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10 Fast and Furious Ways to Drive Your Man Wild

10 Fast and Furious Ways to Drive Your Man Wild

Men and sex go well together, and there is no doubt about that. They like getting blowjobs, dream about threesomes, or anything wilder than that, and generally live and breathe sex. They’re men. What do you expect them to do?

However, men are more than just maniac machines who think about sex 24/7. As crazy as it may sound, men also want more than just getting their man up and keeping it in that state for the next 30 minutes to one hour of their lives, well at least every night. What’s even more surprising is that these chauvinist pigs, as some refer to them, are also capable of emotions that can make sex even more memorable for both of you.

So, before you reach any conclusions, or say something, here is a challenge for you. Your man may not say it out loud, but do these 10 simple tricks on your next sex session. You will surely drive your man crazy and make every sexual experience more meaningful for you both.

1. It Boils Down To Attitude

sleep after sexHow many times have you had sex with your man out of necessity? You know, just to stop him from babbling about it and be able to get a good night’s sleep after sex.

Apparently, men can notice if you are doing it just because you are obliged to, or you want something in return, or you are simply going with the flow.

That’s a big turn off ladies. You need to do something about that now. Just like women, men want to have sex with a woman who is willing to do it and is so into it. You may not notice, but showing some enthusiasm and excitement in bed can really go a long way. If he sees you having fun inside the bedroom, that can be an ultimate turn on. Oh, and if you’re not in the mood, just say it in a nice way. Just make sure you’ll make it up to him.

2. Don’t Just Wait, Initiate

If you were living in the 1800’s, when men initiated sex, while women had to lie in wait for their predator, we wouldn’t be talking about this. Back then, women who made the first move were immoral, at least during those times. The good news is, you are not living in 1800’s anymore and initiating some action in bed, at least with your man, is no longer considered a mortal sin.

taking your clothes offAs a matter of fact, your man will love that. It makes him feel wanted and sends him a signal that you are still attracted to him. It doesn’t have to be as blunt as taking your clothes off and lying down in bed naked.

Send some subtle signals, such as sticking your hand down his pants, or giving him that “I want you, now,” look.

Go ahead. Initiate. It will surely turn him on.

3. Be In Control

Men are the dominant ones, let’s leave at that. However, that does not mean they have to take control all the time, even in bed. If you really want to rock his world, then play the dominant, naughty-but-sexy card, too.

How Do You Do That?

Well, take charge. Grab your guy, push him down and just do what you want with him. Treat him like your boy toy, with his consent of course, and show him who the boss is this time. Believe it or not, a woman who knows what she wants and does something about it is a huge turn on for men.

4. Talk Dirty To Him

erotic novelsYou’ve seen it in adult movies, and even read it in those erotic novels. It sounds hot, isn’t it? The question now is, “Can you do it?” Of course. As crazy as it may sound, talking dirty is a huge turn on for men, too.

It doesn’t matter if you scream or moan. The important thing is you give some feedback every time your man does something that tickles every portion of your body.

Your man needs to know that he is doing a great job so a simple comment such “That’s hot” or “It’s turning me on” really makes a difference. However, take it easy on doing the dirty talk. Too much can ruin his mood, too.

5. Change It Up From Time To Time

relationshipThere’s nothing wrong with knowing the basics, at least when it comes to matters between the  sheets. However, there is nothing wrong with being adventurous and trying out new things in bed. After all, doing the same thing over and over can be quite boring, too.

Remember this: when you are willing to try new things, especially your man’s fantasies, he will feel safe to express himself to you sexually. This can lead to deeper connections, not just in bed but also in your overall relationship.

However, if you are not comfortable with doing what he wants, then that’s fine. Be honest about it and think about other adventurous ways that are amenable to both of you. Honesty goes a long way, ladies.

6. Tease Him

Here’s the thing: men are also sensory by nature. This means you have to activate his five senses – and more – to get him in the mood for bed. Take note that it is more than just wearing sexy lingerie. Remember, don’t just stick to the basics.

So How Do You Tease?

Instead of wearing your lacy lingerie, try putting on his white shirt to tickle his sense of sight. Use the perfume he loves for the sense of smell and whisper something sexy, but naughty to activate his sense of hearing.

kiss him passionatelyOh, and don’t forget to kiss him passionately, but have some control so you both don’t get carried away too fast. If you can include aphrodisiacs, then go ahead and have some.

If that’s not enough, consider sexting or sending naughty messages to his email. Even a simple message such as “You felt so good inside me,” can already drive him wild.

7. Fulfill His Fantasies

Men are different from one another. However, there is one thing they always agree on: sex. When it comes to sex, men have their own set of fantasies that they want to experience at one point in their lives. If you want to drive him wild, then be that girl who can fulfill his fantasies.

Still, this doesn’t mean you can let him do anything he wants. Learn to set some boundaries for yourself. If threesome is unacceptable, at least choose one or two from his checklist. Sex is more wonderful when both of you are on the same page. Remember, attitude is also important and men can tell if you are having fun, or just doing it just to make him happy, even if you’re not.

8. Master The Art Of Giving A Blowjob

Giving A Blowjob
Photo by Marco C.D. / CC BY-SA 2.0

You want him to give you the best oral you ever had, right? If you expect your man to get down and dirty down south, then you have to make sure you can reciprocate. By reciprocate, this means you need to master giving blowjobs, too.

Most women just go from lips to penis, but you know that’s not going to work. Before you go down on him, make sure to visit the places that can lead you down there such as his neck, chest and inner leg.

Once you reach your destination, don’t go straight to sucking his manhood. Build some momentum first until you are ready to take it all in your mouth. This adds up to the excitement and makes sexy time even more pleasurable.

9. Be Confident

Photo by Katie Tegtmeyer / CC BY 2.0

Has anyone ever tell you that confidence is key? For sure, you heard it countless times already. This is because being confident is one of the sexiest traits you can have, which your man will absolutely love.

It is normal to feel embarrassed about your body, especially when you had too many tacos of fries that night. However, if you constantly ask your man to turn the lights off before you undress, then this sends a message to your man that you don’t like your own body, too.

If you’re too conscious with your jiggles, then try soft lighting. This can hide the flaws you want to get rid of. Though seriously, ladies, the last thing your man will notice is your cellulite. Once you take off your clothes, he’ll be thrilled to get down to business with you.

10. Praise Him

After the night that was, it is important to praise your man and tell him how amazing he is. Genuinely tell him how much you enjoyed sex and how fantastic it felt for you. There is no need to go into detail, but if you can tell him the specific moves you liked, then that would mean a lot to him.

Men long for praises, too. They need the assurance that you enjoyed your time with him, regardless of how long you’ve been together. Once you start praising him for a job well done, he will surely come up with ways to please you even more. Don’t you just love that? Hmm, are you ready to take your performance to the next level? Good luck and have fun. Your man will surely love it – and so will you.

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