Talk about fantasies, reminisce about the craziest sexual things the two of you ever did. Describe what you want to do to her. You will soon discover the things that turn her on the most and you can then use these words to excite her every time.

4. Sex Isn’t The Only Thing To Do In Bed

massagesWe all enjoy making love.But, if you try and jump on top of your partner every time you go to bed, you will quickly bore and even annoy her. Remember that sex isn’t the only way the two of you can express your love in a physical way.

Enjoy some cuddles, massages, tease her, tickle her and just have some simple fun together from time to time. It will make your sexual encounters much more special, as they won’t be so predictable and repetitive.

What women want is a man who will tease them and gradually build up to the act of sex until she literally can’t wait any longer. Yes, it might take a bit of time, but it will be worth it in the end.

5. Be A Man And Take Control

A lot of women like it when the guy takes control in the bedroom. This doesn’t mean forcing her to do things she doesn’t want.But, it means leading the way. Don’t follow a routine or lie there expecting her to do all the work. Try new things and take the lead in sexual situations. Decide on the position, the activity and the pace.

This sort of behavior will demonstrate your confidence and virility. These are the two attributes that most women love to see in their partners. As you take control, you will see her grow more adventurous and confident. As a result, this will make your love sessions much more passionate for the pair of you.

6. Go Slowly For The Best Love Sessions

womenOne of the most important things to remember is to take it slow. Taking things slowly is the right way to please many women. Heading straight between her legs without taking the time to get her in the mood is a disastrous mistake that tons of men make.

Women take much longer than men to become aroused. The vagina needs time to become sufficiently lubricated for penetration. This means you need to go gently. Take the time to warm her up and get her in the mood and you will see the amazing effects.

This applies to almost everything. Slowly undress her, slowly slide your hands over her body and slowly approach her erogenous zones.So,explore her body and use your fingers, tongue and even toys to please her and make her want it more and more. Take the time to softly graze her thighs, stroke her hair and massage her neck.

Build up to the more exciting areas and activities slowly. In this way, you will raise her tension levels and soon you’ll have her begging for more. When penetration does occur, make sure you enter slowly and don’t go too fast at the beginning. This is because this will often be too painful for her. If you speed things up, the fun will be over more quickly, and won’t be enjoyable; thus, take your time.

7. Focus On Foreplay

Focus On ForeplayAs previously discussed, foreplay is vital for women. Men tend to forget that women don’t get aroused as easily as they do, and they don’t have orgasms as quickly as they can. For a woman, it takes time to get in the mood, so you have to try to enjoy extended foreplay sessions.

For most ladies, foreplay offers the best chance of them having one or several orgasms. Thus, you can explore her body in all sorts of ways to really make her enjoy it and crave more before beginning the actual act.

She wants to feel that you appreciate every part of her body. And, you’ll discover that the simplest areas can become erogenous zones if treated properly. So, as you build up to sex, run your hands over every bit of her, not just the parts associated with sex.

Extended foreplay can even help put you at ease if you suffer from premature ejaculation or performance anxiety. This is because it gives your woman an orgasm before sex even begins. You have ensured her satisfaction and can’t really disappoint her at that point.

8. Don’t Be Afraid of Oral Fun

Let’s face it, an enormous number of guys love it when their girl does oral and yet many of them are unwilling to do the same for her. Whether it be due to performance anxiety, confusion over technique, or a simple lack of desire, it’s not really fair to expect our partners to do something to us if we aren’t prepared to do the same.

A lot of women love to be treated to oral sex. It is one of the best and simplest ways for them to have orgasms. If you want to please your girl, you should start using that tongue. We are sure you’ll see the benefits as she becomes more excited and eager to do the same to you.

9. Eye Contact Is Key For Great Sex

Sexual eye contact
Photo by Emily Tan / CC BY 2.0

Sexual eye contact is wonderful for both partners. The experience of having an orgasm while looking into your partner’s eyes is incredible. It helps to boost your pleasure and build the connections between the two of you.

