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Dicktate: 9 Ways to Control Premature Ejaculation

Dicktate 9 Ways to Control Premature Ejaculation

They call you a one-minute man. That’s too bad. If you have been a walking joke among men in the bedroom department, don’t worry. The truth is, there many guys like you, even below 40, who also jerk off too early in sex, too early that the woman didn’t even notice that you were already inside her. And worse, you probably can’t even get it up anymore.

So there are a million and one ways to feel ashamed of yourself. Don’t worry. That’s normal. The truth is premature ejaculation – yes, the medical term that refers to you being a one-minute man, can be addressed and controlled. It’s only a matter of leveraging the most effective techniques from your erection tool kit and making new friends with men who also suffer the same fate as yours.

Before you curse your parents for giving you such a biological composition, take a look at this list on how to effectively control premature ejaculation.

1. The Deep Breathing Approach.

Deep BreathingSo, you earned your crown as a one-minute man. Maybe, just maybe, you might be forgetting one important thing that you always overlook: your breathing.

Here’s the truth. Deep breathing is a form of meditation that when done correctly, can help control arousal and tension that may lead to early ejaculation.

This doesn’t mean you have to enroll yourself in meditation classes to develop breathing techniques and master this skill. Instead of going for the short, shallow breathing, which can speed up your heartbeat, try deep breathing for five seconds, hold it for three counts then exhale for five seconds. If you are able to hold this rhythm for five minutes, then that’s good news. Try using it during sexy play time, and you might be surprised how much difference deep breathing can make.

2. The Stop And Start Method.

sex bookThis technique has been in the sex books since time immemorial – and there’s a reason why. The stop and start method is one of the best tools when it comes to helping you control premature ejaculation.

To do this, masturbate alone and bring yourself closer to orgasm. Once you felt that you are about to go, stop and relax. Do this several times until you can’t hold it any longer.

Make sure that there are no distractions to help you learn where your point of no return is. Once you’ve mastered this technique, apply it during your sexual activity. If you feel you are about to go, stop and wait until the feeling has subsided. Your girl will surely love you for lasting longer in bed.

3. The Squeeze Technique.

Just like the stop and start method, the squeeze technique is also one of the time-tested ways on how to control early ejaculation. Here’s how you should do it. Play with your thing first, or masturbate, if you want to be that frank. Once you are at the brink of orgasm, squeeze the base of your penis to delay the release of your juices naturally. This will force the blood from the penis, thereby helping you to suppress the big O for a while.

girlPractice makes perfect, so make sure you do this first with yourself before using it in sexual combat.

Once you have mastered the technique, ask your girl for some sexy time with you and apply this new skill. Just like the stop and start method, she will surely love you for being able to hold off your love juices for a bit longer.

4. The Focus Shift.

Here’s the problem with you guys. Sure, you can easily get a boner once you start to unhook her bra and caress her breasts. Then you’ll touch her down there, and if she’s wet enough, you’ll take off your pants and go inside her. Well, that doesn’t work for most women. And if you want to be dethroned from being a one-minute man, you need to shift your focus to her needs too – and much longer.

Longer foreplay can increase pleasure and satisfaction for your partner. At the same time, it can delay your ejaculation, thereby reducing dissatisfaction and performance-related anxiety. Hence, put your mouth and hands into good use, aside from kissing her and touching her most sensitive areas. Explore her body and find out what turns her on, based on her responses.

Keep in mind that the more pressured you are in sex, the more likely you are to suffer from early ejaculation. Thankfully, foreplay can ease that pressure and tension so go ahead, practice those tips you’ve been reading.

5. The Kegels Exercise.

ExerciseHere’s another fact you should know: Kegels are not only for women. And believe it or not, working out with your PC muscles can strengthen your pelvic region and create strong muscles down there to help control ejaculation.

So how exactly do you this type of exercise?It’s simple. Have you always had the urge to pee, but you just can’t because the bathroom is just too far from where you are? If yes, then you will notice that there is a certain muscle that you use to stop the flow of urine. That is the PC muscle.

To do this, simply clench and release the PC muscles repeatedly for ten seconds. Do this in three sets with ten-second break in between sets. This can be useful when you are close to orgasm, but don’t want to go yet, because you don’t want your girl to get mad at you for finishing off too soon.

6. The Climax-control Condom Plan.

CondomWait, is there such thing? Of course! Experts and manufacturers are clever enough to think of ways that can address every man’s needs, including those who have PE. If you are one of them, then there’s good news.

You all know how important a condom is, right? However, there is another type of condom that will surely lessen your sensation and eventually help you with PE.

Introducing, condoms with benzocaine. Benzocaine is a mild anesthetic ingredient that can have a slight numbing effect to help decrease sexual sensation and bring down your sexual response to a more manageable level. Condoms with benzocaine at the tip can delay your climax for as long as five minutes.

Don’t worry, you’ll still enjoy sex even when wearing this type of condoms. To test its effectiveness, try masturbating with a condom on. This way, you’ll be able to gauge how much time you can prolong and control your excitement.

7. The Distraction Angle.

This is another age-old technique from many sex experts. Instead of focusing on your pleasure, try to think of something different when you are about to come.

Something distracting, boring or anything annoying that can ruin your mood even for a few seconds. It might sound cliché, but thinking of things not related to sex can lengthen your time and delay orgasm.

A piece of advice: make sure to keep your thoughts to yourself. Remember that Glee episode when Sam was making out with Quinn and he suddenly blurted out, “Beast” when he’s about to give it a go? You don’t want to tick off your girl just like that, so please, take it easy on your thoughts. At the same time, practicing with yourself can do the trick, so do this with yourself first before you go to bed with someone else.

8. The Tantric Technique.

PC musclesOohh, sounds like a big word? Don’t worry, tantric techniques are easy and useful in establishing intimate connections with your partner. Just like any other techniques, this method is aimed at making you last longer in bed.

When you are about to reach that O point, pull it out, gently please, contract your PC muscles and lower your chin to your chest to prevent energy from rising too high and make you feel ungrounded.

Breathe in, breathe out and feel the sexual energy rise upward in your body. Once you feel the sensation dying down, go back to humping.

9. The Medical Method.

Some say that premature ejaculation is all in the mind. If you release the pressure and tension inside you, you’ll be able to last longer in bed. Maybe, maybe not. Hence, consulting a doctor isn’t a bad idea after all. This way, you’ll be able to determine what’s going wrong and what can you do about it so you can pass the one-minute man throne to someone else.

Don’t worry, premature ejaculation is a very treatable condition. Go on, book that appointment. The doctor won’t hurt. Premature ejaculation is not so bad, after all. Yes, it will take a few shameful walks before you’re able to get past this, but the time will come when you can last longer than a minute. If it helps, Extenze male enhancement pills can also be your best friend in bed. They are a doctor-approved supplement that can give you the manhood you’ve always wanted, minus the side effects. Plus, you get free gifts for instant arousal when you order a package for two months or higher.

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