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8 Bad Things That Can Make You Suck in the Sack

8 Bad Things That Can Make You Suck in the Sack

No matter how confident you are in bed, and no matter how many times you’ve done it with many different women, it’s no guarantee that you are a certified sexpert. Even the best of you will suck in the sack from time to time for a lot of reasons. Hormones, moods, stress, illness – whatever the reason, we can be perfect all the time.

They say different strokes for different folks, and this also applies to sex. Some women may love what you’re doing, but some loathe it. And the loathing things you do make you a sucker in bed. Here is a list of the things that you might be doing that makes you suck, even when you think it’s hot. If you have not done it, then now you know what not to do.

1. Pushing Her Head When She Gives You Oral

womenThis is definitely one of the most annoying things men do in the bedroom. Deep throating may make you feel so good, but leaving her gagging is just disrespectful.

Some women may be fine with it, but there will be others who can’t stand it. Are you focused on your satisfaction or just wanted to stroke your ego with the sight of her gagging because of your “huge” size?

Whatever it’s just plain disrespectful. If she’s not going too deep when she goes down on you, this only means she knows her limits, so don’t push your luck.

2. You Stop On A “Go” Sign

When she’s all warmed up and starts responding to your movements and stimulation you suddenly stop and change position. This might be a good strategy to make her last longer in bed, but could also be reason enough to kill her mood. If you want to change the pace, slow down and give her a hint, so you don’t take her by surprise then leave her wanting and frustrated. Caress other parts of her body or tease her with your hand as you do so. Better yet, wait for her go signal.

3. A Habit For Jack Rabbit

passionate love-making
Photo by you me / CC BY 2.0

Jack rabbit sex. On some occasions, getting straight at it without foreplay may be acceptable and enjoyable, but doing it on a regular basis is just a no-no.  Firstly because it’s painful for her.

Constant, hard pounding without proper lubrication can cause too much friction. Next, it lacks intimacy and connection. If you’re out somewhere in public and can’t control the urge, go on with the jack rabbit.

But when you’re in the bedroom, nothing feels great than a slow, passionate love-making.

4. Feeling Like A Porn Star

What’s up with all the intense pounding and grunting, plus those death-defying sex stunts? As much as women love hot intense sex, they hate being treated like porn stars. That’s a fact. For them, sex is an emotional experience; thus it should be done with tenderness and respect. Show her love and not plain lust. Better yet, ask her if she’s in for a rough porn scene. You might get lucky.

5. Awful “Guy” Things

woman in bedUnlike men, women don’t have an “on” switch that will turn them into your wanton woman in bed. It won’t be easy getting her in the mood, but easy for her to be instantly turned off.

If your smell is anything funny, if you burp or fart during a hot session, or if you start doing weird things without asking her first, then expect her to get cold in an instant.

Be sure to hit the shower before hitting the sheets and keep those awful “guy things” in the locker room. If you want to be a little adventurous, ask her if she’s on it.

6. Too Much Booze

Too Much BoozeA few drinks can heat up your body, but too much booze, and you’ll end up with a limp penis. A lot of men think they become more charming when under the influence of alcohol.

Maybe, because you are more confident to express yourself when tipsy, but the truth is alcohol can dampen your desire and your erection. According to studies, sensual sensations and orgasm are less pleasurable for men who drink before having sex than men who are sober.

7. Premature Ejaculation

A few thrusts and you’re done. You’re done, but she isn’t, so this is a bad thing. Premature ejaculation makes it to the top of the list when it comes to men’s sexual concerns. It’s a condition that may be difficult for you to control, but the good news is, there are a lot of ways to compensate for your “shortcoming.”

If sex is soon over for you, let her reach orgasm by using your expert-level mouth skills, or your hand or maybe by using a sex toy. Another thing, don’t be too apologetic with your condition. It’s ok to say “sorry,” if you left her hanging, but constantly doing it after every deed may seem like you’re asking for her pity, which can be annoying. Instead of saying sorry, do something.

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8. You’re Mean When You’re c

Some women can be up front with their feelings, but others can pretend and go on like nothing’s bothering her. If she starts getting cold in bed or she’s not as responsive as she used to be, the chances are she is over you, but can’t tell you right to your face.

So, is it that it’s you that’s at fault? You should talk. She can’t have great sex with someone who was a big a-hole throughout the day, and now he’s nice because he wants sex. There are things beyond your control or things you do that leaves a bitter taste in her mouth during sex. Whether intentional or not, it is not too late to change.

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