Instead of making love in the dark or using positions that involve no face-to-face action, try switching things up and look passionately into your lover’s eyes when you have sex. You will soon see how enjoyable this can be and how incredible your lady will feel as you look at her.

10. It’s Okay To Get A Little Rough Now And Then

Before we get into this point, it’s important to clarify that we aren’t talking about any kind of abuse or forcing your partner to do things they don’t want to do. However, there are a lot of women out there that appreciate when sex becomes a little more hardcore than normal.

Whether this takes the form of hair pulling, spanking, dirty talk, deeper thrusting or something else entirely, many women appreciate and enjoy when a man takes control and gets aggressive in bed. If she doesn’t like it, then of course you should stop, as rough sex isn’t for everyone.But, more often than not you will see your partner writhing in ecstasy when you take things to the next level.

11. Connect With Your Lover On An Emotional Level

kiss her passionatelySex isn’t just about a physical connection. There’s an emotional bond that develops between two sexual partners, and this is vital for women. You need to focus on letting your partner know that you love and adore her.

Tell her how you feel about her and how beautiful you find her, kiss her passionately and caress her lovingly. She will certainly feel more emotionally connected with you and more comfortable exposing her sexual side to you.

Throughout sex, make sure to pay attention to your partner. Don’t ignore her wants and desires. Check that she is comfortable and not suffering, and if she would like to try something new or switch positions, then don’t reject her requests. This way, the two of you will develop your bonds and feel closer, making the sex much more enjoyable.

12. Make Your Sex Sessions Last Longer

Some men think that it’s no big deal to finish quickly in bed. Some of them compensate for their speed by claiming to be great at oral or giving their partners an orgasm during foreplay. This can work to some degree, but eventually a woman just wants to have some long-lasting, passionate intercourse. When a guy finishes too quickly, the sex has barely had time to get started for the woman and any chance of her having an orgasm is gone.

male enhancement supplements Quick sex is fine from time to time, but men still need to be capable of lasting for longer sessions. We are talking 30 minutes to an hour to give their ladies the best night ever.

Unfortunately, a lot of guys aren’t able to last this long. However, solutions to this problem do exist.

For example, you could try the male enhancement supplements offered by manufacturers like These all-natural pills, made from herbal extracts, are entirely safe to use and offer an effective boost to your sex life.

The supplement works by giving you longer-lasting and stronger erections, making arousal easier than ever before, and allowing you to last longer in the bedroom. They can also boost the size of your penis and increase your sex drive, making you more confident and eager to please your woman. All-in-all, these little pills can save your sex life by making you much better in bed.

13. Give Her Orgasms In A Variety Of Ways

Women work differently than men. Women can actually have various types of orgasm that each feel different. Orgasms can be attained by vaginal penetration, oral sex, fingering, the use of toys and more.

more satisfied in bedDon’t ignore your woman’s needs and start giving her the pleasure she deserves. If she feels more satisfied in bed, she’s much more likely to want more regular sex and will please you in whole new ways, as well.

To become better in bed, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions and seek help. Female sexual organs and orgasms can seem confusing to men.  So, look online for some tips and ask your woman what feels good for her, too. Over time, you can learn so much and become a lot better at pleasing your partner.

Don’t Forget that Sex is an Expression of Love

Too often, a sexual session will finish and the guy will roll over and go to sleep. This is terrible behavior and makes your female partners feel dejected and lonely. We have talked about foreplay in this article, and after play is vital, too. This means that the sexual experience doesn’t end once you have an orgasm. After the act, cuddle up to your woman. Tell her how much you enjoyed it, and how you love her.

Women can often feel exposed and vulnerable after sexual sessions and need some comfort and affection from their partners. This is the perfect time to grow closer to your partner, so don’t waste this opportunity. Spend a few moments holding her in your arms and whispering in her ear. She will appreciate this a whole lot and she will be much happier to have sex in the future if you remember to focus on the after play.

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