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24 Hot Tips On How to Please a Woman – She Will Never Forget You

24 Hot Tips On How to Please a Woman - She Will Never Forget You

Making a good impression on women can be challenging, but it is not entirely impossible. For the guys out there who want to be unforgettable, here are 25 tips on how to please a woman that will not allow her to forget you anytime soon.

1. Fight the Urge to Stare at Any Woman Other Than Your Girl

stare at any woman

Men seem to have a natural urge to stare at women who they think are attractive, even if their significant other is around. Science can back up this urge too, as men are more attracted to unfamiliar faces according to a 2013 study on sexual behavior.

While you may place the blame on human nature, your girl would not buy that explanation, at least, not completely. When you constantly forget your present company because your eyes are straining to see other attractive females, you will always invite conflict into your relationship.

You may not control this habit overnight, but you can start working on it. Next time, if your eyes do wander, remind yourself of how your girl must feel.

2. Go Out of Your Way To Show Her She’s Special

What men often forget is that, no matter how secure a woman feels in a relationship, she appreciates a partner who makes her feel special. There are tons of ways on how to pleasure women, but you will make a better impression if you treat her like a valued gem.

Women tend to notice small things and gestures. Start by telling her how much she means to you.

When you are out in public, don’t be ashamed to hold her hand and show that you are together. Most importantly, treat her with respect. Never forget that she’s not just your girl, she is also an equal.

3. Don’t Just Say “I Love You”, Show Her With Your Actions

Women are more attuned to emotions than men are. To satisfy a woman, you can’t just say you love her. You also need to make her feel it.

Making her feel lovedFemales may seem to be more confusing than a labyrinth, but when it comes to love, they just want to be a part of your life. If you love a woman, you should be prepared to have her in your life. Your girl wants to know your dreams, your secrets and things about you that you never share with anyone else. A woman will always want to know what’s on your mind. So, you should learn not to shut them out all the time.

Making her feel loved also means being open to seeing her at her worst and still loving her. In the same way, she wants to see you when you are weak. Even if you are not ready to spill everything, allow her to be there with you, even as a bystander.

4. Learn to Empathize With Her

Most women tend to be vocal about their feelings. Although this should make it easier for their partners, it doesn’t work that way at least most of the time. The secret to mastering how to please a woman emotionally requires giving her your full, undivided attention.

Based on a study by the American Psychological Association, women are happier in relationships when their partners understand when they are upset or in pain. This requires you to listen to what your girl is saying and to empathize.

Women just want someone to listen as they analyze problems that way. If you are always offering solutions, she might think you’re not listening. Although it takes practice, she would appreciate you more if you just listen to her.

5. Never Make Her Feel Like You Are Taking Her for Granted

relationshipWhen you are in a committed relationship, it’s easy to feel complacent. Unfortunately, this also means that you might be ignoring your own rules on how to make a woman happy because you already have her.

All relationships require effort. If you are slacking in your duties as a partner, you may be taking her for granted. Always remember that you have to pull your own weight in the relationship and in every aspect that concerns you and your partner.

6. Initiate Conversations That Matter

You may be having fun with how conversations between you and your girl, but she would be more impressed if you are not afraid to discuss serious topics. Talking about things like the future and finances is vital if you want to pursue a long-term relationship. Knowing that you are ready for these discussions, add a sense of security to your partnership.

Depending on the kind of relationship you have with your partner, you should talk about chores, childhood and eventually, marriage, especially if you have been together for more than a year. Although you may not be too comfortable about these topics, you need to talk about them. These discussions are necessary to know where you stand in the relationship and where it’s going.

7. Don’t Just Be Her Man, Be Her Partner in Life

partner in lifeWomen may have equally the same opportunities as men, but it doesn’t mean that they won’t appreciate it if you support them. The art on how to satisfy a woman involves being her partner in every way. Based on research, couples with compatible interests and pursuits tend to last longer.

