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Fifty Shades of How to Satisfy a Woman in Bed – For Men

Fifty Shades of How to Satisfy a Woman in Bed - For Men

Here’s something men should know about women: they can be complicated and challenging inside the bedroom. Unlike you, women need to establish a connection and keep their emotions in check before they take off their clothes and have sex.

That being said, does this mean you cannot please a woman inside the bedroom? The answer is no. It will be a bit challenging since every woman is different. Still, there are surefire techniques that will tell you how to satisfy a woman in bed.

You don’t need to be a Christian Grey to please a woman in bed. Here are 17 simple and effective tips on how to please a woman in bed and make her fall for you even more.

1. Get to Know Your Lady Better – Both In and Out of the Bedroom

Your LadyHere’s the issue with men: you need to take time to figure what she wants – both in and out of the bedroom. By watching the same techniques on how to satisfy a woman in bed in YouTube or porn sites, you think that she will feel the same.

Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. The truth is there is no one size that fits all when it comes to pleasing a woman.

The best way to satisfy a woman in bed is by getting to know and understanding her. Before you go through this post, it is advisable that you understand your partner better. Get to know her likes and dislikes, what turns her on, and every detail about her. Keep them in mind, since you can use them to keep her happy inside the bedroom.

Now that you know what she wants, it’s time to go through the rest of the post and start saying hello to a better, more fulfilling sex life.

2. Understanding Female Sexuality: Getting to Know Her Body

How much do you know about your woman’s anatomy? If you want to know how to please women in bed, you should also understand how the area down there works. This includes knowing where her clitoris is.

Her BodyA woman’s clitoris is a small but powerful weapon. It is located at the top of her vulva, above the vaginal opening and urethra. When unlocked and used correctly, it could satisfy a woman sexually and bring her to a different dimension. In fact, she could even orgasm simply by stimulating her clitoris. This could be helpful, especially if you are looking for techniques on how to last longer in bed.

However, take it easy, since the clit is extremely sensitive. There are lots of things you can try when it comes to techniques on how to satisfy a woman in bed, so make sure you read until the end.

3. Start Foreplay Even Before You Take Each Other’s Clothes Off

When you hear the word “foreplay,” what often comes to your mind is going down on her. Apparently, that’s not how it works for women. If you are serious about satisfying women in bed, then remember this: start foreplay as early as possible.

By definition, foreplay is the warm up period for the main event. It’s about creating a buildup to make sure that she is in the mood for some action; however, don’t limit yourself to kissing, touching and fondling. A simple text in the morning telling her that you can’t wait to see her or sending a flirty, sexy message could get her excited.

The bottom line is to turn her on, even before going inside the bedroom. Remember: anticipation is exciting. Take advantage of that, but don’t make her wait for too long.

4. Learn How to Please a Woman Sexually By Paying Attention to Her Breasts

Her BreastsHere’s a common mistake among men: they don’t pay enough attention to a woman’s breasts, especially during the main event. Be the better guy and don’t forget about her boobies. This is because a woman’s breasts contain nerves that could stimulate her and get her more in the mood.

How to Pay More Attention to Her Breasts

  • Pay attention, not just to her nipples, but also in her entire breasts, particularly the underside.
  • Make use of your finger tips to stimulate her breasts, especially when she’s on top.
  • Lick around her nipple before sucking them gently.

This is just the beginning. Keep reading and learn more about satisfying a woman sexually.

5. Don’t Forget the Neck to Sexually Satisfy a Woman in Bed

her neckAnother fact: women have tons of erogenous zones, which you can use to your advantage. One of this is her neck. This is because the skin from underneath her ear and down to her collarbone is thin, which makes it extra sensitive to touch.

You don’t need to download the PDF file on how to satisfy a woman in bed. Here’s how you can please your lady sexually through her neck:

  • Use your tongue and lick starting from her ear and down to where her neck and shoulder meet.
  • Blow along the trail where you licked her. The coolness of your breath will surely send tingles all over her body.
  • Lightly nip and suck the bottom area in her neck. Take it easy in this one since nobody wants kiss marks for the world to see.

6. Give Compliments to Please a Woman Sexually

Please a Woman SexuallyThe truth is women have body issues. There is pressure to look thin, which explains why eating disorders are more common on them. Aside from this, it could take a toll in their self-esteem and confidence, which could translate inside the bedroom. Thinking about those lumps and bumps make them more conscious and prevent them from enjoying sex.

If you want to know how to pleasure a woman, do her a favor and compliment her. Make her feel that she is still at her sexiest despite not having a Victoria’s Secret angel body. Tell her that you appreciate what she has, and that is more important.

