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Karezza: 6 Steps for Caressing Your Way to a Renewed Sex Life

Karezza 6 Steps for Caressing Your Way to a Renewed Sex Life

It’s a known fact that sex is essential in every relationship. Along with love, trust, open communication and respect, sex is amount the foundations of a long-lasting relationship. As most happy couples know, intimacy plays an important role in making every relationship work well.

Let’s face it. Sex opens up many possibilities, enables you to get to know your partner more and helps you bring your relationship to a completely new level. It also makes you do things you never expected you could do, which could also be a good thing.

However, does it always have to be the same old routine in bed? Do you have to repeat the same sexual activities just because these are what you’re used to? The answer is no, you don’t, and you shouldn’t.

There is a new practice circulating in the world of sex therapy these days. This is called Karezza, which borrowsideas from the Tantric and Taoist principles.According to Karezza devotees, this form of sexual practice enhances relationships and helps revive your dull and dying sex life, which leads us to ask some key questions. What is Karezza? How could this practice help renew a couple’s sex life? Here’s what you need to know about this practice that is saving relationships all over the globe.

1. Understand What Karezza Is All About

Before you go through this process, you have to know and understand what Karezza actually is. In simple terms, Karezza is a type of sexual practice focused on affectionate and sensual intercourse without considering climax as your end goal.

SexSex is about giving and receiving pleasure in erogenous zones, penetration and getting your juices out of your system. Karezza is that, with a different twist. Unlike regular intercourse, Karezza doesn’t always have to end with an orgasm.

You might say that sex without orgasm is useless. That may be true. However, sex is not always about reaching a climax. Believe it or not, there is more to it than that, and Karezza could give you the pleasure you are looking for.

2. Focus On Each Other’s Pleasure Zones

Here’s the problem with sex: you are focused so much on orgasm that you tend to forget about pleasure. This is what Karezza aims to address. Since the end goal is not orgasm, you are able to connect with your partner, focus more on each other’s pleasures and get you and your girl at the moment.

Photo by Moyan Brenn / CC BY 2.0

In other words, it’s not just about getting in the end, as if there is a race to finish. You value intimacy and emotional connection more than just a physical release.

It may not seem like a lot, but this could help couples who are down on a rocky road. In fact, couples who practice Karezza were able to keep the romance alive and the fire burning.

There are couples who felt like they were in honeymoon stage or in a new relationship high,even though they were married for years. This is because Karezza gets deep down into you and your girl’s deepest pleasures, not just your libido.

3. Karezza Helps You With Your Issues Down There

relationship with your girlDid you know that aside from improving your relationship with your girl, Karezza could help work on your issues down there? How is that possible? Karezza is pleasure-driven.

This means you are able to attain pleasure in the most relaxed manner even without reaching orgasm.

This is a good thing because it helps you control ejaculation and makes you last longer in bed.This is important because one of the issues affecting couples is that men don’t last longer in bed, which leaves your girl unhappy and dissatisfied.

That’s not all. Karezzahelps address any issues related to erections. More importantly, you don’t have to worry about getting your girl pregnant because being a father is now a matter of choice, and not just an accident.

4. Say No To Masturbation And Sex – For Now

If Karezza is pleasure-oriented, why do you have to let go of masturbation and sex? The operative word here is temporary. This does not mean that you will live the rest of your life without sex and masturbation. You have to let go of this temporarily to be able to enjoy Karezza.

What’s Your Alternative?

thinking of sex too muchTwo words: genital massage. Give your guy down there a genital or penis massage at least three to four times every weekor even everyday, if you want to. This gives your brain chemistry an opportunity to re-stabilize and settle down from thinking of sex too much.

This is also where your girl comes in. You could ask her to give you a massage, but make sure to repay her with something non-sexual such as a movie, dinner or a simple token.

To do the genital massage, lie on your back or position yourself in a comfortable position. Open your legs slightly, allowing your girl some easy access to your package. Your girl should use almond oil or any kind of oil to make the massage easier. Let her massage and lightly touch your genital area slowly and gently, including your penis, scrotum, perineum and testicles for 20 to 45 minutes, maximum. Make sure she won’t stroke your penis and give you a hand job because that defeats the purpose.

girlGenital massage not only prepares you for Karezza, but also helps you focus on the present, increase your sensitivity down there, teaches you to focus your sexual energy on your girl and appreciate her touch.

In fact, this is an excellent training method, not just for Karezza but also sex in general. It is important to develop these techniques without releasing your juices.

At the same time, it doesn’t matter if you are able to get your man up. If you are successful in getting penis massages without ejaculating and by remaining relaxed and calm all throughout the session for the next two weeks, you are ready to take it to the next level.

5. The Karezza Intercourse

excitement inside the bedroomIf you are able to get through two weeks without sex and masturbating, then you are ready for Karezza intercourse. This is the stage where you explore each other’s body.

Cuddling and relaxed kissing plays a major role at this point. Applying oil on your and her body could add excitement inside the bedroom.

Once you are in the mood, partial insertion of penis into her vagina is a must. To do this, try the snuggling position. Your member does not have to be fully erect and practice soft penetration. Make sure not to insert it fully, since you know what happens next, right?

You need to be calm and relaxed. Don’t let temptation get in your head and force you to give in your urges. It may be boring, but remember, good things come to those who wait. At the same time, pay attention to your body language and need to climax. When you feel you are about to give in, pull away as gently as possible and go back to kissing and cuddling. The point is you need to settle down and get it together before you make another comeback in her vagina.

Keep in mind that the goal of Karezza is not for you to climax. In fact, the objective of Karezza is to get in touch with your and your girl’s energy circuits, combine them and make something good out of your union. It is about sending the sexual energy between the two of you, keeping it together and not getting rid of it. This is where a deep connection starts to happen that could bring out something more magical.

relaxThis could be challenging to do at first. You may not even get it right the first few times. That’s fine.

Just relax, be comfortable with each other and release any kind of tension in your bodies. You can master this stage in no time.

6. The Garden Of Love

Once you mastered the Karezza intercourse, you would feel that you are ready for deeper penetration. This is what the ancients called “The Garden of Love.” Your penis is crucial in this stage. Erect or not, your penis creates and sends an energetic connection with a woman’s cervix through physical contact.

true gentlemanHowever, this does not mean you should force yourself inside her in order to stimulate yourself. That’s not the way to do it.

A true gentleman shows respect for his lady, and the best way to do this is to ensure that your penis is a calm, loving one that sends out positive energy.

At this point, you will realize that your guy down there is an intelligent creature. In fact, it knows what to do and how to do it given the different set of circumstances. This is the reason why you will experience an erect state when confronted with this situation and at times, you can’t even get it up. This also explains why you are easily turned on with some women while there are women, no matter how hot or gorgeous they are, don’t even get your libido in first gear.

In summary, Karezza is a sexual practice focused on pleasure and arousal, sans the orgasm. This means that intercourse is slower, more relaxed and focused solely on pleasure. When you do it properly, this could relieve any sexual tension, too, even without achieving orgasm. Don’t worry about the inability to climax. In the long run, Karezza could work magic for your sex life in many ways you couldn’t imagine.

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