However, this doesn’t mean that you have to be her shadow. While your participation may be required, it is sufficient to show you support her passions. The mere fact that you are willing to indulge cheer her on makes her feel how much you value her not just as a person and trust her as a partner.

8. Take Responsibility For Your Actions and Act Like An Adult

There are many obligations that you have to meet as an adult. Whether you were the baby in the family or you were born with a silver spoon, acting immature will not impress a lady. In fact, women are turned off by men who think and act like little boys.

This means that you have to be responsible. While paying your share of the bills or rent is a big part of it, it’s not just about money. If you have kids, you also have to think about their needs.

If you have commitments whether it’s business or personal, you should make good on your promises. A man who is in control of his life is highly attractive to women.

9. Stay Loyal No Matter How Tempting It is to Stray

stay loyalThe issue of trust is such a big deal when you are in a relationship. Once you break a woman’s trust, it wouldn’t matter how much effort you put in learning how to please a woman sexually in bed, you would still be bound for a rough time. While some couples succeed in making their relationship work, it takes a lot of effort.

Loyalty is one quality that women are looking for in their partner. Being honest is always the golden rule in a relationship. While people do stray, you should put yourself out of any situation which will constantly challenge your fortitude.

If you ever slip up, change for the better and show her that. They always say that reformed rakes make the best husbands, so and if you act and stay true to the relationship, you might regain your woman’s trust and love.

10. Pay Attention to What She is Hinting About

As much as women love to talk, they don’t want to spell everything out for you. In fact, some women prefer their partners figure things out for themselves. There may be no hard and fast rules to figure her out, but women often leave useful clues. If you master how to please a woman by understanding these hints, you will grow closer together.

For one, women want their man to notice the things that they don’t talk about. It may be new lingerie, a different haircut, a smaller waistline, a new dress or a bikini wax. Irrespective of what the new thing about her is, she wants you to pay attention to it and say something.

Believe it or not, women love it when you appreciate the things they do to get your attention or please you. The mere fact that you noticed something different is enough to make them know you are paying attention to her.

11. Schedule Quality Time With Her

quality time with herJust like any other activity on your to-do list, spending time requires scheduling especially if both of you are busy with work. If you constantly need to reschedule dates or bail out on your girlfriend at the last minute, then you should start reconsidering. Make plans together and unless there’s an emergency that requires your presence, stick to it.

Spending time is not just about being together in person. Women understand that you can’t be there all the time, but they don’t like to beg for your attention. Learn to make time just to be with her and to enjoy each other’s company.

12. Allow Her to Get to Know Your Real Self

When you want to impress someone, it’s tempting to be someone you are not. Both men and women do this; however, when you are involved with someone, that person would want to know the real you.

Women feel more connected to a person they know more about. If you want to make that connection deeper, allow her to know your dreams and aspirations. Talk to her about your experiences and what you want out of life.

Doing this is not just good for keeping the relationship, it would also let you know more about her and see if you guys could work as a couple.

13. Throw Her a Surprise

bring a bunch of flowersWho doesn’t like surprises? Except for a handful of people, almost everyone does, especially if their special someone does it for them.

If you have been with a girl for some time, you probably know what she likes. If you are a good cook, you can make her a meal. If that’s not like you, you can just show up at her door and bring a bunch of flowers for no reason. These little surprises would make her feel how much you value her.

14. Make Her Feel Safe at All Times

Men have long been considered as the stronger sex since they are physically stronger. If you want to make a woman satisfied in a relationship she needs to feel secure.

Men often interpret this as defending their lady’s honor, especially from other men. However, protection should not be limited to that. Real men should keep their women from emotional and social harm. Scandals are out of the question.

More importantly, men protect the hearts of the women they love.

15. Practice Your Skills in Being an Affectionate Partner

Although people show emotions in different ways, females need to know your feelings. Some affirmation of what you feel is a must when you are in a relationship.

Subtle things like holding hands and sending texts that are different from those businesslike SMS you send would be a good start. While at it, a little bit of flirting is also a great idea.

