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10 Things Men Really Think About One Night Stands

10 Things Men Really Think About One Night Stands

The one night stand. Defined as two people, usually strangers to each other, who have casual and sometimes awkward sex, which both will or will not regret afterwards. In other words, it is sleeping around with any hot guy you meet in a party, which you may or may not see, depending on how the sex went.

For men, sleeping around earns them their bragging rights. It shows they know how to get girls and actually make them fall for them. However, the case is different with women. Find a girl who sleeps around with hundred dudes and men won’t surely consider her for a long-term relationship.

Anna Faris
Photo by Gage Skidmore / CC BY-SA 2.0

Sad, but that’s the reality of life. However, there are men who don’t really give a damn about women who have had a couple of one-night stands.

Take the case of Anna Faris and Chris Evans in the movie, What’s your Number? Despite sleeping with almost 20 men, they still end up together.

Apparently, not all men are like Chris Evans in the movie whose numbers really matter. Which leads you to the next question: What do men think about one-night stands?

1. Men Anticipate One-Night Stands

You’re out with some friends for some Friday night fun. Then you bump into this cute guy from the other table and there was an instant connection between the two of you, or at least according to your perspective.

drinksYou talk, flirt with each other and have a few drinks. After an hour or so, you realize that you have so much in common. For you, this guy could be the one, while for the dude, he’s only thinking of ways to get into your pants.

Let’s face it. Men crave sex most of the time. You may not notice it, but underneath that calm, suave man is a boy who wants to get laid – a lot. His thoughts may even include what to do with you when he pins you to the wall. Sorry ladies, but that’s just how men are programmed.

2. Men Get Scared, Too

pregnancyThey may look like sex machines who only want to get laid 24/7, but men freak out during one night stands, too.

Once the acts starts, men also worry about lots of things – sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy, his performance in bed, and even his size down there.

Once they are able to calm themselves down, fear becomes a foreign concept and all they care about now is to enjoy the night. It’s one night stand, right? It doesn’t matter if he’s terrible, since there is a possibility that he may not see you after that night. Yes, it can be a douche-y thing to do, but one night stands are one-night stands. As long as they are not part of the one-minute man’s club, getting that orgasm is all they care about. And getting yours, too, if they are gentleman enough even in bed.

3. Men And Their Feelings Of Shame

motel roomSo, you finally agreed to come with him to take your so-called relationship to the next level, i.e. sex.

From the moment you walk into his apartment or a motel room, up until the time you two are done, there is a feeling of shame somewhere in between.

He might be ashamed of his Batman sheets at home, or the tacky motel he chose, or how he performed in bed. He might also be ashamed of the size of his penis compared to other dudes. At the end of the night, none of this feelings of shame matter anymore. As long as they were able to sustain it for two to three minutes, congratulations, you just boosted his ego.

4. Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Okay, this is a sensitive and embarrassing issue to talk about now. However, your health is important too, which is why it is a must to use protection. Men may not admit it, but STDs or the possibility of getting HIV is something they don’t want. Well, who does, right?

use a condom
Photo by Flegmus / CC BY-SA 3.0

In fact, men worry about this too, which is why it is important to use protection every time you decide to have sex.

This is to protect you, and not just from STDs, but also against unwanted pregnancies. And in case the guy refuses to use a condom, hmm, that’s a huge red flag. Get out of there right away.

5. To Take Or Not To Take To The Next Level?

Here’s the thing. It is difficult to bring a relationship to the next level when it started with sex. Before you react, keep in mind that most men have nothing against one night stands. They’re dudes.

menThey are supposed to like that. However, if they are looking for someone to have and to hold, someone they can live with till death do they part, then a fuck buddy is certainly not on the list. Generally, it is difficult to maintain a serious relationship that started from a one-night stand. However, this is not impossible, too.

Apparently, most men prefer being serious with women whom they get to know first – with clothes on – compared to women who they slept with first. This is because it makes you and the guy both vulnerable to each other even before building a solid foundation between the two of you.

Plus, they want a woman who they can bring home and introduce to the whole family and crew. So yes, being part of his “Girls I Slept With” list will not lead you to that.

6. It’s All About Getting Laid

Sorry to break it to you ladies, but men who sleep around fall into one of these categories: Heartbroken dudes who is still not over their ex. This is also known as “rebound sex.” Bragging rights. Apparently, the more women they sleep with, the more they are idolized by their equally sex-hungry colleagues. They just want sex. Period.

It may be harsh, but men don’t sleep around just so they can find the woman of their dreams. Some are just having commitment issues, too that they prefer using women to fill the void That’s the reality of life.

7. They Think About The Escape Plan

casual sexMen usually think of one thing after sex: “Will I get some more? If she’s not game, how do I get out of here?” Yes, men can be a douche at this point, but that is the whole concept of casual sex, isn’t it?

This is where the escape plan comes in. However, men are careful on this one. Obviously, he can’t leave you alone in the motel room in the middle of nowhere and let you pay the bill.

He still has to be a gentleman, since he might see you again accidentally. It may be unclear now as to how a guy devises an escape plan, but you are sure to find tips such as “pleasure her,” or “do a follow up – for the last time” on his list.

8. Seeing You Again May Not Be Out Of The Question.

casual partners
Photo by Kelley Boone / CC BY-SA 2.0

You might think that after sex, that’s it. There is no need for follow up or see each other. In fact, you can even pretend you are complete strangers, as if nothing happened. Still, there is a possibility that you can be good friends – and nothing more than that.

However, this depends on many factors – your performance in bed, the sexual chemistry between the two of you, and the overall experience.

If everything turns out well, then yes, he might ask you out. But don’t get your hopes high. Men tend not to take their casual partners seriously.

9. One Night Stand Implies Short Term Fun

Let’s get things straight: men are not exactly against one-night stands. However, giving in to the temptation implies you’re only after the physical and sexual aspect of relationships – and nothing more. Believe it or not, men want to work hard in order to get the girl of their dreams. They want a challenge to prove to the girl that they are worthy of her time. Giving it up too easily is like laying everything on the table without the man longing for it. And yes, it sends him a signal that you’re only in it for a short time.

10. A One Night Stand Is Not A Necessity

taking her clothes offBut if the situation calls for it, hey, why not? Yes ladies, there are still men who prefer getting to know the person first before taking her clothes off.

Some men do it out of fun and experience. In fact, they had a number of casual sex in their entire existence. Still, that doesn’t mean they are into it or are willing to do for as long as they can.

Don’t be surprised, but there are still guys out there who prefer long term relationships over flings and casual sex. Oh, and if you found that man, he’s definitely a keeper. Casual sex or one-night stands have some pros and cons. While men may not judge you for your acts, it will be difficult for them to take you seriously. That’s the reality of life.

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