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8 Things Men Mistakenly Imagine Women Think About Penises         

8 Things Men Mistakenly Imagine Women Think About Penises

We know you love your penis. You have all the reasons in the world to love him. He has helped you through thick and thin. Without him, you couldn’t share in one of life’s biggest joys: sex. Since you love him so much, you must assume that everyone admires him equally. After all, why wouldn’t someone bask in the glory of your boner?

However, the reality of it is that not every woman who sees your penis will think the same thing as you do. The harsh truth is, you might not know what she is thinking. Surely, she won’t blurt out what she is really thinking.So, let’s get down to the truth of what a woman thinks when she sees your penis.

1. She’s Passive About Your Penis

Passive About Your PenisJust because you wonder about a woman’s parts upon meeting her for the first time does not necessarily mean that she is wondering what your penis looks like the minute she meets you.

From the get go, women are programed to be a little more passive when it comes to their interest in penises.

Women do not naturally imagine what is behind the bulge in a man’s pants. And, it is not something she will become fixated on. However, that is not to say that she does not have sexual thoughts. Women are certainly sexual. However, they tend to be much more focused on the act of sex itself rather than the role that your penis plays in the party.

Not to say that she doesn’t dream about your boner, though. The findings show that women think about your penis more once they have seen it. Once you have been intimate, or after you have been dating for a little while, then it will become more probable that your partner is pining over your penis.

The good news is that she will eventually long for your dong.But, understand that she is not exactly concerned about it right off the bat. Spend time worrying about your role and offerings in the relationship other than your penis first, and the rest is sure to follow suit.

2. It’s Not The Size That Counts, But Other Qualities Do

celebration danceRevel in the fact that she is not exactly concerned with the size of your penis. We will wait. Is your celebration dance over yet? Okay, good.

While she is not going to get the heck out of dodge over what you consider a little penis, there are a few other deal breakers that might do it for her when it comes to your dingaling.

Women categorize your penis. It’s true. Size is not necessary an issue, but length and circumference together certainly are. These categorized penis sizes can be broken up into three sections referred to as the big penis, the average penis, and the micro-penis. Unsure how you stack up? Let’s break it down.

The really, really, ridiculously big penis, according to women, is when the length is more than seven inches and the circumference is greater than six inches. Yeah, that’s one large penis. If the length or the circumference does not meet the measurements, then, according to most women, you don’t have a python in your pants.

WomenInstead, you are probably packing an average sized penis, but don’t worry. Women actually prefer this sized penis when it is paired with stellar technique. Ranging in five to six inches in length and four to five inches in circumference, this perfectly sized penis is nothing to be ashamed of.

The micro-penis, however, is considered any length less than three inches and any circumference less than four inches. There is good news for you little guys, though. Studies show that women do not mind being with a man with a small penis. Why, exactly? Well, what he lacks in one area, he makes up for in others, if you catch our drift.

Other than length to circumference categorizations, there are a few other qualities that women might be noticing about your penis. Curious to hear about them? Learn what these characteristics might be.

3. It’s All About The Magical Penis

VaginaIn addition to the length to circumference comparison, women will also notice some other qualities about your penis, as well. The first up is the magical fitting penis.  Every woman, hopefully, encounters one of these in her lifetime. This is the penis that perfectly lines up to her vagina.

It fits ideally and can consistently help her reach a G-spot orgasm. Likewise, it’s large enough to leave her wailing in pleasure, but it’s also not too large to leave her with a sore throat. Remember that you, yes you, have a magical penis. You simply need to find the vagina that matches it perfectly.

Other than this ideal penis, you might also have a work of art in your pants. It’s true. Women take note of the unique characteristics of your penis. All penises come in different shapes and colors. Some penises have a unique coloring to them, and others look like a structural nightmare.

If you possess a Picasso in your pants, then fear not. Women might be a little apprehensive, but they generally are willing to give it a go so long as it’s not intimidating or utterly terrifying. If you find that you have a penis that might be a little shocking for one reason or another, then it is advisable to let her know about it ahead of time. The last thing you want is for her to have to handle the surprise under pressure. She won’t be able to prepare herself, and her reaction might offend you.

4. She Notices Your Personal Hygiene

Personal HygieneThink twice the next time you forget to give your buddy an extra scrub in the shower. Women definitely notice the way your penis tastes and smells.

There is nothing worse than a funky smell or taste coming from your penis. In fact, most women will be gone faster than you blink your eye.

If you happen to have an uncircumcised penis, then you will have a little more grooming to do than those who are circumcised. Not to worry, though. A regular wash can work wonders for your penis. Also, if you refuse to go bald eagle down there, then make certain to trim regularly and keep that bush under strict control.

5. Your Twins Matter, Too 

Don’t forget those two pretty rotund twins you have down there, because women certainly don’t. Women want nicely manicured balls that keep to themselves.

Studies show that women would like to see Studies showtaught and smaller balls, rather than hanging, bulgy sacs. While it might seem like this is down to genetics, here are a few things you can do to make your testicles more appealing:

  • Take care to secure them properly when you exercise and wear adequate support.
  • Be sure to trim them up, because most women would much rather see shaved balls.
  • The next time you masturbate, try not to tug on your balls too much. This causes them to drop a little bit, and we want the exact opposite to happen.

Manicuring your manly area can work wonders. Let’s dedicate an entire section to that, shall we?

6. Trim The Hedges

Gone are the days when hair signified manhood. In fact, your partner would much rather see you meticulously groomed. If you want your penis to look more attractive to your partner, then do your best to trim around the bush. Preferably, get rid of it altogether. You can carefully shave the area, including your balls. Better yet, your package will look bigger once you get rid of the unwanted pubic hair. Try it out for size. We guarantee you will be happy with the results as long as you take your time and are careful down there.

7. Getting To The Tip Of The Matter

Many women claim that it’s the head of the penis that is the true pleasure maker. A man can have an average sized penis.But, the head can send riveting sensations to her most pleasurable areas. Pay attention to the head of your penis, because she certainly is. The head is not the first thing she notices, though. Here’s the first thing she notices when she sees your penis.

8. The Hard Truth Of The Matter

unbutton your pantsSo, it’s become apparent that you two are getting hot and heavy. Foreplay has ensued, and she starts to unbutton your pants. She opens up, and the first thing she feels for is whether or not your hard.

She is not concerned with the size of your penis, and she hasn’t even examined those bizarre characteristics yet. The first thing she feels for is your firmness.

The truth of the matter is that your firmness is a direct result of how turned on you are, or at least that’s how her mind works. Any signs of softness tell her that you are not interested, even if you know that is not the case. Perhaps you have a medical issue for not getting rock hard, or maybe performance anxiety has set in. Unfortunately, regardless of the reason, she will be offended.

Don’t worry though, guys, the good news is that you can avoid this fiasco from ever occurring. Visit a reliable company like and purchase their effective, yet safe products. You will be guaranteed to experience impressive, hard, and firm boners that will leave her gaping in awe when she unzips.

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