A piece of advice: give genuine compliments and don’t overdo it. She could easily tell if you are saying those comments for the sake of making her feel good.

7. Keep the Ladies in Bed Happy by Paying Attention to the Lovely Locks

satisfy a woman in bedYou just have to love a woman’s body. It comes with tons of erogenous zones, which will help you a lot on how to satisfy a woman in bed every time you have a chance. You were already acquainted with her neck and breasts. Now, it’s time to focus on her hair.

There is a reason why some women enjoy getting their hair pulled while in action. It turns out that there are thousands of nerves in the scalp, which could get extra sensitive every time she is aroused. This makes hair pulling extra stimulating.

Here’s the catch: make sure she is up for it. Despite your good intentions, some women might feel that you are treating them like a hooker and they are not into it. Before you pull her hair, seek her approval first. You can also run your hand through her hair and gently pull it. If she says no, then don’t do it again.

Don’t worry. There are more techniques that will teach you how to satisfy a woman in bed.

8. Make Her Orgasm Through Oral Stimulation

Did you know that seven out of 10 or 70 percent of women report they have faked an orgasm? There are various reasons why they do that, and unfortunately, it is hard to tell if it’s the real deal or not.

pleasing herHere’s the challenge. If you are serious about pleasing her, then look past the media images on how to satisfy a woman in bed and instead do this: make her orgasm even without getting inside her. However, there is no hard-and-fast rule to do this. It’s about using variety of moves and techniques and finding out what works for her on that particular day.

Try licking her down there softly then be a bit aggressive by sucking her and making your tongue firm as you enjoy what’s down south. Combine your lips, tongue, and hands too, since every part down there provides a different kind of sensation. Pay attention to where she responds better and capitalize on it.

If she starts to tense up and breathes more quickly, then you are doing a good job in making her climax. After all, you aim to please.

9. Kiss Her: It’s The Simplest yet Effective Way to Please a Woman in Bed

There are tons of images and PDF on how to satisfy a woman in bed, which you can learn from. Regardless of what you will learn, here is something you should remember: kiss her.

Kiss HerMost men forget to kiss the girl once the session starts. If you do the same, then now is the right time to stop it.

The truth is kissing makes sex more intimate for her. The more intimate you get, the more aroused she will be, which means better pleasure and sexual experience, too. Therefore, kiss her as much as you can. Pick a position that encourages kissing, such as missionary style or let her sit on your lap.

Make your kiss more appropriate to the situation, too. Go for a sensual kiss if things inside the bedroom are getting romantic, and don’t be afraid to suck her tongue gently if you feel like getting a bit more aggressive.

Speaking of aggressive, check out the next section on how to please a woman sexually.

10. Bring Out the Aggressive Card for a More Sexually Satisfying Experience

By nature, you are more aggressive than women and it boils down to your biological makeup. Use it to your advantage by being more aggressive in bed.

So, how will you do that?

do the deed in standing positionIt’s a plus if you could carry her and do the deed in standing position. However, this requires a tremendous amount of strength in your arms and legs to be able to withstand this position for a few minutes. Otherwise, here are some techniques that you can do to showcase your aggressiveness in bed:

  • When in missionary, take her wrists and hold them above her head while pinned firmly in the mattress.
  • Grab her and put her where you want her when changing positions.
  • If she’s on top, hold her hips and push or pull them back and forth. This enables her clitoris to grind against your pubic bone and makes it extra pleasurable.

While playing the aggressive card could sexually satisfy a woman, this doesn’t mean you should smack her butt and do whatever you want. Adding some roughness in the bedroom could be arousing, but make sure she is up for it, too.

11. Take the Lead While Doing the Deed

Aside from being aggressive and dominant inside the bedroom, women will be happier if you also take the lead.

Take the LeadWomen wear different hats most of the time – wife, mother, daughter, friend, employee, partner, colleague – the list is endless. During these times, women are often in control and taking responsibility; hence, they want to feel that they are also taken care of, pampered and that her needs are important.

The best way to make her feel this way and satisfy your lady sexually is by taking the lead. Let her take the passenger seat and take charge of the journey. Initiate the idea, make the first move, and take control of the situation.

There are good days too, and during those days, who knows, she might be the one initiating.

12. Offer Some Variety and Keep Her Happy Inside the Bedroom

There is nothing wrong with comfort and familiarity inside the bedroom. In fact, it makes things easier and more manageable; however, doing the same things over and over can make your sex life dull, dry and predictable. If you are sexually satisfying your partner using the same techniques, then she will get bored easily and lose interest.

sex toysTherefore, introduce variety and add new flavors to your sex life. It doesn’t have to be grand or over-the-top. Start with something simple, such as having sex at a different time or doing it outside the bedroom. Exploring new positions is another way to please a woman in bed. Slowly add some sex toys or do some role-playing.

