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11 Outfits Women Wear That Men are Dying to Take Off

11 Outfits Women Wear That Men are Dying to Take Off

Men are not into the details of what women wear. Unlike women, fashion is at the least of a man’s concern. It’s either she is hot in her outfit or not. When is a woman considered hot? No matter what a woman wears, just as long as she wears it with confidence, is enough to make a man interested. Just as long as she’s not wearing her grandma or mother’s passed on dresses.

On the other hand, no matter how often women says they only dress for no one else but themselves, it is not always true. A lot of times, they dress to impress the man they love, and it’s the truth. They want your attention and to remain desirable in your eyes. Although you may not be paying too much attention to her outfit and could not care less about fashion, it’s also a fact that she might just be wearing the right outfit at the right time of the day, and you are dying to take it off.

Little Black Dress1. Her Little Black Dress

If she’s undecided on what to wear, the first thing that comes to her mind is her little black dress.

The color black makes a woman look dark and mysteriously sexy, plus wearing it with stilettos, smoky eye makeup, and red lipstick makes her totally irresistible. Smokin’ hot.

2. Short Red Dresses

Men can’t help but be mesmerized with a lady in red. Red is the color of romance and passion; no one can disagree with that. It sends a subtle message that she is ready and open to sexual advances. And how subtle can it get if she’s wearing a short red dress, revealing her long sexy legs with her feet in strappy high heels. Ooh la la.

3. Winter Outfits

winter outfitsMen love summer dresses, but they also love it when she’s all covered with her winter clothes. Men find them cute mixed together with hats, boots and gloves.

With all those thick garments, he just can’t wait to feel the warmth underneath. And is there any better way to keep warm than to exchange body heat naked under a thick blanket?

Lingerie4. Lingerie

First off, women wear lingerie because it makes them feel desirable and for you to notice them. Who wouldn’t notice a see-through.

Lacy and satiny skimpy outfit? Just the thought that your girl made an effort to buy and wear something different and sensual for the night is enough to make any man feel special.  It’s a steamy private show with you as the VIP guest. Now who wouldn’t want that?

5. White Cotton Undies

Wearing plain white cotton underwear has a virginal effect that reflects innocence and sweetness. And what turns men on better than the idea of taking off the innocence in her and showing her the world. It’s even better if she take turns wearing lacy red or black thongs and cotton panties; it all depends on the mood. Just as long she is not wearing one of those oversized granny panties.

6. Birthday Suit

Wait, is this an outfit? It could be, because she chose to wear her skin. With a naked lady in bed, what more could a man ask for? No need to fumble with a bra clasp or anything. And if she just surprised you in her birthday suit, match her provocation with your best performance because she just asked for it.

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7. Long, Flowy Dresses

Long, Flowy Dresses
Photo by Maegan Tintari / CC BY 2.0

A loose, soft and flowing dress provides just enough stimulation to the eyes. It’s softly feminine, yet a bit provocative as it sways and clings to the curves with every move.

It has a subtle way of sexiness that will make any man fantasize and long to touch what’s underneath. Plus, the feel of the soft fabric will remind you of her soft, supple skin that shivers under your touch.

8. Thin, Loose Shirts

Thin, Loose ShirtsMen had enough of the overrated plunging tops that show too much cleavage and extremely short shorts that almost reveal the butt cheeks.

Subtle is sexy, too. Men love it when women wear something that somehow reveals her sexy curves without showing too much skin. A thin plain white tee could pretty much fit the description.

It reveals the sexiness inside without revealing anything. One more thing, the nipples sticking out a bit will get the testosterone pumping and temperature rising. Can’t wait to take them off and touch what’s beneath. Another way of doing it subtly is wearing a man’s used shirt because it brings back the steamy, sensual memories of last night. The sight of her in your large tee will make you want to reenact those moments as you wake up the next morning.

Off the Shoulder Tops9. Off the Shoulder Tops and Dresses

A lot of men find bare shoulders sexy and a turn on. It is a sexy part of her skin waiting to be smelled and kissed.

Off-shoulder loose tops also emphasize the neck, too, which is one of the men’s biggest turn on.

10. Underwear and a Cute Tee

A woman who goes around the house with a boy shorts and a cute baby tee on is enough for a man to turn the TV off and decide to get the action going in bed. A pair of boy shorts and a tee reflects youthfulness and playfulness that’s very stimulating for men. As long as she can pull it off with ease and confidence.

11. Cosplay Outfits

Cosplay OutfitsYou can’t deny the fact that you once fantasized making out with a cute girl in her school uniform or a nurse in her tight fitting ensemble.

You’ve watched a lot of porn, and those hentai videos haven’t you? Nothing could be better when she’s all dressed up like the schoolgirl or nurse in your fantasy complete with a full get up and a wig.

From being subtle to obvious seduction, what’s important is that she wears it with confidence. A sexy outfit is nothing if she wears it with discomfort and uneasiness.

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