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8 Tricks to Packing a Bigger Package

8 Tricks to Packing a Bigger Package

The penis size always lands on top of the list of the things men worry about the most. If not on top then it’s a close second. Men think the bigger the package, the greater the sex. And that’s the best validation a man can get.

But, before you jump to the techniques below; you should know if you have to sweat the small stuff. Measure your erect penis with a ruler or tape measure from the base to the tip, but not on the underside. If it’s more than six inches, then you could consider it big enough. If not, then go on reading for some helpful tips to enhance the size of your mantool.

1. Penis Workouts

Did you know that your penis naturally shrinks to almost 20 percent by the time you reach 50? Don’t let this bring your spirit down. Just like any other muscle in your body, you can work out your penis to keep it in good shape. How? By having sex as often as you can.

workout routine for the musclesWhat other workout could be better than this? This will not make your penis bigger, but it will prevent it from shrinking. If you’re single at the moment, for sure you can “single-handedly” handle the situation, right?

In addition, if you’re a workout buff, you already know that doing the same workout routine for the muscles will not work anymore if you keep doing it over and over. The same goes for your penis. This only means that having a variety of moves and strategies during sex will make it a better penis workout.

2. Male Enhancement Pills

If you want less fuss and a quick fix, then pop up a male enhancing pill. You have probably seen thousands of ads about these pills everywhere, but with so many to choose from, it can be difficult to decide.

Check the feedback and reviews, as the results may vary, so do some research first before choosing one. Penis size enhancers work best if you want an instant solid erection, but not as an effective treatment for chronic erectile dysfunction.

ExtenZeOpt for an all-natural male enhancer such as ExtenZe. It has a unique blend of herbs that will give you a bigger and harder erection. Plus, it will improve your stamina and intensify the pleasure of orgasm.

No need for those stretching, squeezing, pulling and pumping. No need for prescriptions. Be safe. If you have a health condition, such as heart disease or high blood pressure, talk to your doctor first. This also goes for men who take medications. You can even ask your doctor to recommend a brand for you.

3. Pump It Up

penis pump
Photo by Arkansas Health Care Access Foundation / CC BY-SA 4.0

A penis pump is a tube used as vacuum around the penis to induce blood for a better erection. However, penis pumps are not for constant and prolonged use.

When used excessively, it can cause permanent artery damage. Go slow on the pumps. You certainly don’t want to end up useless in bed.

4. Extender Devices

Also known as a traction device, it offers a long term result of a bigger package. How does it works? It stretches out your penis so the cells can multiply causing a gradual increase in your size. You have to use it four to six hours a day, for not less than six months to be able to achieve a significant size improvement. You can wear these devices under loose garments, so no need to worry about wearing one for hours when you have to be somewhere else.

5. Consider Testosterone

TestosteroneYou may know of someone who is luckily gifted down there with a size bigger than normal and blame your ancestors for passing their normal-sized package to you.

True, having a bigger penis runs in the blood, but the odds are high that your size may not come from your genes, but rather due to the levels of testosterone in the body.

There are a few men that are naturally blessed with more than a nine-inch penis while his male relatives enjoy a normal size. Testosterone is not merely a male sex hormone, but is also responsible for your physical traits, including your penis size.

The higher the T levels in a man’s body, the higher the chance of having a huge penis. There are two types of testosterone: free and bound. Free testosterone of roughly about 10 percent circulates around your body, while the remaining is bound testosterone, which is attached to the protein albumin.

The free testosterone is what contributes to the T levels in your body. With the use of certain natural compounds, you can release the bound testosterone and turn it into free testosterone. More free testosterone, bigger penis. Getting excited about this discovery, aren’t you? Now, it’s your job to do a little bit of research on these compounds.

6. A Little Trim Will Do It

As funny as it sounds, but a lot of hair down there could conceal your “giftedness.” It’s like an old tree in the middle of a thick forest where you have to examine closely to spot it. Give emphasis to your size by trimming down the hair. You don’t need to go bald like a baby, just give it a little trim.

7. Do Some Jelqing

forefinger and thumb
Photo by Mr. Granger / CC BY 2.0

Jelqing is a natural way of increasing your size by squeezing and stroking your penis to encourage blood flow for a bigger better erection. You form an “okay” sign with your forefinger and thumb around the shaft then apply firm pressure as you stroke your member up and down.

Sometimes it is called “milking,” because it simulates the act of milking a cow. There are a lot of men that could attest to its effectiveness, but medical experts say it still lacks scientific evidence. You be the judge.

8. Learn About Phalloplasty

penis enlargement surgeryOne of the most effective long-term solutions for making your penis bigger is undergoing through penis enlargement surgery or phalloplasty, which is more likely to increase the penis’ girth rather than its length.

This method can be costly and could cause pain. In many cases, patients are not very satisfied with the post- operation results, so if you’re considering phalloplasty as an option, you might need to think again.

Undergoing through such procedure should only be considered if you are suffering from psychological issues due to a below average penis size. Meaning, this should be your last option. If you think your size is not enough, there is still hope. Follow these tips if you’re aiming for a bigger “size,” but place surgery at the bottom of your choices if your size is within the normal acceptable size.

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