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12 Valid Reasons Penile Fractures Are Not Some Crazy Sex Myth


Your penis is an intricate combination of muscles and nerves, woven together to form your most priced organ. The nerves are responsible in sending the message to the brain on how your penis should act; the muscles are responsible to act up on these signals, thus you get an erection. It’s a simple physical process of the male human body.

Since your penis is mostly made of muscles, injuries can be a possibility. One possible injury that your penis may incur is the penile fracture. A penile fracture can happen if an erect penis goes in direct forceful contact with a hard object, commonly a pole or a wall. Cases like these are rare because men have this distinguishable and strong instinct to always protect his penis, but it happens. No, unfortunately, penile fractures are not a myth.

It’s easy to prove that penile fractures exist. For one, there have been records of it, and for two, the physical structure of the penis makes it quite capable of obtaining such an injury. Here are 12 valid reasons that penile fractures really happen and are not some crazy sex myth.

penis1. Your Penis Is Made Of Skin And Muscles

Basically, your penis is made of skin and muscles which, although can become hard through erections, is relatively soft most of the time. Your penis is not made of steel or any hard object that can take a forceful hit from something harder.

This is why when a battle between a hard object and your penis, you can be sure that your penis will not win. You can also be sure that an injury will follow through. Although most men refuse to admit it, because it’s a bruise on their ego – your penis needs a soft and tender care.

2. Your Penis Is Softer Than Inanimate Objects

A wall or a pole or any hard, inanimate surface will always be harder than your penis. It’s not an ego buster, it’s just plain reality. This is due to the structure of your penis, which contains skin, muscles, tissue and blood. Although the muscles are capable of being hard and combined together, these four can make a really good tool, but they do not make your penis invincible. Simply put, the hardness of your penis is fleeting and will not be able to with stand a blunt force attack from hard, inanimate objects.

3. Your Penis Is Vulnerable, Too

Most men refuse to admit this because it can be a kick to their egos, but you have to admit that your penis is vulnerable too. In fact, your penis is sensitive enough that he needs your gentle care and protection from outside forces that can cause injury.

For one, your penis is your main tool for reproduction. Your penis is also your best friend when it comes to pleasure. With all this, it makes your penis sensitive, which would need tender, loving care and protection.

4. Penile Fractures Are Painful

Penile Fractures Are PainfulHere’s a fact that everyone would agree on even though not everyone has experienced: penile fractures are extremely painful.

Just imagine this – a soft tap to your manhood, especially if he’s not erect, can already be painful. How much more a hard kick? Or something far worse like a penile fracture where the injury is so bad, your penis swells?

A penile fracture happens when the fibrous skin that covers the penis ruptures due to external force or aggressive intercourse. There are also instances when the veins, nerves or arteries rupture, in which case, these are more serious, because it can cause internal bleeding.

5. In Case You Missed The Pain, There Are Other Symptoms

If you think the pain is not enough, there are other symptoms that will definitely convince you that a penile rupture is happening. Some of these symptoms include bruising, swelling and bleeding. These symptoms are not typically normal when it comes to penis injuries.

The bruising and swelling will be visible on your shaft and can turn your penis dark. On the other hand, bleeding mostly happens internally because the rupture normally occurs inside the penis. This will result in bleeding that can sometimes lead to internal bleeding, which is more serious.

6. Watch Out For Blood When You Urinate

At the first sign of penile fractures, you should immediately seek medical attention to prevent further swelling and bruising of the penile shaft. The bleeding, however, is a different story.

Photo by Jo Naylor / CC BY 2.0

Bleeding occurs when the urethra, which is internal, is ripped and torn. As it in internal, the healing process may take longer than the swelling.

In most penile fracture cases, the urethra is commonly ripped. As a result, the bleeding might continue for several days, sometimes even weeks, although it will not be as severe. Just as how a normal wound would be. This means when you take a piss, there might be some blood mixed in the urine. Yes, this is painful, too.

7. Penile Fractures Can Be Caused By Too Much Masturbation

There have been debates about this but in the end, it has been concluded that excessive masturbation can also cause penile fractures. Excessive masturbation can range from five or more times per day, in which case your penis becomes stressed and tensed internally and externally. When there is not enough lubrication inside and outside, there is a fairly immense likelihood that the urethra will rip, thus causing a penile fracture.

8. Incorrect Positioning Can Harm Your Penis

Experimenting on different sex positions can be fun and enjoyable, but it can be harmful, too. Generally, sex positions that are not common can be a cause of injury because of several factors: incorrect positioning of the body;incorrect positioning of your penis and her vagina; and the forceful hitting of your body on other hard objects around.

Incorrect positioning of your penis can cause penile fracture. Although your penis can with stand a certain amount of pressure and tension, if stretched too much, the skin and muscles may strain which can lead to fracture and injury. This is why it is important to keep your rough sex to an acceptable level, no matter how good it may be. Too much tension on the penis can rip the skin inside.

9. Woman On Top Is Not Always A Safe Position

woman-on-top sex positionDespite how good it could be, the woman-on-top sex position is not safe, especially during rough sex. Calm down, . There are rare cases of penile fracture brought about by this factor. However, it is a possibility.

This is because when a woman is on top, she or you might not be able to control the pressure and tension that is put to the penis. This can lead to tearing and rupture of the skin outside, or even inside the penis which can lead to injury.

10. The Harder The Erection, The Riskier It Gets

Here lies the saying “the higher you fly, the harder you fall,” or so it seems. Put it this way: a non-erect penis can be more flexible and resilient to outside force when it is hit, as compared to a fully-erect penis. A fully erect penis, when hit with external force, will not be as flexible, and it will definitely fight back on the force. Now we have discussed that despite his strength, your penis will not be able to with stand the force of an inanimate and hard object; thus, leading to penile fractures.

11. Make Note If Your Penis Is Too Sensitive

There are many types of penises – many colors, size and capacity – and yes, sensitivity is also part of the variation. A sensitive penis is not just sensitive to the touch or pain. When your penis feels even the slightest changes or touch, you have to be concerned. This might mean that the tissues around or inside it might not be thick enough to protect it.

go to the doctorIf you notice your penis is suddenly much more sensitive, you need to go to the doctor for a checkup.

The thin tissues will be easy to rip and break, should there be an external force that would hit the penis, and this can lead to penile fracture.

12. The Most Common Cases Happen To Cheating Husbands

Say hello to karma, ladies and gentlemen. Whether you believe it or not, the majority of the penile fracture cases reported happened when they were having sex with their mistress. Either the sex within the affair is rougher, or the world has just a twisted way to deliver karma. Still, it puts cheating men in perspective.

A penile fracture case is a traumatic and painful experience for any man who goes through it. This is why prevention is always better than cure. It is best to be careful, so you can avoid these situations and always seek medical help if you suspect a slight hint of this injury. While a penile fracture case is not that common, one thing is for sure – it is not something you would wish on any man.

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