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8 Sexy Things Women Want You to Do in Bed

8 Sexy Things Women Want You to Do in Bed

Women and sex don’t seem to go well together. Can you imagine a woman who is open about sex and willing to tell the world what they want in bed? Hmm, can be a bit turn off, don’t you think? Here’s the truth: there are a lot of things men do in bed that ticks most women off. It may not be that important to you, such as kissing her or telling her that she’s doing great, but those little things affect their mood for sex.

You might say that you are not some mind reader dude who is part of X-Men, so there is no way you’ll know. Okay, good point there. After all, sex is a two-way process, and unless she tells you what to do, you’ll never know how to please her according to her fantasies. To avoid any confusion and frustration inside the bedroom, here are eight sexy things your girl wants you to do to give her the best sex of her life.

1. Sprinkle Romance Liberally

Sprinkle RomanceCall it outdated, but women love that feeling of everything first – first date, first kiss, first time to hold hands, first time to have sex. It is sweet, it is mushy, and yes, it can be an ultimate turn on.

On your next sexy session, try to sprinkle some romance both in and out of the bedroom. Start your night by having a lovely dinner for two and just talk about anything.

Don’t go sexual yet, since it’s like dropping the bomb too early, which can kill the mood. Oh, and don’t forget to decorate the bedroom with some rose petals and candles to surely get her in the mood for sex. Aside from adding some romance, be a perfect gentleman, too. Prove to her that chivalry is not dead yet. Does this have to happen every night? Well, not really. Still, there is nothing wrong with acting like her dream guy for a night. Women love some romance once in a while.

2. Be A Bit Rough

inside the bedroomHere’s the thing. You’re not living in 1900’s anymore where women were expected to be meek and submissive – although the dom-sub role-play can be a good one in bed. Surprisingly, women today want you to be, hmm, a bit aggressive in bed.

Wait, this does not mean you should hit your girl with a club and pull her hair as soon as you get home. That’s just plain sick and you don’t want violence against woman charges in court. Women appreciate a bit of roughness inside the bedroom. This could mean pulling her hair, or tying her up with your belt, or spanking her on the butt as you doggy-style her, or anything “mildly rough” acts you can think of.

The important thing is to ask her first if you can be somewhat aggressive in your next session. Set up a signal for her to use if you get too rough, though. You don’t want to hurt her. This will surely surprise her and make her more excited for sex. Oh, and in the event she wants to switch roles and be the aggressive one, let her. She’ll surely love to take control too. Go ahead and show your strength. Now, that is spicing up something in the bedroom.

3. Undress Her, One Piece At A Time

You’ve seen it in Mr. and Mrs. Smith – how Brad Pitt wanted to rip Angelina Jolie’s clothes off during that kitchen sex scene. Sure, that’s hot – if you do it once in a while. If you’ve been ripping your girl’s clothes off nine out of 10 times you had sex, hmm, then you’re in trouble. There’s nothing wrong with this, but there is nothing wrong with undressing her slowly, too.

kiss it passionatelyHere’s a challenge for you. On your next session, slowly remove her clothes, one piece at a time. Enjoy every area of her exposed body and kiss it passionately.

It won’t hurt if you kiss every inch of her body as you unhook her bra and use your tongue to take off her underwear. Yes, it is sensual and sexy, and the thought of you seeing her naked is hot for you, but employing some control on yourself is something a woman would love to see.

In other words, don’t rush it. Think of this challenge as if you are unwrapping a present, but slowly and surely. What’s waiting underneath the fancy gift wrapper is something you surely want. Don’t worry. It’s worth the wait.

4. Treat Her Like A Prostitute

Oops, you didn’t see that one coming, right? Here’s the truth: women are tired of playing the nice girl card and would want to be raunchy in bed once in a while. The problem is they are afraid that men will judge them for their actions and think of them as a slutty human being even outside the bedroom.

moneyWhat can you do? Give her a free pass where she can be what she wants and you can do what you want with her. If it helps, treat her like a prostitute.

Given a chance, what do you want to try in bed but you’re afraid to do with your girl? Imagine her as someone you paid to have sex with you, except that she’s your girl and there is no money involved.

Have fun and go with the flow.

5. More Mouth In The South

Did you know that most women love giving blowjobs? In fact, they are willing to spend a few minutes down there, giving you a head and making you cum – with high hopes that you will do the same.

What Does This Mean?

using your tongueGive her the best oral sex she’ll ever have. Nothing beats your man inside her but there’s a reason why appetizers come before the main course, right?

Therefore, do your job and get deep down there using your tongue, mouth and fingers. Tease her with your penis then use your mouth again to get her really wet. If possible, make her cum.

The point is don’t go straight to humping. There is a logic behind oral sex and why it is an important part of the while process. Don’t take this for granted. If you want her to give you the best blowjob, make sure you can do the same, too.

And speaking of blowjobs, please be a gentleman. Your girl appreciates your oohhs and aahhs, but it won’t hurt if you guide her, too. Tell her what you want or don’t want and how fast you want it. This will make oral sex even more pleasurable for both of you.

6. Make It All About Her – At Least Just This Once

You may think that women are selfish for wanting you to focus on them entirely. Well, not really. Remember, women are capable of reciprocating and doing more than what you are asking them to do. If you want to have the best sex of your life, make sure you can give her that too.

neckWhat do you have to do? Simple. Just focus on her needs and anything that can get her in the mood. Give her a massage and kiss every portion of her body starting from her neck down to her toes.

Cuddle with her until she falls asleep and simply make her feel good. Bring out sensations that come from other areas in her body aside from her vagina. Some night, she will surely return the favor, but that’s not the goal here. Please her, and you’ll feel pleasure, too.

7. Be Spontaneous

Planning for some sexy night is fun. It keeps you prepared for the night that is about to come. However, nothing beats having spontaneous, but passionate sex once in a while. Grab her from behind and have sex on the kitchen floor. Do her in the couch while watching our favorite movie for the nth time.

Have sex in the elevator, in the fire exit, on the beach or anywhere public. The important thing is to ravage her in the most unexpected way you can think of. Come on, it’ll be fun. Your girl will even love the thrill, too.

8. Kiss Her

kissingHere’s the problem among men. They tend to forget the importance of kissing when having sex with a girl. Believe it or not, kissing is as important as humping, especially for women.

It solidifies the intimacy between the two of you and assures her that you’re both on the same playing field.

However, kissing is not just as simple as landing your lips to hers for two seconds. Make it a long and passionate one. Kiss her every chance you get – from the time you take off her clothes to humping and even after sex. This will surely turn her on and in the mood for the rest of the night.

They say women are complicated. That is true. But when it comes to matters concerning what goes on inside the bedroom, well, men and women are somewhat on the same playing field. Just like you, they have fantasies to fulfill and things they want to do inside the bedroom with no one judging them. Go on. Experiment. Have fun in bed.

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