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12 Unexpected Things That Turn Him On

12 Unexpected Things That Turn Him On

A lot of women are insecure because of the overhyped concept of beauty defined by women with shapely bodies, a perfect face and flawless skin that we see all over the media today. Yes, they are every man’s fantasy, and for most ordinary guys they remain a fantasy.

The truth is, what attracts a man is a woman’s unusual behavior that makes her unique and special from the others. A simple gesture, her being strong-willed and independent, her womanly features and many other things all reveal about her true self. These are the things that make her stand out from the crowd. Here are a dozen things that turn men on that women may not even have a clue about:

Nerdy Glasses1. Nerdy Glasses

The girl in glasses would never even imagine that you are secretly crushing on her. For some reasons, men find women with glasses attractive.

For one, wearing glasses gives an impression of being intelligent, which is very appealing, or you could be secretly wishing she turns into she-wolf behind closed doors.

2. Yoga

Apart from the yoga pants that emphasize a shapely butt, it’s the yoga moves that men really find sexy. All the stretching and bending that requires great flexibility will make men fantasize about the things and sex positions she can do in bed.

3. Freckles

Photo by Eddy Van 3000 / CC BY-SA 2.0

Many women conceal the freckles on their nose with thick makeup and wear covered clothes to keep the freckles on their shoulders from display. Yes, they hate it.

However, a lot of men find freckles sexy. When a woman is confident showing off her shoulders, despite the freckles it shows that she is confident, natural and unaffected by what others may see.

4. An Independent Mind

Men like women who can both be submissive and outspoken. You certainly won’t find a woman interesting if she constantly agrees with everything and can’t speak her mind, even if she’ totally against something. On the other hand, you also won’t find a woman interesting if she constantly and aggressively disagrees with everything you say. In short, men are turned on by someone independent, yet not too loud and aggressive.

confident5. Confidence

With the idea of beauty as being physically perfect induced by the media every day, it’s not surprising a lot of women are unsatisfied with their looks. But, the good news is a lot of men are not superficial when it comes to dating and relationships.

In fact, men hardly give attention to details at all and are attracted to women who are confident about who they are. Sadly, on the other hand, there are men who will prey on a woman’s lack of self-esteem to give their own self-esteem a boost.

6. A Bit Quirky

Men are not into women who seem too perfect and scripted. In fact, they would love to learn about a woman’s quirks, too. These quirks are what make a woman special and uniquely sexy. The way she laughs hard, then snorts; the way she chews the tip of the drinking straw, or the way she annoyingly flips her hair when it gets to her face can all be attractive to men.

7. On the Rocks, Please

vodkaSome men prefer women who don’t drink too much, but some like it when a girl prefers hard drinks, like vodka on the rocks and tequila over wine.

These men think there’s something badass sexy about her. It shows great confidence and that she knows what she wants, and then goes after it.

8. Nothing Six-Pack

A woman in a skimpy bikini with a firmly packed abs is totally hot, but intimidating, especially for a man who doesn’t have a six pack himself. A lot of men prefer soft bellies than that gorgeous six-pack abs. Why? Because a soft belly looks more feminine and seems comforting to some men.

9. Stretch Marks

For women, stretch marks are an awful and embarrassing sight. Luckily, married men are attracted to the stretch marks on their wife’s tummy. Those marks remind him that she courageously chose to be the mother of his children and carried the baby inside her for nine months. Stretch marks are endearing, and it strikes deeper inside than just desire.

10. Her Unguarded Moments

heelsMen appreciate women who put a lot of effort into looking great for their man. Wearing a lovely dress, heels and putting on make-up is great.

But more than that, what attracts a man is when a woman wears normal clothes, with her hair in a mess and her face undone. It’s her carefree and unguarded true self that turns a man on. The real woman behind the fancy dress and makeup is attractive.

11. When a Woman is in Fear

Woman is in FearA display of weakness is also a big turn on it is because men have an instinct to protect. Being afraid is a moment of weakness, you then get the urge to protect and comfort.

When you feel strong and able to keep her from harm, it’s a big stroke to your ego and a huge turn on for your desire. There are moments when you just get the urge to make love to her, and this is one of those moments.

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12. A Sense of Adventure

woman with a sense of adventure Men already had too much of the girly stuff, so they want something new and refreshing. A woman with a sense of adventure is just plain attractive.

Men like it when she tries out “guy” things, like driving fast cars or motorbikes, or when she’s not scared to get involved in rough, wild and dirty outdoor activities. It’s also a plus when she tries to take part in her partner’s “manly” interests.

Tight sexy bods in revealing outfits seem to be a popular guy favorite, but that’s not always the case. What turns a man on is a woman’s confidence and being her true self with all her quirks and flaws, among many other things.

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