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4 Facts About Male Enhancement Pills for Amazing Sex

4 Facts About Male Enhancement Pills for Amazing Sex

We all heard the story:woman dumps bad guy, goes with the guy with a big heart. Behind the scene is a story much closer to real life: new guy needs the big heart to pump all the blood to fill up his penis.The rest is history: woman lives happily ever after. Moral of the story? Male enhancement is NOT all about great personality.

ExtenZe: (s)extension, the natural and painless way

ExtenZe pillsAmong the most popular and sought-after male enhancement self-helps are supplements like ExtenZe.

Former NFL coach Jimmy Johnson bragged about his good times with ExtenZe: “By using ExtenZe pills I was able to please two women at the same time without loss of stamina or orgasm load. It’s unbelievable!”

Though we wish the 70-ish Jimmy well and congratulate him on his exploits, most men (even those younger)would be happy with just the basics:

Get harder. Want more sex. Shoot more. Last longer. BE longer and thicker.Fortunately, ExtenZe promises to deliver all.

180 degrees shy of heaven? Can’t get it up?

Not everyone wins by looks or charm alone. Not everyone is endowed by nature like a Greek god (those marble statues of theirs are quite average, in my opinion). And lastly, not everyone lasts in bed and lets go of load as much as they did when younger.

younger men Health conditions, aging, what size and what urges a man was born with – all these take their toll in affecting sexual vitality.

There is also gradual testosterone loss as a man grows older. All these can drastically change a man’s sex life, from hard energy to limp impotence.

Lack of sexual drive can affect men of all ages. Though it happens more frequently in older men (but remember 70-year old Jimmy!), young age is no guarantee. Getting it hard and maintaining an erection can be a problem even for younger men.

Now that’s 180 degrees shy of heaven (or less, depending on your normal erection angle). If you think you are below your peak sexual performance and shape, ExtenZe can be an effective natural aid.

Here’s why:

enhancement drugsGuaranteed results, or your money back!

Unlike many enhancement drugs and devices that use synthetic chemicals (narcotics, steroids) or mechanical means (pumps, stretchers, surgery).

ExtenZe is just an all-natural mix of herbal extracts packed in a regular pill. What it contains are ingredients proven to benefit the cardiovascular system and kick-start the natural production of testosterone in the body. Basically, the effects of these herbal extracts are to:

(1)   Increase blood flow, which can engorge the penis more fully (no need for a big heart)

(2)   Stimulate sex drive and overall sexual health

The good news is that ExtenZe guarantees lasting results that,if you were relying on the more expensive formulas and techniques, are only possible by going through much financial and physical pain.

4 benefits for Taking ExtenZe as directed are:

ExtenZe pills(1)   Increased sexual energy and more frequent erections,

(2)   More intense orgasms and bigger loads,

(3)   Bigger and stronger erections, and

(4) Longer-lasting and more satisfying performance in bed.

ExtenZe is confident it can live up to its promise. It’s even offering a 60-day guarantee, so you can use the product risk-free. You can get your money back if you are not satisfied with it after 60 days (2 packs) of use.

Safety concerns

For almost all users, ExtenZe is safe when used as intended. It is about as safe as any other herbal product or vitamins bought over the counter.

Consult your doctor.

consult your doctorSince it is better to err on the side of caution even when only taking supplements and nutrients, it is best to talk to a doctor first.More so if you are taking medication for an existing condition.

All-natural ingredients

ExtenZe is 100% made from herbal extracts. That’s as safe as you can get to an enhancement “drug.” Natural substances means easily absorbed and excreted by the body, without harmful metabolic byproducts (which is the case with synthetic compounds).

No drugs, no dangerous device

On the other hand, most other pills contain artificial chemicals that can be harmful to your body. Some of the available mechanical devices and techniques can be painful. It can also cause permanent injury.

doctorCertified Made in the USA

All ExtenZe pills are manufactured in the US.So it falls under FDA regulation and is bound by law to follow federal safety standards.

Doctor-formulated, doctor-approved

ExtenZe is doctor-formulated, so there are no trial-and-error, quack herbal combinations here. It uses a precise blend of active herbal ingredients that is not found in any other male enhancement supplement.

Enhancement by any other name is not ExtenZe

There is a reason why the genitals are called the private parts. You should not mess with them. That’s why you should stay away from the male enhancement methods listed below. That is, if you value your privates.

Prescription drugs, suppositories

These take the form of pills, or medications that is inserted directly into the urethra. All things considered, it would be safer if we were not so easily lulled into trusting prescription drugs. Medication for penile conditions and erectile dysfunction can interfere with other drugs, such as those for heart problems. Plus, they generally cost more, and you need a regular visit to the doctor.

Surgical implants and surgery

surgeryHigh risk, high cost with unpredictable outcome – this about sums up the case for penile surgery. Ouch. Surgery is a radical option for the most extreme cases.

It’s rumored that C3PO of Star Wars wanted a flesh-and-blood penis, never mind the staying power and strength of hydraulic jacks. Bionic men only work safely in science fiction, so safer to leave them there.


 Double ouch. These “work” by injecting chemicals that widen the blood vessels, direct into the penis to create an erection. Not for daily use, this measure is reserved in extreme cases of impotence. Also used to produce an erection in certain penile surgical procedures.

Vacuum pumps and erection devices

Vacuum pumpsBoth are mechanical means to get and hold an erection. With this method, pressure and suction is applied to the penis by a pump.

The penis is then tied with an elastic band to hold the erection. Though this works initially, it’s been shown that the ability to stay hard diminishes over time. It can also lead to permanent injury to the penis.

Question: What’s a penis propped up with gadgets?

 Answer: A Frankenwiener.

Bottom line

If you are experiencing loss of sex drive, having a hard time maintaining an erection – and if you want a bigger, fuller erect penis – ExtenZe is definitely worth a try. It is all-natural, does not need a doctor’s prescription and it’s very simple to take. When used as intended, there are no ill effects, based on what we hear from men who took them. It is, after all, a doctor-approved and FDA regulated formula.

The pills are also quite affordable. As of this writing, a 2-month supply costs $109.95, and it comes with a bonus gift: a bottle of silicone or water-based lube. You can also order more to get better pricing and more freebies. With the ExtenZe money-back guarantee, there is nothing to lose and only inches to gain. Intensify your sex life with extenze pills now!

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