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5 Bizarre And Frustrating Sexual Fetishes

Sexual Fetishes

In this day and age, you may believe that you know everything there is to know about sex. With the help of the Internet and magazine vendors, porn and erotic magazines are easily accessible for virtually anyone. The easy availability of explicit material has left no clue unanswered for people who are curious about sex.

But wait – there’s more than just knowing about “normal” plain-jane sex. You may be surprised to learn that there are some little-known weird sex fantasies many people harbor. In fact, there are some bizarre sexual things that you may not be aware of that will probably put you in a state of shock for a day or two.

Sexual Fetishes: What Should You Know?

Often times, people use the term, “sexual fetishes,” as a tag for any sexual interest that swerves from the norm. But, how many of you are aware of what it really means?The word, “fetish,” comes from a Portuguese word, “feitico,” which stands for “obsessive fascination.”

high-heeled stilettosFetishism, in general, is the act of fetishistic arousal that vary wildly from those of the majority of population.

Unlike normal people who are turned on by specific bodily areas, fetishistic behavior happens when a person can’t achieve sexual arousal without the presence of a specific fetish object, like a pair of high-heeled stilettos, for example.

In such cases, psychologists consider fetishistic arousal a problem for a patient when it interferes with their normal social or sexual functioning, and where they don’t have any sexual arousal without the help of a particular fetish object.

The Internet has provided an easy platform for people to share their unique sexual urges without having the fear of being recognized. Nowadays, a variety of sexual fetishists can flock onto related forums, sites and blogs to freely share their thoughts regarding sex. They can overlook the social norms, and other rights and wrongs their culture has forced upon them. After all, each one of us has the right to freedom of thought – right?

Experts have revealed numerous strange fetishes predominant in humans all over the globe. Such individuals are easily turned on by objects and thoughts that would never, ever stimulate the average population. Below is a list of some bizarre and frustrating sexual fetishes, shall we say, strange types of fetishes that really exist.

1. Step On It, Baby.

foot fetishismPodophilia, or foot fetishism, is also referred to as foot fetishism or foot worship. Foot fetishism is an enhanced sexual urge towards feet, toes, feet odor and acts such as licking or smelling feet.

Simply glancing at a woman wearing high heels can send a number of men into a sexual erotic zone.

Quite a few foot devotees love sucking toes, while others prefer to make love with women wearing just heels. There are some who just take pleasure in the excitement of being stepped on.

You might have heard about the stereotype of foot worshippers, but in a few cases the reality is far more absurd. There are all types of foot aficionados. Some such maniacs like clean and well-manicured feet, but for others, dirty soles or footprints are the ones that turn them on. Then, there are those who like to watch women’s toes wiggle in sand or food. Yes, feet covered with food.

Now, after learning about so many weird foot lovers, it is not appalling that there is a foot devotee who wants his women to be topless, clomp on yogurt and bananas, and walk on the floor to leave fruity footprints. He will then lick those footprints passionately and then reach the foot of his lady to lick the left over bananas and yogurt.

brainResearchers have tried to find the reason for people to have an intense love for feet. Surprisingly, they found that the sensations in the feet and genitals both transmit to the same area of the brain.

Well, if your partner has a foot fetish and you love them dearly, try incorporating his fetish into foreplay.

Let your partner give you a pedicure and foot massage. Take it easy if you are feeling awkward while he is licking your foot. After all, how many women get the chance to bring their partners to their feet?

 2. The Wonders Of Undies.

No, underwear fetishism does not mean stocking up on lots of attractive panties and undergarments, which many women are fond of doing. It is actually another weird sort of sexual fetish that involves a man’s passion towards panties.

Well, if your man only likes to watch you putting and taking off your underwear, then relax as this is a harmless fetishism going on. But, if it goes beyond watching to smelling and licking, it is definitely bizarre.

women’s panties
Photo by Pschemp / CC BY-SA 3.0

At first it might be incredible, but the smell of women’s panties can work as an aphrodisiac for some men.

Normal ones are those who chase what is concealed inside the panty, but a small majority of men are fanatical towards smelly panties.

When inquired, such sexual fetishists answered that a panty hugs that certain part of a woman that drives men crazy.

One of the craziest fanatics even admitted that he paid for the panties of porn stars to snuffle on that erotic odor.Most women are oblivious as to what prompts men to sniff used panties. Likely, science has the answer. The vagina secretes a substance, termed as “copulance,” which is the female version of semen. Understandably, it a great sexual effect on men.

On smelling it, most men lose their ability to distinguish between an attractive and an unattractive woman, because they experience immediate sexual arousal and urge to do the sexual act. It is important to note that copulance is produced in abundance in women who are ovulating and fertile.

So, ladies, next time you catch your man smelling your underwear, don’t start hating him. Think from his point of sexual view; he’s getting a whiff of your intimate odor on your panties. Also, there is a strange traditional view on this. If your man sniffs your panties, he will remain hooked on you forever. Hmm, if you really want your lover to be with you and only you, let him whiff your panties, if that excites him the most.