The bottom line is to make sure that your sex life won’t turn into a dull routine. This will keep things more exciting inside the bedroom.

13. Get Down and Dirty Using the Power of Your Words

You’ve seen it in porn and erotic films. Talking dirty adds to excitement and could make the experience even more rewarding. If you want to up your game and make sure she is happy, then go ahead and talk dirty. Surprisingly, women are into it, too.

Here are tips on how to do dirty talking sexy and properly:

  • make sure she is happyTell her that she is sexy.
  • Do not use negative, derogatory words such as “slut” or “cunt.”
  • Make sure you’ll tell her that you want to keep doing certain things inside the bedroom with her.
  • Unless you are monogamous, don’t ask if you should wear a condom.
  • Be honest about what you want her to do.
  • Say her name.
  • If you look what she’s doing, tell her how much you like it.

There are few more tips on how to satisfy a woman in bed so make sure you’ll read until the very end.

14. Fulfill Her Fantasy: The Secret to Satisfy Women in Bed

Yes, you read that right. Women have their own set of fantasies too, although they are not as vocal as you. The bottom line is, women want to be held hostage, tied up, have sex on the beach, or try a threesome at one point in their lives. They want to experience certain unconventional things to boost their sex life. After all, you only live once.

tied upHere’s where you come in. You will help her fulfill her fantasies and turn them into a reality. It may be a bit challenging, but you will surely reap the rewards. This is why communication and getting to know her better is important, because you need to know what she wants and needs inside the bedroom. At the same time, this could lead to a satisfying and fulfilling sex life.

The best part is, you get to try new things and fulfill some of your fantasies too. It’s a win-win situation. Surely, she will type “how to satisfy a man in bed” in the search bar to make sure you are happy, too.

15. Enjoy the Journey and Don’t Rush Straight to the Destination

Fine, you can’t wait to get inside her pants and get laid. Apparently, it’s a different case for women, which means a connection comes first and taking off clothes comes after.

Don’t treat this as a hindrance towards having an enjoyable and pleasurable sexual experience. In fact, look at it as a challenge. By challenge, this means enjoying the journey instead of rushing straight to the destination.

In other words, don’t skip the foreplay and go inside her directly. If you want to please a woman in bed, then pay attention to her needs and make sure those needs are met. How will you know what those needs are? Read the next section to find out more.

16. Open Communication: A Key Player In Satisfying a Woman in Bed

emotional connectionYou know that women need an emotional connection before they can enjoy sex. One of the simplest and most effective ways to do this is by opening the communication lines.

You might ask, why?

Women worry about so many things – how they look sans the clothes, their performance in bed, fulfilling your fantasies, and even things outside sex, such as bills and work. Even if they are not talking about it, this doesn’t mean that they are fine and everything else is perfect. Apparently, typing “how to satisfy a woman in bed” in YouTube won’t make you understand them better.

Therefore, make it a habit to ask. Ask her about what she likes, her preferences, fantasies, and what turns her on – and make sure you listen. To get her to talk, share your own fantasies and sexual preferences, too. Who knows, you might find something in common, which could make the experience more sexually satisfying.

17. Candles, Dinner, Flowers and Such: Turn on the Romance and Be Mushy

When was the last time you sat with your girl for a romantic dinner? Can you remember that time, if any, when you scattered rose petals all over the floor and had sex with candles all around? It may sound cheesy and corny to you, but believe it or not, turning on the romance button once in a while could please a woman in bed.

Turn on the RomanceDon’t be afraid to be mushy at least once in your life. Go out on a date in a romantic restaurant, or cook a yummy meal at your place and ask her to come over. Make sure to clean your apartment, change your sheets, spray lavender scent, prepare the candles, and turn on the soft, sensual music to get her in the mood. If you don’t mind cleaning after, then scatter rose petals on the floor leading to your bed.

It sounds cliché, but being the romantic guy could bring tons of benefits for the night that’s about to come. It’s the ultimate turn on for her, too.

One Last Reminder

Every woman is different, especially when it comes to their preferences in bed. Still, this doesn’t mean you cannot do anything about it. These 15 tips on how to satisfy a woman in bed will surely help you turn her world upside down and make sex a more pleasurable experience for her.

In case you are having issues down south, taking Extenze once a day will help you achieve harder erections and increase your endurance and stamina in bed. This makes your sex life more fulfilling now that you know how to satisfy women in bed.

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