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5 Ways You Could Be Smothering Her With Too Much Love

5 Ways You Could Be Smothering Her With Too Much Love

When you love someone, you want her to feel it. You shower her with attention; you give her time and show her your love through gestures and gifts. Of course, you want her to love you back, and it’s okay to try hard for her affection, too.

Who would not want to be loved? Ladies want their men to be affectionate and caring. But, sometimes, what you think is enough may be too much for your partner. Maybe you are giving too much and asking for way more to the point where it’s not healthy for your relationship anymore. She needs your love, but too much of it will eventually lead her astray.

Here are five ways you could be smothering her with too much love:

1. You Show Love With Too Much Niceness

win her heartWhile you are still at the wooing stage, you give her too much attention, you never fail to show how much you care, and you are always there for her all the time.

If you want to win her heart, you must prove how much she is worth to you. However, being an ultimate nice guy will eventually land you in the friend zone.

It’s okay to be there for her, but not to the point that you are at her beck and call. It is okay to give her attention, but too much can make you seem like a creepy, obsessed guy or a cute little puppy who loves to get a pat on the head. Girls are attracted to men with an air of mystery and men who are confident and challenging. An overly nice guy can make a girl feel uncomfortable or even suspicious, so find a balance.

2. You Show Love By Oppressing Her

Just think of caging a bird born in the wild. No matter how safe and lovely the cage is with food provided at scheduled feeding hours, still you are keeping the bird from what it is born to do and supposed to do, to fly freely. Your cage will be nothing but a prison it wants to escape from.

committed relationshipWhen you keep her from pursuing her goals and dreams, when you get in the way of doing the things that she is passionate about because you fear losing her, then you will really lose her in the process.

Of course, freedom is certainly not absolute when it comes to relationships. But, you have to let your partner or wife make decisions without making them feel guilty, as long as it does not go way beyond the boundaries of a committed relationship.

Keeping your partner from doing what she wants in her life for your sole happiness is not an act of love, but of selfishness.

2. You Show Love By Controlling Your Partner

Many people, not only men, are guilty of being controlling to their partners. You are a controlling partner when you have to have a say in every decision your partner makes. You may have to know about every move she makes and impose restrictions and conformities, without even considering your partner’s needs and feelings. Because of your so-called love, you don’t want to make your partner to make decisions and do things that do not include you. You always have to be in the picture, so you try to force her into your way of life.

partnerYou don’t give space and time for your partner to be on her own. Yes, your partner wants you to be with her, but not to the point that she can’t even breathe on her own anymore.

If you are constantly controlling your partner, you are keeping her from filling her emotional needs and stunting her emotional growth. Eventually, she’ll want nothing but to be free from you because for a relationship to grow and flourish, you both have to be emotionally mature until you are able to conform to each other’s lives.

3. You Want Her To Be At Your Side 24/7

We get it; you want to be with her and to be there for her. Or, maybe you want to be there so she won’t wander. Whatever your reason is, you have to remember that you are two different individuals, and it’s not possible for you to have identical needs, interests and passions. If you are always at her side all day every day and smothering her with your attention, you will become too familiar and unexciting, until she gets bored with you and your presence. Spend time away from each other, because you both need it.

Let her go out with friends, travel with friends and do the thing she loves.  Do the same. Being away for the meantime will allow you to miss each other and be excited to see each other again. While you are away, have fun and when you’re back in each other’s arms, spend quality time together.

4. You Show Love By Being Needy

Show LoveWhen you love a person, you don’t want to lose them. Of course, nobody wants their heart broken. However, people who are in love sometimes tend to cling too much and become too needy.

Always demanding for attention and always getting suspicious of her where abouts not only displays insecurity, but it also shows a lack of trust.

Women are into men who are confident and can stand up on their own. They are into men who can cope up with a mature relationship. Acting like your world can’t go on, or you can’t breathe without her by your side may flatter her at times, but doing it all the time will annoy her. Nobody wants to be with a desperate guy for life.

Love is a good thing. It’s the most powerful feeling that inspires people. But, like all the other good things, too much of it can be bad for you and for the person you love. Knowing when and how much to give it will help you keep a well-balanced relationship that involves two satisfied people.

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