3. To Pop Or Not To Pop?

balloonsThere must be many like me who absolutely hate the sound of the rubbing and popping of balloons. The rubbing of a balloon is particularly a horrible sound that completely turns me off.

But, fetishism is all about being unusual and weird. Some crazy men and women get turned on by rubbing and then popping balloons on themselves.

People like these who are sexually inclined towards balloons are also termed as “looners.”As looney as this may sound, you may find a number of looner’s websites on the Internet. The obsession with balloons for such looners goes beyond shapes and colors. Looners are sexually attached to balloons.

They take pleasure in blowing up balloons and sitting and lying on them. The mere sight of blowing up a balloon makes their heart flutter and instantly arouses them, as well. Looners are sexually stimulated and love having sex with balloons popularly by riding or humping on them.

They love kissing and hugging balloons as one will do with their partner. There is a large majority of balloon fetishists around the world; they are divided majorly into two groups: poppers and non-poppers.

Poppers love bursting the balloon to experience a sexual high, while non-poppers become extremely anxious at the very thought of popping balloons. For poppers, blowing up a balloon is considered a sexual act. These Individuals get sexually turned on watching the color and sensing the touch of the balloon. Blowing up a balloon sends them into arousal and they are sexually released when the balloon pops.

researchersResearchers reveal that balloons are flexible and supple, and they replicate the texture of human skin. The ability of balloons to expand is signified as the swelling or sexual organs during arousal by looners.

However, looners who are non-poppers often harbor feelings of anxiety and fear as they try everything to keep balloon from popping.

Sometimes such strange revelations have negative effects on normal people. So, be careful when blowing up a balloon for your kid’s birthday party next time. You may be reminded of this inflating fetish.

4. Love Those luscious locks.


Those that are sexually ignited by human hair are termed as hair fetishists or trichophiles. The most common object of arousal for them is hair on the head, but in some cases may also include hair on other parts of the body, such as the chest, armpits, legs and private parts. The sexual excitation can arise from texture, color, hairstyle and hair length.

HairHair fetishism is seen in both men and women. Men might simply love the touch of soft, silky, lustrous hair on their body while women might like the feel of a man’s beard or mustache.

Such people typically love watching hairdos. Another sexual arousal is exploded when watching hair being washed. Yes, it sounds weird.

Some hair fetishists love stocking up on DVD’s of ladies with different hair styles, hair rollers or with their hair setting under hooded hair dryers. They also like collecting hair magazines that feature women with beautiful locks.

Studies indicate that some people are sexually aroused by hair because they secrete endorphins while watching beautiful hair. This provides them with a feeling similar to that of a caress, laughter, pleasure or a head massage.

Do you think being a trichophiliac is harmful? Well, if not, it is definitely an absurd fetish. And, if you are one of those with a partner who is turned on by your hair, relax. Now, there is no need to get worried by that zit on your face. Just wave your hair during those special moments and enjoy the sexual high you give your partner.

5. Oh, You Beautiful Doll.

Doll fetishism
Photo by Wandadollgirl / CC BY-SA 3.0

Doll fetishism is another peculiar sexual fetish where a guy is sexually inclined towards dolls and doll-like figurines.

The fascination for dolls may include actual sexual intercourse with a doll, a sexual contact with a living doll, or the desire of being transformed into a doll.

Some guys fantasize for their women to transform into a doll with their unique physical appearance minimized. Doll fetishism is common in both men and women.

Some individuals convert their body to look like a doll. To acquire the appearance of a doll, they lose their weight to have a slim waist, put on wigs and a revealing outfit, and even change their breast form, too. A few extreme cases even go beyond other expectations and undergo the knife to sculpt their body to look like a doll.

Most common doll fetishism includes having sex with dolls. There are countless websites on the Internet that offer animated pictures and videos of people achieving orgasms by sexually touching a doll.Surprisingly, there are many people out there who become excited by the thought of a sexual encounter with a doll.

Although such guys find real women attractive, years of embracing such disturbing and unique thoughts make them socially inept and a bit uncomfortable in the presence of women. Astoundingly, they feel safer and calm when they are with their dolls.

Experts believe that people who are often turned down by women and are afraid of getting cheated on in a relationship are attracted towards dolls. They are sure that a doll will never argue, betray or leave them.

dollGirls, watch your guys. If you found your fella spending sexual time with a doll, you should not waste a single minute and get the heck away from him.

This obsession may leave you frustrated, incomplete and jealous of that other “lady” in his life. Yes, we are talking about a doll here. Even so, he has an emotional and sexual attachment to it – and that’s cheating, right?

These are just a few bizarre fetishes, but there are thousands more, which may leave a normal person wondering if they really are “normal.” On a serious note, experts have found that men who are not confident with their sexual skills run away from having real sex with a real person. Instead, they seek unusual, yet safe ways to satisfy their urges.

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