16. Prove to Her That Chivalry is Not Dead

keeping promises
Photo by Christian Ditaputratama / CC BY-SA

These days, females everywhere mourn the death of chivalry. If you want to be the guy who knows how to please women, you can take a hint from men who lived centuries back. Women may fight for equal rights but they appreciate the preferential treatment that men extend to them as a courtesy.

You can show chivalry by treating her with respect at all times. Opening the door for her and pulling out a chair are just the basics of acting like a gentleman. When you see her carrying something and your hands are free, offer help.

Chivalry also extends to keeping promises. This means showing up on time and calling when you said you would. Women have a soft spot for gentlemen. If you act like one, you will make a lasting impression.

17. Practice How to Pleasure a Woman by Learning to Say How You Really Feel

Verbal affirmation is vital in any relationship. You may have a lot of excuses why it’s hard for you to say what you feel but if you want the relationship to work, you need to overcome those inhibitions.

No matter how hard you work to make a woman feel you love her, it would not be enough if you can’t say you love her. You need to consider if she is a keeper. If she is, learn how to express how you feel.

18. Boost Her Confidence by Paying Her Sincere Compliments

Giving complimentsGiving compliments is an art not because you have to learn a lot of flowery words but because you need to admire people with sincerity.

While saying she’s beautiful could cut it, you can even go further. Try to admire something less superficial such as her charming ways, or the way she walks. Needless to say, always be as honest as possible when you pay compliments as women can detect when you’re lying.

19. Make Her Feel Good With a Kiss and Some Cuddling

Skin to skin contact has a lot of health benefits. Kissing and cuddling are just two things that you can do to make her feel good.

Women love to cuddle and it is beneficial on so many levels. For one, the body contact releases oxytocin. This feel-good hormone is a mood booster. Aside from that, this chemical can also decrease stress levels.

Aside from the health benefits, these loving acts will show your partner how you feel, and she will appreciate you more for that.

20. Be Romantic Once in a While

love letterWomen value security in a relationship, but a bit of romance goes a long way. Your partner may not say it, but she would certainly look forward to your company if you make her heart flutter.

You don’t even have to do anything fancy. You can learn how to pleasure a woman by giving her a love letter or popping into her place to help her with chores. Even calling her out of the blue just to tell her that you miss her and you love her would certainly make her smile.

21. Understand How to Please a Woman in Bed by Focusing on Your Bedroom Skills

The things that happen in the bedroom affects a relationship just as much as everything else. Knowing the secrets on how to please a woman sexually is a must. After all, if you want to pleasure a woman, you need to hone your skills in bed. If you need a little help, there are many ways to improve your performance, including natural male enhancement capsules such as ExtenZe.

While on the topic of bedroom matters, men should always focus more on pleasure not on performance. The secret on how to please a woman in bed is in arresting all of her five senses. You should learn how to please a woman with your hands and your mouth to give her the sexual experience she’s not bound to forget anytime soon.

22. Be the Person Who Pushes Her to Have Fun

have funLife is stressful enough to be in a relationship that’s too serious. Try to help her de-stress by inviting her to try new things.

Whether it’s a trip to the amusement park or skydiving, it’s nice to be with a partner who is fun and interesting. You are probably going to be her favorite persons if you bring out her fun side, especially if she’s someone who tends to be too serious.

23. Encourage Her to Do Things She Wants to Do

In any healthy relationship, it’s always important to support your partner. Women are happier in a relationship when they are with someone who brings out their best self.

Give her enough space to achieve her goals and support in the endeavors she wants to pursue. Make her know and feel that you have her back. This will not only make her more satisfied, it is also one quality that makes relationships last longer.

24. Give Her Gifts

give her gifts
Photo by asenat29 / CC BY

Women may like fancy stuff, but they are not hard to please. You won’t even have to spend a fortune. She would appreciate simple gifts such as chocolates, a massage, flowers, or even something you handcrafted just for her.

Women may appear to be complicated creatures, but the simple emotional attachment they crave makes them more lovable; hopefully, you have gained more insights on how to please a woman in and out of bed.

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